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Inconsistent Movement

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So I am at the end of this DDC, and I am hoping some of you ladies that are further along can refresh my memory. This week at 17-18 weeks I have felt some little movements each day. Nothing crazy, just enough for the babe's presence to be felt. Yesterday and today (so far) I haven't felt anything. I am not really worried, just trying to remember if this happened with my other babies. I have an anterior placenta so I know this might make it more difficult for me to feel movement for a while longer. Did you find that when the babe started moving it was a bit inconsistent? Should I be concerned?
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I don't think so. I'm 19 weeks and the movement is still inconsistent. I just had my check-up on Friday and everything was really good. If the placenta is anterior, you just don't feel it as much.
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I'm right there with ya. At my last OB appt (16w) they had trouble with the doppler so sent me for an u/s. Turns out my placenta is anterior. I feel inconsistent movement as well. Some times, for a short period, I feel a ton. Then I might go a couple days without movement. With DD I remember not even feeling movement until pretty late, so I'm not worried. In about 3 months I'll be longing for the days where baby kicks didn't keep me up all night.
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I have felt inconsistant movement too - 19 weeks today. I usually do feel it at least once a day though. I'd try the usual tricks - lie down on your back after eating something really sugary. That's almost a guarantee for me.
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I'm 22 weeks and have only started feeling everyday movement for the last few days. It was pretty inconsistent before, a little tap here and there and quiet days interspersed with active ones. Lately though it's been kicks everyday, especially at night!
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I have an anterior placenta and I just started feeling movement everyday at 20w4d (ironically, the day of my 20 week ultrasound). This is my second and I had a posterior placenta the first time around. I can tell you that the placenta placement makes a huge difference. You'll start feeling him/her soon enough, I promise!
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An anterior placenta, as PP's have said, truly muffles a lot of movement, especially when they are still small! Remember though, when you feel anxious, that it isn't until at least 27 weeks that kick counts are even suggested. So until then, try not to worry too much. I have my u/s on Feb 3rd, but am fairly sure my placenta is anterior based on this baby's movement patterns. #3 was anterior and it felt much like this.
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Thanks for the reassurance! I really don't feel like anything is wrong, but I think with dh traveling I've had too many quiet evenings to devote to every squirm and tap (or lack there of!).
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Im in the same boat.. Im 17 weeks & 3 days and have an anterior placenta. I only feel the baby maybe every other day sometimes every 4-5 days for a minute here or there.. Nothing too strong and its usually pretty fast
With my DS I felt him everyday all day from so early on that this had me freaked out BUT I had a sono on friday and as the tech was doing it the baby was all over the place and I couldnt feel it even thought I was watching it
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FWIW, I know that some are not comfortable with this, but I have a Hibebe doppler that keeps me sane. It has been such a blessing to just turn it on for a few seconds and give me the peace that previous losses stole from me! For me personally, the type of stress I give myself otherwise seems worse than a few seconds of exposure...
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I was feeling movement around Christmas, then nothing for days. Then, I started feeling movement again, then nothing for days. Now, I'm generally feeling babe quite a bit throughout the day, but if I'm busy running around, I don't notice it as much. Also, I've still had a day or two of slower/less movement, interspersed within the other days. (Almost 21 weeks now) I think everything sounds normal! :-)
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I am another, late June, anterior placenta, and very little movement. I am not too concerned, I am also "fluffy", so that isn't helping. Still, I am looking forward to the more obvious kicks that I always enjoy.
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