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Don't forget about stoneware for baking. My favorite is Le Cresuet. You can easily find it at TJMaxx and Home Goods. Marshalls also usually has a few pieces. All under $24.99-and that would be for a big piece. Also, at TJMaxx I saw stoneware cupcake bakers.
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It's not just aluminum though, it can be other things too. I just checked back in the allergies forum from where I remembered the discussion about testing our pots and pans, and they were talking about nickel. So, if the magnet falls off, it might be high nickel, which, for those worried about high metals issues, would want to avoid. So I guess the magnet is the test then, but I still don't know how to tell if it's marked. What markings mean SS?

About the stoneware, does anyone know about those, if there are any issues with metals or contaminants in the clay used for those? I have a Pampered chef baking bowl and plate thingy that I used to love to do a roasted chicken on, but I have avoided using it due to not knowing that. I tried contacting the PC people and never got a knowledgeable, competent answer. Just basically a shrug the shoulders type response, like basically they didn't know.
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Not all stainless steel is magnetic, it depends on the nickel content of the stainless steel. Non-magnetic stainless steel has a higher nickel content. And yes, there is both magnetic and non-magnetic stainless steel cookware available. Non-magnetic can't be used on induction cooktops and as I mentioned earlier, also has a higher nickel content. I've read that nickel can accumulate in the kidneys and cause kidney damage but can't find my reference on that right now so this would be something to investigate if people were concerned about a higher level of nickel exposure in their stainless pans.

Also, if you want to ensure you have magnetic stainless steel, you want to make sure test the inside of your cookware as that is where your food touches. Because, yes it's possible to have one type of stainless steel on the exterior and a different type on the interior. So, a person may decide they are fine with their cookware that is non-magnetic stainless on the exterior but magnetic stainless on the interior, unless of course they use induction where non-magnetic won't work.
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Hey everyone This topic intrigues me! Especially since I've got a nonstick electric skillet (no scratches!) that I have to do all of my cooking in (with the exception of a toaster oven and a microwave, and I'm trying not to use the microwave). Anywho- we don't have a stove or a real "kitchen" (temp. living arrangements). Could anyone recommend a good stainless steel electric skillet that won't kill my wallet?
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