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mucus plug

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i'll be 34 weeks tomorrow. anywho, yesterday i lost the rest of my mucus plug. i usually lose it little by little and it rebuilds itself but this time there was blood in it *gulp* this is baby number four and the first time i actually lost the whole plug. i don't go in until the 2nd. i've never had a baby go past 38w. how long after you lose your plug do you go into labor. or does it really have nothing to do with that. i have contractions all the time but non are consistant so i'm not concerned. i don't really want to go in if i don't have to, my hospital easily throws you on a high risk list for nothing. i would prefer not to join the list. any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Generally if there's blood, it indicates cervical change. The mucous plug can regenerate itself multiple times, so losing it isn't a reliable indicator of impending labor, but seeing blood is a reliable indicator of cervical change. Whether that change will continue or is just a little bit of softening and opening...that's the question. You might put in a call to the doc just to see what his/her opinion is on it.

If it were me, I'd probably be inclined to go in if I had contractions and maybe let them check for cervical change at my next appointment if I weren't having any contractions, but preterm labor is really nothing to shake a stick at and being cautious is a good idea.
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Ok, TMI... but I actually lost part of my plug and it was just a *tiny* bit pink, but that was after sex, and I'm 35 weeks. Is it possible that's what did it?
I know you're worried about going early, but I wouldn't go in until I was actually having contractions that concerned me. If nothing happens, maybe let them check for changes at your next appt. But try not to stress.
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I started losing my mucous plug at 35-36 weeks with both, but never had bloody show until I was in labor. Definitely watch for signs of PTL and don't hesitate to call/go in if you are worried!
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