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I'm New Here!

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Hi mamas, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm new to MDC; I've been very active in my DDC on diaperswappers.com, but was told by some friends that I might want to check out these forums, so here I am!

I'm 31, and we're due in mid/late April with our first baby. This has been a long time coming for me, so I am really, really, really, REALLY excited that my longing is becoming a reality! I knew from the start that she was a girl, although I second guessed myself a lot, but felt totally vindicated when the u/s confirmed it!

I am pretty "crunchy," always have been. I was raised in an organic, vegetarian household. I do eat some meat now, but not all that much, and I can only stand certain type (seafood mostly). My husband grew up in a pretty run-of-the-mill American household, so it's been an interesting journey for us, getting used to each other's way of life!

We're definitely cloth diapering, and I am just about done building my newborn stash (a bunch of prefolds and covers, as well as a decent number of AIOs my MIL made for us-- she loves to sew and has really gotten into making diapers!), and we're a babywearing, AP, breastfeeding kinda family. BFing is going to be interesting, though-- I had a breast reduction about 10 years ago, so I have no idea at this point how much of a supply I will make. I will do my best, though, and have already gathered a treasure trove of information, mainly thanks to BFAR.org.

My initial plan was to have a birth center birth. Then, I got diagnosed with Type II diabetes and hypertension, so bye-bye midwife birth. I am still getting over that. It's really hard to let go of my dream in this case. I have a wonderful OB who is on board with my natural birth and knows that we're in Bradley classes, but it's just not the same.

Anyway, that's about all, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!
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I'm so sorry about your MW birth not being a reality this time. We have lots of mamas who for one reason or another are birthing in a hospital - you'll be among good company here. And remember, where you give birth doesn't have to be an end-all. A hospital birth with a hands-off, supportive OB can be better than a homebirth with a MW who you had to compromise on any day of the week.

My first was born in a hospital (we were a BC transfer), and the hospital stay was awesome. I have nothing but amazingly positive things to say about the hospital and how incredibly accomodating they were. We're planning a HB this time, but knowing that I have a great hospital if I need it is such a comfort.

Come join us in the Weekly Thread - it's the most casual and active thread we have here.
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Hello and welcome!

We have another momma on here who is planning to BFAR so you're not alone on that one!

We're having our first, as well, and we're also having a girl!

Nice to "meet" you!
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Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
We have another momma on here who is planning to BFAR so you're not alone on that one!
Yep, that's me!

It's really frustrating sometimes. I just wish there was just some kind of way to know what was still connected in there and how things were going to work out.

I've got my SNS, pump, and a can of back-up formula all ready to go.
I know they say that keeping formula on hand can negatively affect your supply, but I did some research and the kind I would like to use for supplementation (if it winds up being necessary) isn't sold locally. Until we figure out if it's needed or not, I'm just going to make DH hide it so I can pretend like it's not there.

ETA: We're using Cecilia (or a shortened form- Celie) as a middle name.
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Wow, crazy similarities, laughingfox!

I actually have been really lucky and have found at least one local mom who's willing to pump and freeze for us, and my hope is to find one more-- maybe someone in my Bradley class will find that they overproduce and will be willing to share. I am really hoping that if I have to supplement at all, it will be with other breastmilk and not with formula. I am too practical to not dismiss the idea entirely, though!
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welcome-I see you're in Tucson!!

Sorry that you dont get to birth at the birth center, I know plenty of women that have had amazing times in a hospital too. My DS was born in a normal labour and delivery unit in England, and although they are staffed by midwives it was still a 'hospital birth'. It was amazing, unmedicated, peaceful and lovely. Im planning on delivering at the birth center here in town although there are so many factors that can have you 'risked out' im kinda nervous. Hopefully it all works out.
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Hey there local lady! Glad to see there's someone else here who's also due in April!

I hope you get your birth center birth; it is a lovely place. I felt so at home there when my sister had her kids.
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welcome cecilia'smama

great to have a new member, and i'm glad you have so many things in common with others in this DDC!
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Welcome! I will be birthing in a hospital again this time, with a midwife. We can plan as much as we want, and know that something always goes differently than you predict. Hopefully for you it's that your hospital birth is awesome.
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Hi! i'm also a newbie here, having my first, and i'm jealous bc your in AZ...i just moved from there and miss it like crazy-- now!
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Hi there! I'm over on DS as well, I wish you luck with the breast feeding and birth!
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Hey Amri, it's Aimee, Fire In The Disco over on DS.
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