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So who have you told?

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So far, besides DH and I, we've only told one other person, a good friend who knew we were TTC. Other than that, no one knows (other than you ladies, of course!) It's kinda fun. I feel like we have this amazing little secret. We're planning to wait for awhile to tell our family and friends, but we're not sure how long.

So, who have you told so far? When do you plan to tell everyone else? I'd love to hear your creative ideas for spreading the good news!
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we haven't told anybody and plan to keep it a secret for as much of the first trimester as we can....we'll see how long that lasts

i have a tendency to get pretty bad m/s but with having had a m/c in september i would really like to keep it between dh and i for at least another month.

not sure how we'll tell, can't wait to hear the creative ideas you mamas have!
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yeah DH was sleeping when i found out and i could not keep the joy in, so i told everyone now i am freaking out! DH said the dreaded words... what are you going to do if you dont make it. now everyone know. thats not going to be a fun call! oh well i am not thinking about that right now!
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Just dh and I. My bestfriend and her dh and my SIL who is due in Sept. She was so happy when I told her. I called her first because I was FREAKING out. I needed someone to talk me through it. Her response was positive and excited so she was the perfect person to tell. We'll wait a few weeks to tell everyone else. My mom will be back (she lives with us right now) in a week and I'll tell her. The rest of my family is going to think I'm crazy for having another one, so I dont' care if I ever tell them!
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My SIL and I were TTC together, and had our own support system thing going on via email (plus checked each others' FF charts regularly). So I told her right away.

Other than that, only one other friend who knew we were TTC (to the point she knows when my AFs are due, etc. Lol), my mom, and my stepsister.

We're waiting to tell other family and friends till we're a bit further along and feeling more confident. The little secret is kinda nice, but then again, I've wanted this so bad for what seems like so long that I'm bursting to shout it from the rooftops!
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We have told pretty much everyone. Sure, we might have a loss but that will happen whether we tell anyone or not. Besides my family live in the uk and itold them about my first pregnancy over im! Not how I planned it but that's life sometimes.

This time I was visiting with family when I got my bfp and we were dealing with my grandfathers impending passing so I wanted to tell them in person while i could since next time I see them I will have had the baby. Once they all knew it seemed the grapevine did it's job pretty fast so it seemed pointless keepin it from the last few people who didn't know.
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I told one girlfriend before I told DH, because I needed someone to share my excitement with. Just today I also told my mom, but she is to keep it a secret until we tell everyone else. She's sick in bed and I thought she needed a happy thought while laying around miserable so I quickly asked DH if he minded and went ahead and told her.

I'm really not keeping it a secret for fear of a loss.. in some ways I wish I had told people last time because the silence itself hurt so badly. Whats to come is to come and I'm just thrilled to be pregnant today I'm mostly waiting because some people are just so darn nosy and opinionated I'd rather go as long as possible without having to listen to it all. I need a smilie for sticking my fingers in my ears
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We haven't told anyone. I would really like to keep it absolutely secret (besides DH, my mw, and her apprentices) until 14 weeks, after we've heard a hb with doppler and gotten out of the first tri. And then we'll only be telling our parents and maybe siblings. We're waiting until after the 20 week appt, hearing the hb on the fetoscope, and feeling movement for certain to make it completely public.

We had a m/c in Nov at 10 weeks and I hadn't anticipated how it would affect our family. While some of the support we received was great, I don't think I want to go through another m/c that publicly.
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I told my mama friends (the ones I would tell no matter what happens), and today I told a close friend who knew we were TTC. I know it's risky, but last time, I didn't tell anyone until like 18 weeks, and most people didn't find out until closer to 25w (I carried small last time). It was hard for them to adjust to the idea of a new baby because they didn't have much time for it to sink in!
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So far we have not told anyone. I wanted to wait until my ds's birthday, but I will be 15 weeks by then. I will never be able to hold it in that long. Besides this is my fourth so I think it might be obvious by then. I take forever to show though so we will see.
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We have been telling everyone. I mean everyone. Even people at my school. Last time, I tried to wait until 3 months but this time, I decided not to hold the excitement.
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So far only myself (of course!), DH, and one of my best-friends-since-childhood know. I am dying to tell!! We're telling our families this weekend, if I can wait that long. It doesn't help that almost every thought I have goes back to it, and I have the same problem as Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes -- "My whole problem is my lips move when I think."
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I've told DH and he told his boss since he told her he'd need time off around my due date (I cannot believe he is that on top of things!). Assuming everything goes ok we're telling my parents and his mom Superbowl weekend.
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Nobody! Except DH, obviously. Will tell BFF's 1 & 2 in a few weeks and everyone else at 12. It's hard keeping it secret...but I'm not the type that would do well with people knowing if anything did go wrong, so we keep it quiet until we're at about 12 weeks.
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My DH and I have each told a couple of really good friends who are thrilled for us. We haven't told our kids, because they will be so excited to tell all of the family- and they will not all be thrilled. They think we are crazy and certainly have had more than our share.

Also, my 21 year old step-daughter is married and expecting her first baby in August. I am so afraid she is going to feel like we are "steeling the show," or how can we be doting grandparents when we are busy with our own newborn (plus 4 others ages 1-9).

Any ideas on how we should tell her or how we can make her feel special. Do any of you remember the name of that movie about a Mom and daughter pregnant at the same time?

We have a birthday party this weekend, and all of the family will be here. I think it is inevitable that we will share our good news at the party, I just don't know how exactly.
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I have told my two good friends, it turns out they are both expecting at the end of September! DH had told his best friend. I am not sure when we will tell family.
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i told my sister yesterday, so it is now my sister , myself and DH that know
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Originally Posted by salamancagirl1 View Post
Do any of you remember the name of that movie about a Mom and daughter pregnant at the same time?
That's Father of the Bride II I believe... GL with sharing your news!
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Only DH and myself knew until today. I told a close co-worker today. But only because I was out sick yesterday and she was trying to give me all this stuff to take. So, not to appear rude when I didn't take it, I had to tell her that I wasn't sure if I could take it since I was pg.

Interesting though...she had a dream a couple nights ago that I was pg. She did know that we were TTC though.

But we are going to trying to wait until after 1st MW appt on 2/18 to tell. Not sure if I can make it that long though. And we are going out of town with MIL, FIL, and 2 BIL's this weekend. So I'm not sure how I am going to spend 5 hours in car (one way) and not let something slip up.
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Is anyone else finding it so difficult not to tell people? I feel like I'm going to explode! DH really wants to wait until our first appointment with the midwife to tell everyone. If nothing else, I want to tell my mom and my sister. My sister is leaving on Feb 9th to go to Australia. She won't be back in the states until June 27th. Of course I can tell her while she's there, but I really want to do it now. As far as my mother goes, it's so hard for me to keep anything from her, and I know she'll be so happy.
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