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Is anyone else finding it so difficult not to tell people? I feel like I'm going to explode! DH really wants to wait until our first appointment with the midwife to tell everyone. If nothing else, I want to tell my mom and my sister. My sister is leaving on Feb 9th to go to Australia. She won't be back in the states until June 27th. Of course I can tell her while she's there, but I really want to do it now. As far as my mother goes, it's so hard for me to keep anything from her, and I know she'll be so happy.
Yup! I've been trying for this bub for nearly 3 years....I'm crazy excited, but oh-so-cautious because I've had three early, early, early losses - but I'm already past the point where I lost the others.

I'm waiting for my second beta to even join the DDC, though I suppose I'm posting now...so I'm dipping my toe in.

I won't be telling "the world" until the end of the first tri, but right now, a lot of my friends know.
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We were going to wait, but we're telling everyone. I've never had a loss, so I'm not too concerned about that. I'm letting my kids tell everyone. They say, "Guess what? We have a secret!" then when the person says "oh yeah? what's your secret?" The kids say, "There's going to be one more monkey jumping on the bed!!" It has worked out well and the kids are excited to be the ones to tell everyone!
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