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What did you do with previous babes? What do you plan to do this time? Any ideas for me? Incidentally, our house is pretty small and I still haven't figured out where I'm going to put all the stuff that is currently in what will be kiddo's room. Ah, the first challenge of parenthood
We planned to cosleep from the beginning, though not necessarily to bedshare. We set up a crib anyway, just in case. From the first night she was born, DD preferred to sleep on my husband's chest, so that's what she did for the first several weeks. We eventually set up a mini co-sleeper and she slept in there at night. After several months of this, I just started keeping her next to me when she woke to nurse, since it was more convenient and we both seemed to sleep better that way. She is now 2.5 and sleeps in a twin bed in her own room, usually with DH. She never did get the hang of sleeping in the crib and we finally took it down when she asked for her own bed, a little after turning two.