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I wanted to thank everyone who's replied so far, keep them coming! I have a feeling this isn't one I'm going to be solving any time soon, so the more ideas, the merrier. I'm starting a list of reccomended reading to work through. I think I'm going to start with children's books and work my way up, as they seem to offer a simple yet beautiful introduction into the topic of death, and thus life. I've seen a few childrens books listed, anybody have anymore? Even picture books are ok with me.

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I wondering reading your post if you really are certain there is any purpose at all? I would start with that one. Are you sure there is purpose, and if yes, then you need to go about finding it. You have to do that with intention and sincerity to find the purpose and underlying truth of things. If you have that, things start coming more easily.

Just out of my own personal curiosity, you say you are an atheist, so do you believe in things like other dimensions, unseen beings/places/forces that could also be interconnected with our earth home? I hope you get my meaning. Like we see the cycles going on in our earth, do you think it could be possible that they are also interacting with many other fources outside of what we can currently see and detect?
I am not certain that there is a purpose, actually, I'm fairly certain that there is no one big definitive purpose. I think perhaps the purpose is going to be something deeply personal for every individual person? I think perhaps I have to find my own purpose. Which is why I was hoping to get a bunch of different resources, so I can look at all the ways different people define life's purpose and either find one that speaks to me, or use it to come to an understanding of my own.

Your second question is interesting. I suppose, just as there is much we do know, there is also much that is yet to be known. So I cannot rule out the possibility of other, unseen forces. I am, however, skeptical of such things. I mean, on one hand, about a hundred years ago, people did not know about the harmful effects of radiation. That is an unseen force that interacts with life and definitely effects them. On the other hand, I'm rather skeptical of, say, ghosts. Of course, sometimes I wonder if we are all just the dreams of giants, and one day, those giants are going to wake up, so I suppose part of me will believe anything (I dont really believe we are giant dreams, but it is a very interesting thing to ponder- and I cant prove it true or untrue)
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I am a near death experience unofficial researcher and have both heard cases of near death experiences as well as read many experiences. In a near death experience a person almost dies whether as a result of surgical complication,accident or whatever else and during time they become more alive than they ever were once they have the out of body experience but it is when they go into the light(God?)that all the secrets of life and death are revealed but most of it is forgotten when they come back to life because the type of knowledge received there goes beyond what the human mind could handle. From everything I heard and read in these cases is that the purpose of our life here is to have human experiences and while we are here we forget our true divinity but this is necessary to accomplish what we come here for. Death is a release from the physical and once the soul returns to the light in becomes its true self and and experiences pure joy that can never be experienced as while physically alive. A person's religion or lack of is not a factor over there. Only LOVE matters and is all that exists there. Here is a link that tells probably the best thorough detail of who we are and why we are here. It is mindblowing and inspiring at the same time. Mellon Thomas died of terminal cancer but returned to life. Here is his story www.mellen-thomas.com/stories.htm . His experience not only changed his life but also helped him get rid of his negative view of the world in which he felt that humans were cancer which he realized would cause him to have cancer himself. Basically how we feel about ourselves,our world,and other people has a significant effect on what we bring into our lives good or bad. I end this post by saying there is no such thing as death.
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