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Please introduce yourself:
Name: Anne
Due Date: October 15
# of losses: 1 (12/04 at 14 weeks)
Living Children: DS, 17 mo
How are you feeling?: I'm feeling incredibly tired and hungry. Also, scared, frightened, happy, elated, really....I'm all over the place emotionally. :-)
Ultrasound scheduled?:

I haven't seen my provider yet. They normally don't see people until at least 8 weeks, but they were willing to "squeeze me in because of my 2nd trimester miscarriage" at 6 weeks...so next week.
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I'm sorry Jenne
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My symptoms are so very similar to DD's pregnancy. I didnt have any of these symptoms so strongly with any of my losses, only one made it past this far though (6 weeks). But even that one I wasnt experiencing symptoms so strong. That's gotta be a good sign, right?

I'm going to ask my doc for an early US (not standard care here) in a couple of weeks. I really want to see a beating heart
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Hello ladies - this is such a nice idea to have a place to share our unique PAL experiences.

Name: Tracy
Due Date: ~Oct. 18

# of losses: 2

Living Children: A lovely DD (17 months)

How are you feeling?: Was good until I called to make the first prenatal visit and since then, incredibly anxious, with no good reason - all seems well, although I am hyper-analyzing every twinge, every symptom (and sometimes lack-thereof), just anxious to know that this one is healthy; and very envious of those pregnant ladies who get their BFP and are just happy from that moment on, without this worry.

Bloodwork: My provider does the standard stuff after the first appointment, but I'm not doing betas right now.

Ultrasound scheduled?: At the first appointment on March 15th. I'm counting down the days.
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Name: Laney
Due Date: October 25
# of losses: 1 (September 15, 2009 at 9 weeks 3 days, possible blighted ovum)
Living Children: none
How are you feeling?: cautiously opptimistic. had 4 negative hpts so far but I know I am pregnant because I had night sweats last week and my period is 5 days late. The only other time I was late and had night sweats was when I was preg. for the first time back in August. Staying calm and feel quite good otherwise. Had some headaches, sore boobs, slight cramping (possibly from impantation). Keeping fingers crossed. going for blood test on hcg and progesterone levels on Tuesday. I'm 34 and will be 35 in April btw. Have no problems concieving apparantly and hope that the m/c we had was just a fluke.

UPDATE: sadly we miscarried this pregnancy in March 2010. But am happy to report that we are now expecting again with an EDD of May 2011. Keeping fingers crossed.
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Name: Cassondra
Due Date: October 21
# of losses: 1 in Sept 09 between 5-6wks
Living Children: DS, will be 2 on March 8th
How are you feeling?: happy but nervous
Bloodwork: had it done yesterday (5w1d) hcg was 2500 and prog was 22.6 and they want me to come back at 7wks to check again
Ultrasound scheduled?: OB routinely does one at 10wks and one at 22wks
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Name: Heather (I'm 38, btw, will be 39 in June, dh is 40)

Due Date: October 30 (but based on my history, probably more like mid-October, but it would be fun to have a Halloween baby!).

# of losses: 1 (4/09) 8/9 weeks, probably a blighted ovum

Living Children: 3--DS, nearly 10, DD 7, DD 5.5

How are you feeling?:
Tired, some crampiness, some brief moments of nausea, I get really wiped out around dinner time--starving, light-headed, exhauted--all of a sudden (this has always been the case when I 'm pregnant), boobs hurt a bit here and there (I've never really had breast tenderness as a PG symptom). I had a lot of hip and pelvic pain--maybe implantation?-for a few days, now it's just intermittent.

Emotionally--I'm cautiously really happy, but a bit anxious about the lines on the HPT's I've taken. I've had 7 positives, starting at 11 DPO, but they have been very light, even yesterday at 14dpo-but I know that lighter/lightening lines don't have to mean m/c, and my levels of hydration have varied a lot. I think the darker positive I got at 11dpo might have been a freakishly sensitive test or one with more dye? I've gotten a lot of reassurance here on MDC about light lines--a line is a line is a line, and I am pregnant!

Ultrasound scheduled?: Not yet, but I'm going to call my midwife and see if I can set one up around 7 weeks.

Bloodwork?: No, and probably won't. I think it would ultimately just add to my anxiety, and while it could be reassuring, what is going to happen will happen. But I actually feel pretty calm and positive.
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Name: Hollie
Due Date: October 29
# of losses: 2 (2006 at 5 weeks, 11/09 at 7.5 weeks but stopped growing at 5 weeks)
Living Children: 3 - ages 8, 6, and 3

How are you feeling?: Cautiously optimistic. I have no symptoms, but I guess it's a little early for that as I'm only 4.5 weeks. Also, I've had a flu like illness with fever the past 3 days, that makes me nervous too. But trusting that God is in control.

Bloodwork: 15dpo HCG - 150; 17dpo HCG - 415; will get a 19dpo HCG tomorrow

Ultrasound scheduled?: Undecided. I am being followed by a RE and they really want me to get one, but I don't know that it would change anything, so trying to weigh my need for reassurance with my concern about possible u/s effects.
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I'm out. My lightening HPT lines were indeed an indication of dropping HCG levels, and I woke up bleeding this morning, when AF was due. I'm sad, but hopeful for next month. NO MORE EARLY TESTING FOR ME!!! Best wishes to all of you!

Milk8shake and Jenne-I'm so sorry for your losses.
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Heather So sorry for your loss.
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I'm sorry Heather

I'm 7 weeks today, halfway to where I was when our son died. It feels like time is dragging and it's awful.
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