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cosleeping with toddler and newborn? Possible?

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So here's the thing, I love co-sleeping

We have been sleeping together happily for two years, and with a babe on the way I fully expect to continue this trend with him/her.

Now I'm faced with the dilemma: do I move DD into her own toddler bed, or attempt to co-sleep with a newborn and almost 3 year old? Is this even possible? Does anyone have tips/advice for me
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While I don't have any practical advice since we only have one right now, the plan for us is to add a twin mattress next to our bed so we have more room for the next baby. We're not small people and all three of us in a full size bed is pretty close.
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Yes it can work.
I am sleeping with DD 5 DS1 3 and DS2 2 mos.
I put the bigger kid(s) on one side and baby on the other.
We also pushed together a double a single bed for lots of space.
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Yes, of course it can work!
We co-sleep with the baby, the 4 yo. and the two 6 yos. We have since they were little.
Works wonderful. Just put yourself or your SO between the baby and the older sibling.
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I am so excited to see these posts....this is going to be us in the next few weeks....we have a queen with a three year old in it, and a newborn any day now. I can't really talk about it in real life - no one around me believes in co-sleeping.
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We have a queen too! DD likes to sleep practically on top of me, but most times I can just sort of scoot her over so I can have more room.

I know it seems like a silly question, but I have to put my mind to rest. I really love co-sleeping and I' NOT ready [and she's not either] to have DD in her own bed.
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I think it is possible depending on how both of your children sleep. For us, it didn't end up working out. DD would always wake DS in the middle of the night and vice versa, so I had two crying children to contend with and a toddler who definitely wasn't getting enough sleep. Prior to DD being born, DS slept in a twin pushed up against our bed. He ended up moving into the room across the hall and transitioned really well, so no issues there. If you don't have issues with them waking each other up it's totally possible
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Do you think it would be better to push a single bed against a full bed or just get a queen or king?
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for me I'd ideally get a king
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We have a king and a queen on the floor pushed together. I sleep on the king with my NB, and DH sleeps on the queen beside me with DS. When DD is old enough, we will turn the king into a sibling bef and DH and I can sleep together on the queen. In between now and then, I could see arrangements changing somehow, just not quite sure how yet. We go with the flow DD is 12 days old and sleeps ALL NIGHT! I cant even wake her to nurse. DS didnt sleep till he was a year, so its a welcome change!!!!
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My DD1 was about the same age as yours when DD2 came along. We bought a king sized bed and it worked out great!! DD1 was in the middle and I had DD2 on the other side of me. We slept this way until DD1 turned five (she's about to turn 6 now). Now she sleeps in a toddler bed in our room. When she outgrows the toddler bed, I'm not sure what we'll do!
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