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Vibrant Baby

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We have been using our dyed prefolds from Vibrant Baby for about 6 months - and they still look awesome! They haven't faded or bled at all! Christy's CS is awesome, she was very quick to ship, and did an amazing job. I have already been back for more, and will be again!
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I LOVE color! Plain white prefolds are SO boring!:LOL I ordered a couple of dyed prefolds from Christy, they are so gorgeous! Christy does an amazing job and the colors have not bled or faded. She gives great customer service and shipped super fast.
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Thumbs up for Christy! I ordered 6 custom dyes prefolds and she did an awesome job. I asked for pastel girlie colors and she was right on with what I asked for. The have never bled and they havent faded. I love them!!
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