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avoiding being in a 2011 DDC too

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I mean, if you want to be, good for you.

But I'm thinking about birth control. Several friends of mine got the Mirena IUD at their 6 week pp visit and didn't have any trouble. I'm a little concerned about taking anything hormonal (even though I know it is supposed to be local only) while nursing. The copper IUD is just not an option for me, due to a close friend's bad experience. But I got AF back pretty early after DD was born--maybe 4 months? Even though I nursed on demand. And I seriously don't want to be pregnant again. Like really really really really really. Maybe ever, but definitely not for years. I have charted my cycles with great success while TTC, but I don't think that would work for me during the first year of new baby's life, what with all the night-waking and such. Plus, honestly, it's clear when it's my fertile time--that's when I want to DTD, which doesn't actually provide any kind of birth control whatsoever! We used condoms during the years between children, just for lack of making a decision about anything else, but I find them irritating and inconvenient.
Any input about the Mirena thing, or anyone else thinking about this now?
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I was surprised when the midwife asked me about this 2 appointments ago! I really had not given it much thought.

I want to stay away from hormonal birth control but need to read up a little more about the Mirena.

I (stupidly) went on pills a long time ago to "regulate" my periods. About a year before we got married I went off them because I suspected I would have trouble concieving and wanted to figure things out. I was right - I didn't ovulate and never even got my period on my own. I didn't actively try to do anything about it, other than get a flurry of tests at the GYN office - didn't find any answers. About 6 months before getting pregnant I dumped that route and looked toward acupuncture and herbs. Finally ovulated - pregnant on the first egg in over 2 years! Actually felt kind of lame that it happened b/c the acu ND wanted me to wait 2 cycles but when you are not expecting to ovulate....

whew, that was a long winded story. Basically I would like to not go on hormones to see if I can get my body on track to regularly ovulate. But charting and all that will be pretty difficult while breastfeeding. Hmmmm. And NO, I don't want to be in a 2011 DDC
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I am very much in the same mindset. I feel like my husband and I can look at each other the wrong way and conceive. We aren't planning any more kids, but I feel hormones affect my psychological well being. I'm very sensitive and when I was on the pill I got more melancholic. I'd like to avoid it. Condoms aren't my favorite at all and frankly, I'm scared of breakage. I had this conversation with some friends today and one said her husband was going for a snip. I don't like that either. AF didn't come back until night nursing stopped, which was 18 mos. I didn't feel much like DTD before then anyway. You CAN conceive even when your period hasn't returned. I definitely have the, um, "Irish twinage" running in my family.
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Two moms in my April 08 DDC on another board had their Mirena fall out on them. Supposedly that's rare, but it was just sort of odd it happened to both of them within weeks of each other. I can't/won't do an IUD because it prevents implantation (and I believe life begins at conception) as well as the fact that Mirena includes hormones, which my neurologist told me to stay away from with my migraine history. And you can get pregnant on it, though it generally means that you will lose the pregnancy, which scares me. Also another mom I know had her milk supply dry up from having the Mirena placed - again, not supposed to happen, but she successfully extended-BF'd and tandem BF'd her first two kids and then spontaneously lost her milk shortly having the Mirena placed and had to switch to formula. Just some things to think about/discuss with your doctor.
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I haven't really researched the Mirena too much but would like to. There have also been conversations between DH and I that he would get 'his' surgery done and he's all for it. Possibly a few months after the baby is born, so we'll see. We don't do condoms -never have and never will. I've been on BC before and just hated it. Sure, it helped prevent for the time being, but I was a raging b*tch at times and just not myself and I hated it. I also gained a little weight with them as well and that wasn't cool either.

This little guy will be our last one so whichever way we decide to go as far as permanent protection goes, I will be not apart of a 2011 DDC or any others in the future.
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I'm in the same boat! It's been a long time since we last DTD and I don't know how things will go once we have the baby, but know I DON'T want another new baby right away.
Actually, reading the website of the hospital where I deliver they say they will send you home with any prescriptions you might need, including contraception! It looks like we got some talking to do.

My DH is totally against hormonal BC and I am too, but I have much more faith in me taking a pill than in us both remembering to put a condom on in the heat of the moment. I think I read that IUD's can't be put in until like 6 months after childbirth, but I'm not sure about that method either! Periods are supposed to be a lot heavier with a copper IUD - yuck, I couldn't handle that.

Bah, why can't this just be easier! Eventually DH will get the surgery, but until we are sure we don't want to make more children I have no idea what we will do to keep that from happening.
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Dh and I were just joking about getting pregnant right away. I would prefer to wait at least a year, like we did with DS. My period came back at 3 months with and was super regular - even with soley nursing on demand. My mom got pregnant with my brother when my sister was just a few months old. So, I'm guessing I'll always get my period back right away. Last time we just did the "pull out" method...figuring if we got pregnant then we did. This time, I'd rather not for awhile. Since we want more kids in the near future though, it will probably be condoms for us - and who am I kidding, more of the pull out method.

When we are completely done (which seems impossible for me to ever say I am done), I'm hoping DH gets snipped. I'm not inclined to use any sort of birth control for myself. Maybe by then the male pill will be available or something.
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The thought of being in a 2011 DDC makes me absolutely horrified and I WILL NOT do it. I've been going back and forth on the whole BC thing and it's a big pain, particularly if you're breastfeeding. It severely limits you. I don't hate hormonal BC-but I was having some issues and went off it in may and got preggo, so yeah.

Mirena-I feel like this is a good option, but I worry about it falling out, etc. The hormones are supposed to be low enough to not mess with BFing, but I am a little cautious. Another option is Norplant/Implanon. I know one of my mom's friends got this after having her little girl and BF fine. It's also low-dose hormone.

Condoms-well, let's just say they don't work in our situation--evidence being the kid I'm walking around with in my uterus. I don't want to get into details, but there is always some, ahem, breaking/leaking due to us not being able to get a proper size or something. Teenagers can figure out condoms, but we have lots of trouble.

I'm going with the sponge for a while until I decide what to do. I figure that between BF, charting, and using the sponge, surely I will not get pregnant again (knock on wood). We aren't sure if we want more than 1 child, and if we do, it will be in 3-5 years I think. So, please, no irish twins for me. I'd cry my eyes out.
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I just brought this up with my OB today, and she mentioned the Mirena and barrier methods. I'm not comfortable taking or using hormones, so that eliminates a lot of options. Before getting pregnant, I had used the Paraguard IUD (the non-hormonal IUD), which I could only stand for a year because it gave me such intense and painful cramps. We then switched to a diaphragm, which I *loved*. To be safe I paid attention to ovulation, and we would also use a condom if we had sex during that window.

My OB said if I feel comfortable with the diaphragm, she thinks it's a good option - the only problem is that many pharmacies have stopped carrying them. She did say you should be re-measured after pregnancy for a diaphragm, but if you do that and use it correctly, it's a good b.c. option.
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I'm wondering about this too. I took the minipill successfully for the years between these pregnancies, but I don't want to do the hormones anymore. Condoms and charting are not too bad, but my husband doesn't really trust the charting enough to feel comfortable, and I've never done it with a little baby throwing off my sleep. I won't do an IUD.

Does anyone know anything about the NuvaRing? I remember my old midwife mentioning it after DS was born, but I never looked into it.

Better yet, has anyone yet found a magical method of birth control that doesn't involve inserting anything or taking anything? You know, some kind of magic wand? I'd like one of those...
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Originally Posted by hapersmion View Post
Does anyone know anything about the NuvaRing? I remember my old midwife mentioning it after DS was born, but I never looked into it.

Better yet, has anyone yet found a magical method of birth control that doesn't involve inserting anything or taking anything? You know, some kind of magic wand? I'd like one of those...
I tried to NuvaRing twice. I just don't like hormonal methods, I always feel like I lose my already low libido and I get depressed. BUT if the hormonal methods don't bother you, NuvaRing is pretty sweet, since you only deal with it once a month.

But yeah, I'd much prefer that magic wand method you mentioned (I accidentally just typed magic wang - if only! )
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I'm going with abstinence, even though that won't do anything for anhedonia. If I abstain from abstinence, I am going to use a Lea's shield with contraceptive film. I'd like a pill to restore libido....
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I can relate so well to many of you. I DO NOT want to have another baby. This pg has been my hardest by far both physically and emotionally (makes me a little sad, I enjoyed my others so much). And I think my hands will be quite full with 4, starting out with all age 5 and under no less. I do not want to go on hormonal bc, don't like what it does to me and not so sure it would be good at my age anyways (43). Dh and I discussed long b/f having kids that neither one of us was keen on permanent bc, but I casually brought it up the other day in hopes he might have reconsidered getting snipped and it went over as expected, no go. He wants to do nfp and withdrawal, hates condoms -- which we've had break more than once anyways, I'm scared b/c we got pg with our first ^i^ while practicing nfp to prevent. Like a pp, the only time I'm really "into" dtd (while bfing) is when I'm o'ing. I've just been extra scared of late since someone mentioned "haven't you ever heard of menopause babies". That's just what I want to hear, think you're done and safe and surprise.

Are there any other non-hormonal bc options out there besides the iud's? I've often heard mention of the sponge but honestly know nothing about it.
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I'm thinking about an IUD too-- not sure if I'll go with a copper one or Mirena. But I don't think I'll get one until this baby is about 1. In the meantime we'll use condoms (what we've always used, with no issues).

Linchi, if you are still in France when your DH is ready to get a vas, know that it's very, very difficult to find a doctor who will do one. It's just not something that's common here. You may have to go to Germany or the UK. Just a heads up!
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My CNM asked us about this last appt too. I was a little surprised that she was asking...like it's not really her business...but I guess it is. We talked about it and we plan to use a mix of charting, condoms, and pull out method. I'm just afraid of getting an eye roll from the midwife about this, but we prevented that way for 4 years, and then got pregnant after 4 very halfhearted months of TTC. (meaning that is was almost like "trying but not trying" while temping & charting) I don't really want to get pregnant right away either, but don't want to use any other prevention methods, and we know we want more kids, so I just figure if I do get pregnant while using those methods that it was just meant to be.

Good topic!
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Barrier methods. I know it seems boring and I understand why people dislike condoms, but I've never found them to be THAT horrible. I have PCOS and want to avoid anything hormonal, especially Mirena because I had borderline low supply last time (which could have been situational based on some nursing probs we had at the beginning, I don't know). It seems like the likelihood of us conceiving again right away is pretty low, so I'm just not that worried. Don't get me wrong; I want my children spaced at least a couple of years apart and I would freak out if I got pregnant with a 2011 baby. But it took us a couple of years of trying + Clomid to conceive my 3 year old. This baby was conceived without any help, but we had unprotected sex for over a year before that and I didn't conceive until my daughter weaned at 2.5.
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Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Whescheler.
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Originally Posted by jul511riv View Post
Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Whescheler.
I second that; that book is the bible of all things female reproductive system.
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eavesdropping from the march ddc, but wanted to add that I am another one who had the mirena come out. during sex. not pretty, plus it was an extra scary pregnancy scare. I don't know what we'll do after this kiddo arrives, but it probably won't be an IUD for us.
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Originally Posted by NicoleS View Post
T I can't/won't do an IUD because it prevents implantation (and I believe life begins at conception)
Oh I am so right there with you Nicole on that subject and so using Mirena is a concern of mine although that is the option we're planning on using right now. I did some research on the subject of preventing implantation and birth control and there appears to be some disagreement over whether or not birth control like that actually prevents implantation. All birth control is supposed to prevent implantation, but I guess they haven't done enough research on what actually happens when a woman conceives....whether it actually DOES prevent implantation... I'll try and post the stuff I found on it...
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