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11 dpo beta results

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(x-posted in Sept DDC and TTC)

Soooo.... I just got my 11 dpo beta #s back.... HCG = 47 and progesterone = 42!!!

They are concerned because they think the HCG is low... mostly because I am stupid and told them at the appointment that my LMP was 12/24... so they thought I was 16 dpo and not 11 (despite what I told them).

But I think it's GREAT! What do you think??? It's not low, is it??? I'm psyched about the progesterone levels!

Going back in first thing tomorrow to get a repeat beta. I'll be 15dpo (by my count lol)
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I don't think that sounds low at all for 11 dpo. The progesterone level is above normal, too.

Um, these are the same people that didn't have a sensitive enough test to detect that level in their office. I'd take what they have to say with a grain of salt.

I'm not sure when I ovualated and on CD 28 (probably 14 dpo-ish) I was at 210 and progesterone was 20.8. I had another draw this morning, won't get the numbers until tomorrow or Wednesday.
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I think mine was only 30 at 11dpo, I think I had my 1st at 10dpo and it was 15, then at 12dpo maybe is was 30.........not sure exactly,but it was super low and I was worried, but it kept going up. I'm 26 weeks pregnant now.

Good LUCK mama!!!
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I *think* what I've heard is that the actual number is less important than the doubling rate. So let us know when you get your repeat numbers, Lindsay!

And geez, all your labs are fast. I am going to be waiting until NEXT WEEK to hear any numbers back from today's bloodwork! I'm starting the progesterone (prometrium) tonight just in case, since my care providers said that it won't hurt and certainly can help.
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I did IVF to have my first son...try to worry less about the first number and wait until you get the results from your second test...you want to see and increase...it may not exactly double but should be close...best wishes!
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did you get your results back??
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Originally Posted by gottecat View Post
did you get your results back??
I should have the second beta results sometime this afternoon. !!!
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