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Originally Posted by starrmama View Post
I'm going to say something different - I would go for a nice woven wrap if I were you... yes, they're still pretty expensive... yes, they might have a little more of a learning curve, and take just a little bit longer to get on and off (hardly though, once you get the hang of it)... but IMO they give you the most versatility, and the most comfort. Sure, Mei Tais and Ergos/SSCs are nice, and anything would be a great improvement over the Snugli! I've tried a ring sling, pouch, Ergo, and Mei Tai, and nothing is as comfy as my woven wrap... and my neighbor who has 4 boys under 5 only uses her Storchenweige now... she used to exclusively use a Babyhawk Mei Tai, but she says hands down the wrap is more comfortable. BTW, she's about 5'3 I think... Again, if you can find something used in one of the forums, that's what I'd do... I think I just saw a Hoppediz for $50 on diaperswappers... so it does happen!
Totally agree.. there is a learning curve, but wrapping is so worth it A previously-loved Hopp would be a great reasonably-priced option that would take you from newborn to toddler. Wraps are especially nice if you're petite, it may take some searching to find a mei tai or SSC that fits you well but a wrap will fit anyone. I'm a bit taller than you (5'5) and about 130 and 4.6 meters/Didymos size 6 is my favorite size for FWCC/FCC, which is what you would probably use a lot in the first few months, but you may be able to get away with a slightly shorter wrap (4.2 meters) if you think extra length will be overwhelming. Shorter wraps (2-4 meters) are also useful for rucksack (back carry) and rebozo carries, but if you're just going to have one I'd go with a long wrap.

I've used mei tais, SSCs, a ring sling and wraps. I wrap exclusively now, I sold all my other carriers and just have a few different wraps that I use and love. I'm looking for an SSC to add to my stash now, but more as a convenience thing when running errands with DH.

Whatever carrier you decide on, I'd check out the FSOT forum at thebabywearer.com. You'll definitely be able to find a carrier below retail price as long as you don't mind used (and with a wrap, this is even better - you won't have to break it in yourself), and you may even find both a mei tai and a wrap within your budget.
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Originally Posted by Kelly1101 View Post
I've been checking out the buckle mei tais and tie-on mei tais, and wondering which I should go for. It seems that the tie-ons are more adjustable and flexible, but the buckles are easier-- but really is it that hard to learn to tie it on? My big concern is, are the tie-ons as sturdy and secure? The ties don't slip?

And as for which one to get, most of the ones I'm seeing online are 70-90 bucks, but then there are all these on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=263602_263622

There are about 2 million of them for sale by this same vendor... all for about 20-25 dollars... but why are they so cheap? Should I be scared of the quality? Anyone have an opinion?
I personally don't like where they tied theirs. I've tied my mei tai below my DS's bum and it felt more secure and comfortable for both of us. I recommend a mei tai, too. I got mine from ebay roughly two years ago and it's in great shape. I think I paid $35 for it plus shipping, so around $40 all day? Let me see if I can find it and I'll PM you.
I have a peanut shell that I'm going to try out and I'm in search of a Bjorn (but will NOT pay full price). I have close friends that use them and they are much more comfortable for baby and mom than a Snugli. I'd like to have an alternative in case my LO doesn't care for the mei tai or peanut shell and also something that is gender neutral that my DH can use, too.
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Originally Posted by Kelly1101 View Post
AustinMom, yeah, that's a really good idea and I think I will make a "Moby" type wrap, too-- I am not crafty and don't have a sewing machine, but I reckon I can cut a straight line, haha.

I have heard a lot that they're not as comfortable as the babies get bigger, though, especially for women on the small side, plus I've heard they are more difficult to put on in a parking lot or other non-home places, so that will probably end up being my back-up.
Yeah, cutting in half is easy, I'm not a sewer AT ALL!!! Actually, I learned a trick to make about an inch of a cut down the fabric where you want it to be cut in half and you can tear the rest and it is guaranteed to be a straight line

I also used the "pocket-pre-tie" type of carry, so I would put the wrap on before I left the house, and when I got to whatever destination, (post office, grocery store, mall, etc), I'd just hop out, and put baby right in it.

There are also some ways to wrap with a shorter length of fabric, that I use now and that is another option for you.
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