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Meeting Fast and Furious Finn...photo link added

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This is directly from the kids' journal...

25 January 2010 ~ Meeting Fast and Furious Finn...
I'm still completely shocked at your birth and how it all went into play. What a weird, wild, wonderful turn of events. As a quick recap, your sister was positive that you were coming on Saturday night - she told us several times over the course of Friday and Saturday, but I was just so swollen and uncomfortable to listen. I scoured to find black and blue cohosh to bring on labor and told myself I would start first thing Sunday so that I would be well rested when labor began. Little did I know that just *buying* these items was all I needed. Shoot, had I known that I would have bought them on my due date!

We were having a normal Saturday night around here. Eating pizza for dinner, playing puzzles and a little pbskids, reading books, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary until I felt 2-3 contractions seemingly on top of each other at just after 8:30pm so I did what any birthing woman in the technological age would do - I jumped on to contractionmaster.com to time everything. My first time was at 8:41 and under three minutes. Over the course of my timing I never went over three minutes and when I hit 9:22 I was under one minute. Since Nana and Pops needed to be called to come and stay with Corbin and it would take them around 40 minutes to arrive I told Daddy to call them. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they flew on over!

I labored on the toilet between when they arrived (around 10pm) and when I told Daddy when needed to leave for the hospital (around 10:30pm). At this point contractions are literally on top of each other so walking to the car, through the parking garage, into the elevator took 30 minutes for something that should have been less than 10. We arrived in the registration area of Labor and Delivery around 11 and the woman moved at a snail's pace, playing this loud, awful music, asking stupid questions - I just knew I was going through transition due to my extreme irritability. Finally we were shown our room at 11:15pm and I took up camp on the toilet with non-stop contractions. I simply could not move! My water broke and my body immediately started pushing on its own so I told the nurse this and she literally yanked me off the toilet to the bed. Thank god...who wants to be born in a toilet?! She asked to check my cervix and realized I was "beyond ten", hit the call button to ask for "an extra pair of hands", had someone try Mimlitz's exchange, etc. Two other nurses walked in as I kept pushing - I couldn't stop. So they took over. At 11:33pm on 1/23/2010 you were born in a room of women and one Daddy. That's right, in less than three hours I went from *nothing* to *you*! Amazing. 8 pounds 12 ounces. 21.25 inches long. 14 inch head circumference.

You never dropped into my birth canal before labor and came out in four pushes - from the top of my uterus - so you were completely bruised on your forehead, your face, your shoulders and your chest. It was a good look!

The resident OB strolled in at this point, but since I hadn't delivered the placenta yet he couldn't tell how badly I tore. He didn't even try to touch me while the nurses did their jobs and I loved on you. Mimlitz's colleague finally showed up and tried to get the placenta out, but I was starting to bleed a lot and you refused to nurse except for three sad minutes to help my placenta. As it turns out, I tore a lot. My vaginal canal needed a few stitches and my entire left labia was literally hanging on by a thread (Daddy even looked to verify that I would want all those stitches). As can be expected, I'm sore.

Within four hours of your birth your heart rate dropped to low 80s (instead of the above 100s "they" look for) so the resident pediatrician did a quick EKG. Of course, you did fine. Personally, I think you're just mellow and your heart follows suit.

You didn't start attempting to nurse until right before 24 hours and then it just clicked. Great job, my professional sucker. By 18 hours you were holding your head up and chunking up. Lovely. You even get your evening hiccups just like in utero.

Around 1.5 days after birth we left the hospital. You were 8 pounds 7 ounces. Let's make sure you eat up so you pass your birth weight at the first Pediatrician visit on Friday. Go, Finn!

Paul Griffin, welcome to the world and our family. You're going to love it here.


Hospital photos - http://www.our365.com/NewbornPortrai...f-2c96a8cb7796
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CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome Finn (great name, btw!)!!

What an amazing birth story!!!! Sending you healing vibes!
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woosh! once he decided to come, he was all business! GREAT name and oh Angela, you made my hooch pucker reading about your labia! hope your bottom is receiving the TLC it deserves, and enjoy your sweet boy! pics when you can!!!
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Paul Griffin!!

I am very glad that you listened to your sister and came out to meet your mama!

Congratulations!!! Enjoy your babymoon
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Welcome, Finn! What a wonderful birth story! So sorry to hear about your injuries. I hope you heal quickly and enjoy your babymoon!

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Congratulations!! Get some rest and let your poor bottom heal during your blissful babymoon.
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wow, wonderful, congrats!
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congrats angela!! wow, was that FAST! you went into labour after us and wee finn was born before us, lol!!!! many hugs to you for all the stitches. owwie, oww, oww. ice packs are your friend.

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Congratulations!! What a great birth story. Hope you heal quickly and are enjoying your sweet little boy.
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CONGRATULATIONS mama! I love his name! Welcome to the world Finn and enjoy your babymoon!
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Hooray for an amazing labor after such a long wait! Welcome, little Finn.

Angela, for your healing, you should try witch hazel in your peri bottle. I tore with my first birth and the witch hazel was soooooo soothing and helpful. I healed very quickly. I did 50/50 wh and water.
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Such a sweet story! I so loved reading it. Thanks for sharing that. And huge congratulations to you!!!
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Great story!!! Congrats

Welcome, Finn!
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Congratulations, Mama! Welcome Finn!!!

Speedy healing to you, Mama.
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How exciting! Welcome Finn!!!
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Welcome to the world fast and furious Finn!!!

Congratulations mama!
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Welcome sweet boy!!

**healing vibes to your lady parts**
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yay angela! what an experience congrats!!!
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