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Anyone from Bahrain?

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Does anyone know about having a homebirth in Bahrain? IS getting the birth certificate difficult or easy?
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No idea, but if it's like Jordan, it's only legal if a certified (i.e. by the government) midwife attends, who will sign the birth cert. I've only been to one homebirth in Jordan, but there wasn't much sterile technique to speak of and the bad 3rd-degree tear was not sewn up super well. This was a homebirth midwife who was highly recommended by my OB, who's progressive (for Jordanian standards) and delivers at both high-end and public hospitals. Don't know if any of this is helpful... sorry! I do have an aquaintance I could contact there if you're having a hard time getting an answer.
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Hi I would love that thanks! Did she also have a homebirth?
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