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lisko - I can commiserate with the "once you get up to pee, there's no falling back to sleep" thing. I hope you were able to get some more rest before starting your day!

LZP - Glad your appointment went well! I bet you'll pop any day now.

AFM - the visit was wonderful! The facility is great, completely separate from the rest of the hospital and has a very calm vibe. There were NO patients there when we visited, which reassured me a tad about actually getting one of the suites when I need it, although the nurses did admit that sometimes there is overflow (but not often). The rooms were spacious and home-like, with a pull-out bed for DP, as well as a nice glider, table and chairs, and fairly comfy bed for me. They encourage that babies stay in the room with mama as long and as much as possible (unless mama asks for a break; then they take the babies to the nursery across the hall for a little break.)

All the suites had jacuzzi tubs for laboring, with the exception of the waterbirthing suite, which has the waterbirthing tub and a walk-in shower.

We LOVED it, loved the nurses we met and felt super-comfortable and confident that they're not pushy, and respect the ideas and plans you share and make with your HCP about the type of birth and interventions (or lack thereof) you expect (for both mama and baby).

So, provided the midwife and I click at my appointment tomorrow, looks like that will be where I birth the kidlet! Even if I don't click w/ her, I'll check out a couple other midwives/OBs that deliver at the hospital. It was THAT good. I think it's as close to a birth center as we'll find w/out actually going to a birth center.

Sorry for rambling! I was just super excited.
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That sounds lovely... and I will tell you... Im no L&D nurse but I know they go through spurts of TONS of babies even here where I live... and I live in a very rural area.

When I was in with false labor (due to a UTI) with DD i was put in an OB/Gyn room instead of in the Stork Center (theres rooms for women after OB/Gyn procedures... and then theres the Stork Center which is basically like an in-hospital birthing center) because there were just that many ladies having babies at that exact moment... and they have 5 or 6 rooms in the Stork Center.

AFM - had some scary pain last night after driving an hour and half up to wisconsin to visit my dad... turned out to be my constipation coming to an end (at least for now) and oh how I feel so much better...

but then the fact that I havent thrown up today and my constipations getting better and I havent had to pee as much is starting to worry me

And tomorrows U/S may be rescheduled due to a snowstorm coming into the area. Wont be a lot of snow, just 5-9 inches... but the blowing is supposed to be bad.
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lauren, thinking of you sweetie! I hope all is going well and you're gazing dreamily at your healthy little girl! Can't wait to hear how you're doing!!!
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lauren, thinking of you and hoping you are currently resting comfortably after an uneventful labor, holding babygirl in your arms! can't wait to hear about her name either

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Lauren -

I really hope all is going okay and you just can't update us. I realized that I won't have access to a computer or the Internet while I'm in the hospital either... But we can't wait for news!!!!

Lyndzies - Your hospital birth center sounds wonderful. The hospital where I deliver is pretty okay, doesn't sound as nice as yours, but you deliver in the same room you "stay" in, it has a jacuzzi tub and baby is welcome to stay with Mom & Dad. No birth pool though. My favorite aspect of it is that it is the same hospital with our local superb NICU/PICU, where if anything went wrong, baby would go there. Its nice to have the reassurance, that just in case, baby wouldn't be transferred to a different hospital from Mom.

MaerynPearl - Hope the storm stays away and you get in for the u/s to see a nice squirmy baby and a !

LZP - It definitely took me longer to pop with DD. I think that's normal for your 1st. I remember going for my midway u/s and really not showing too much, at least not to the point of being obviously PG. (Which was disappointing, because you just want to SHOW!) Caleb played hide-n-seek at that appointment too (around 13 weeks) - I remember it was nerve-racking to hear all the static but no thump-thump. I'm so glad all seems to be going great!

AFM - Slept last night. Phew. I was a grumpy impatient wreck with DD yesterday afternoon, so I was happy to get a good night sleep last night.

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Wondering how long hospital stays are postpartum in Germany. So excited to hear Laurens news!

Heading in for my ultrasound soon!... its in an hour, starting to drink my water now.
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ONE happy little tribble floating around in his mommies tummy (still convinced its a boy)

heartbeat of 179... measuring dead on for due date (yay for knowing when I ovulated) was crazy to see my little tribble on screen... man its so real now! I'm having a baby!!!!
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Originally Posted by maerynpearl View Post

one happy little tribble floating around in his mommies tummy (still convinced its a boy)

heartbeat of 179... Measuring dead on for due date (yay for knowing when i ovulated) was crazy to see my little tribble on screen... Man its so real now! I'm having a baby!!!!
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Originally Posted by Carlyle View Post
hey!!! Who just hung up with her sister with the advice that she should take a nap? hmmmmm? YOU, that's who!
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had a pretty bad snowstorm last night.

woke up to my bed shaking. didnt think at the time that my beds not against the wall and my floors are a solid concrete foundation lol...

we had an earthquake... during our snowstorm. Now I know how it feels to live in a snowglobe!
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Woohoo! Maeryn!
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it was only a 4.3 with the epicenter about 35 miles from my house. no damage but very interesting to wake up to. I didnt hear anything in my house shaking but my uncle said his spice rack flew all over the floor.

heres a news story on it http://www.saukvalley.com/articles/2...4972/index.xml
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for a and seeing the little "tribble-man". I'm glad that the earthquake wasn't too serious... but yeah, that must have been strange!

to Carlyle and Tear!

Hoping to hear from Lauren today!
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So my doctors office called and said blah blah blah ultrasound is fine

do you have morning sickness yet?

yeah, thats a trigger for me to know somethings up.

apparently my progesterone levels were low. not extremely low and if I have morning sickness, not low enough to worry about... but lower than my doctor would prefer to see so I have to be rechecked to see if I was just tested at a low or what.
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Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post
apparently my progesterone levels were low. not extremely low and if I have morning sickness, not low enough to worry about... but lower than my doctor would prefer to see so I have to be rechecked to see if I was just tested at a low or what.

I took progesterone pills once.. the oral ones worked for me.. they scared me into thinking they would be really awful to take, but it turned out they just made me really tired- not sick at all like they had suggested..
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My doctor is overly protective of me lol... which comforts me to know she does all she can but still when they tell me things like this can scare me.

I know that low to her probably is NOWHERE near actually low... (I didn't ask the level, I can comfort myself with the knowledge that she does not go by textbook levels but rather what she feels more comfortable with.)
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Adelynn Ruby is here!

Hey ladies! I am back from the hospital (finally!!) and have so much to update, the baby is sleeping and I just wolfed down some lunch so hopefully I can do this before the baby needs to nurse again. (It's almost constant! haha). DH and I took almost a day to choose her name and it has been decided she is Adelynn Ruby from the German word "Adel" meaning Noble Truth and honoring my mother Lynn and grandmother Ruby- the two most influential women in my life.

Well, my water had broken and I got to the hospital around 3:00 pm. Checked me, and much to my disbelief I am actually 3 CM dilated. Doc says that she does not expect the baby to be born tonight, more like tomorrow morning so I should go rest up until contractions really start. So I get a room, and weight for the contractions to begin. Around 5:30 I decide I am starving so DH and I go and I get some soup and brotchen rolls, some ham salad, etc (weird in my opinion, but that is what they serve with at dinner in Germany). The contractions start to pick up while eating so I go from STARVING to very uncomfortable need to stop to catch my breath and focus on relieving the pain back to OMG I am so starving I need to eat. So we finish dinner and then I am back in my room and realize I am not laughing anymore and all I want to do is curl in a cacoon and lay and focus, and run to the bathroom. DH crawls into bed, massaging my back when the contractions start, talking me through them, etc. Nurse comes in around 7:45 and says the doctor needs to monitor the babies heart rate for 20 minutes. I am 5 CM dilated at this point. So I go over there and she hooks me up to a machine. At this point the contractions are VERY unbearable. Doctor looks at the printout of the contractions and says they are not picking them up on the machine so I start freaking out in my head thinking OMG this is ridiculous that I can feel the worst contractions of my life and they are ALL IN MY HEAD!!! Like they are not real and I can't do this until tomorrow if these are not real contractions! Needless to say the machine sensor was not tight to my belly and I had misunderstood the doctors english and she DID see the contractions but I can't grasp that so I really freak out. Then she tells me I need to get an antibiotic (zythromyacin) bc my water had been broken for over 24 hours. I tell her NO NO NO, etc but eventually just do it, not sure why. She had compelling reasons at the time and it made sense. LOL. So around this time I am hooked to a walking IV of antibiotics, decide I want to maybe take a bath but first I have to poop, so I walk back and forth between the birthing rooms to the bathroom to poop, throw up and generally yell at DH to stop bothering me while i am pooping. The only place that felt good was sitting on the birthing stool or toilet. It really released the tension in my back. I get back to the room and tell them I can't do this another 10 hours (it is STILL in my head that I am not having "real" contractions and that the worst is yet to come--- BAD mindset during a natural birht, let me say) so I am telling DH and the midwife that I NEED painkillers, I need an epidural, I want a C-section, LOL whatever just get it out of me now, I can't do it any more I am miserable and 10 more hours I will die. Well, DH is calm and tells the Midwives I do not really want these things, etc, so of course I am screaming "IT DOES NOT MAKE ME A BAD PERSON TO GET AN EPIDURAL!!!" haha Well, I am freaking out on the midwife and DH and somehow we decide to do a MILD painkiller to see if it will help take an edge off so I can get back to my zen state of earlier before I thought I was having imaginary contractions . As the nurse is flushing my line with water I scream I NEED TO PUSH. She stops the IV completely, tells me not to until she checks how far I am since I was only 5 cm an hour or so ago. Well, I am 9cm and can PUSH!! Hello, this is why the contractions were so friggin bad, they were efficient. All my contractions seem to stop and I get to push and it is the most AMAZING feeling in the world, I loved every minute of it. The midwife calls the Doctor and the head OB in to supervise the birth and she is just amazing, working with my contractions, I tell her when I want to push and she instructs me on how to hold my breath, release, where I should concentrate my energy, release my neck, etc etc. We push and push and the babies head just will not come out. The doctor suggests episiotomy and I say I want to keep trying, so we continue to push, they massage the perinieum, etc but eventually he tells me that the way the baby is coming through it will likely rip down to my butt. We try 20 more minutes of pushing to see if we can do it without a cut and I decide I trust the man, he is not a cut happy doctor in my opinion, the cut rate is VERY low in Germany where I gave birth. They are all amazed too that an American is doing a unmedicated birth, LOL which makes me feel amazing as I am pushing. haha So I say to do the pressure episiotomy and as the baby is trying to crown, he cuts, I don't feel a thing and out she comes and she is just amazing! The doctor scoops her up and puts her immedietly on my chest, DH gets to cut the cord, etc and as he stictches me up I just sit there holding her and loving her and just feeling amazing. I AM soooooooooo happy that I did not use the painkillers and so happy for my DH that he really stuck by me and was an amazing coach.

So she was born at 10:40 PM after about 6 hours of ridiculously strong contractions, IMO! haha She weighs 7 lbs 12 oz and 20.5 inches long. She is breastfeeding quite well but nightimes are definitely more difficult then the day for some reason. My milk came in yesterday but I am not leaking, her merconium is gone and she had gained all the weight she had lost the first day after being born so I am assuming the feeding is working!! It's definitely more painful then I thought, especially at first but I think it's all transitional pain- the midwives said the latch was good but nipples are a little beaten up... we are hoping to improve She LOVES to eat though, she eats a TON and often so I am trying to research that as much as I can to see what is "normal". My MIL is here helping but does not believe in breastfeeding over bottle feeding so her suggestions are "don't feed her too much, give her a pacifier, etc" she means well haha OK well that is way longer then it needs to be!
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Wow, Lauren that was AMAZING!
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Welcome to the World Adelynn Ruby!

I'm so happy for all of you, Lauren, and that was the most awesome first time birth I've read about in a long time. You should be proud of yourself! And its okay you needed the epi, I got one with DD, or it would have been the same thing, she just wouldn't have come out on her own.

If my birth with Caleb goes half so well, I'll be thrilled! (I'd like to avoid the Pitocin induced 21 hour labor I had with DD.)

As for breastfeeding and how often... DD wasn't a huge eater. I think she went every 2.5 to 3 hours. But with nursing on demand, I don't think that every 2 hours is too often at all - even every 1.5 hours. Does she end up sleepy with nursing ("milk drunk"), if so, she may not really be nursing so much towards the end - but just cozy and happy with Mommy. Do you have access to the Lansinoh ointment? It is wonderful and saved my "nips" in the beginning. I've heard good things with just rubbing some breastmilk on them too, but I really liked the Lansinoh - and baby can nurse with it on, it won't hurt them. The pain WILL get better, once they get nice and tough and blistered ... so don't worry!

Post pictures or a link to pictures if you feel safe with it... we'd love to see her. AND I always liked that name best in your big, long list.
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