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I'm so over co-sleeping!

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Yes, it's convenient for breastfeeding... but I'm pretty sure my baby is using me as a pacifier all night long!!! I can tell by the suck. Not to mention his crazy arms that somehow manage to get out of the swaddle and hit me all night long. They are 12 weeks old today and its time to take my bed back!

We'll see how this goes! wish me luck!
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Good luck mama! Glenn did that too until I found a Binky he likes I have like 100 here because I was his pacifier for a month and wow was I sore!
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Have you tried slipping the paci in after you notice he's no longer swallowing? DS won't take the paci, but I usually slip in my pinky when I've had enough 'non-nutritive' sucking to break the seal, wait a minute to see if he's really in a solid sleep or just really sleepy and ok with it, then flip to go to sleep.

GL in whatever works best for your family!!
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Good luck! We just moved dd from the bassinet to the crib (we don't co-sleep, personal preference). It went well, more stressful for us than for her, I'm sure! As far as swaddling, though, try the Miracle Blanket. I could never keep Hannah swaddled in a regular blanket, either, and the MB has really helped her sleep better (ie longer, lol) because she isn't startling or smacking herself with her hands anymore.
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We moved Ethan out at 4 weeks; he kicked and hit so vigorously and make so many moans, grunts, whines, etc. that we couldn't sleep. Also, DH couldn't relax with a baby in the bed, worried about hurting him (me too, to a lesser extent). SO, if you want some suggestions about moving into the crib or into another room, we tried a bunch of stuff and figured out the "perfect storm" for Ethan; I'd be willing to share!
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Our little guy just hit 3 months. Yeah! He is still sleeping with us, but I also don't enjoy the nights when I am turned into an living pacifier. But as long as he does it only on and off, I feel during those nights (1-2 a week), he might just need the extra comfort and I am willing to give a little bit more at those times.
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My lo will be 3 months tomorrow- I think he is going through a growth spurt hence becoming a pacifier- he'll nurse for a couple minutes only and then just stay latched.
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We've never co-slept. I just can't "take" it. I like my own space and freedom when I finally have the chance to sleep.

I co-slept the first week with this dd and wore ear plugs as she slept next to me.

That's not to say I don't enjoy a good nap with the babe occasionally. We just have always had great success with separate rooms.
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I second the slipping in the pacifer once sound asleep. My first baby was like that.
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My first two girls co slept just fine. My ds and this baby girl...not so much. They are both too wiggly. So I put her in a swing right next to the bed. She swings gently for a few hours, wakes up, fusses, and I pull her into bed to nurse. After she's done, I burp her and stick her back in the swing, swaddled nice and tight, to swing for a few more hours! This was exactly what I did with ds, too. Babies can be so particular, can't they?
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I couldn't not cosleep. I go to sleep at midnight and get up at 5... I'm not getting my butt out of bed for those five hours of (interrupted) sleep for ANYTHING.
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