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I think dd is cutting her bottom middle teeth. She will be 11 weeks tomorrow! I can see them just under the gums and she has been very fussy and drooly lately and chews on anything she can get hold of. I've had to resort to wearing her in the Moby (which she previously hated with a serious passion!) to get her to sleep for naps lately. She just seems so young!! Her older sister didn't get teeth until she was 5 or 6 months old. I'm not ready for this yet!
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my son teethed super early (the bottom two broke through at 4 months). I noticed my girl is starting to drool a lot, but I'm not sure if it's pre-teething or just drool. good times.
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I was wondering the same thing about my DD! I never had any of mine teethe this early, but she has her whole fist stuffed in her mouth chewing all the time and drool everywhere. I can't feel anything and it's hard to get a good look.
I really never heard of it this early, but I guess it can happen, I am not ready for teeth!
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My friend's baby is 16 weeks and has been teething for the last few weeks...I guess some babies start really early! Sorry about that, especially if it's leading to lots of fussiness.

Thanks for saying something; seems my little guy has been fussy the last couple days; not sure if it's a growth spurt, not feeling well, or...maybe a tooth?
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My DD is not even 8 wks yet and is already showing teething signs: wanting paci more, sometimes refusing to nurse, chewing on stuff, drooling, soothed by cold things, super fussy and clingy all the time. Totally possible.
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Same here. Much fussier , gumming everything (the paci, the Moby when I'm carrying her, her fingers/fist), drooling everywhere, and I can see her bottom two teeth just under the gums. My mom is actually the one who told me she was teething. Its been 3 weeks of this and she's 10 weeks now.
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