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Megan, I read your story- it was very nice , I like how you didn't make any apologies about your decision

And to OTF- let's just say- I've been reading around , and Thank You and , I just don't have the energy for it, or even the will, but I am glad you do, it's nice to have someone speak for me, even if it does feel like this
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Why should i apologize? I did not give birth to my sons the way that i did for statistics or to make a point or to have something to brag about.

My birth experience is just like my life. it is what "I" make it to be.

kwim?? I think sometimes ppl do what they do to prove something. I remember someone recently (i remember but not saying who...so you might know too ) a first time c/b mom saying that she didn't feel like she had much of a story to write about her c/b birth. It was planned due to baby positioning but she felt like it wasn't much of a story.

I felt so bad because she had this feeling that her story wasn't worth sharing because it wasn't all "natural". She didn't have her baby at home or in water or on the highway. She just had her baby.

Not that i could read her mind but I'mr eally jsut generalizing and she popped into my head

But I think some women have been fooled into thinking their birth has to be abc in order to be a "worthy" birth.

Why can't we all jsut make babies, be excited about them, and give birth? Why does it have to be a contest about who did things the "right" way? Is there really a right way?
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ITA! You go girl!

And, yes, I know who said that, and I felt bad that she felt her birth story was not important, and I was glad when she realized it was I have chosen not to post my birth story, as it's not a positive c-birth experience (except in the outcome which is what matters), and I don't want to add fuel to the anti-c-birth vibe in certain places, YK? I liked how you spoke well of all the people in the OR, which I would not be able to say the same about, so I only told my story on here.

I hope you know that when I said I was glad you didn't make apologies, that I was not implying that you have anything to apologize for

I know what you mean about doing things to prove something. I secretly (well I mentioned it here :LOL) wanted to birth this baby at home, it kept running through my mind that maybe it *could* happen that way. Not until after the birth was I so very glad that it didn't happen that way, and I have to honestly say that if it weren't for coming here (MDC) I never would've had that longing (to birth at home), and I never think about it(the fact that all my kids were born via c-birth) as a *negative*except when I am here.
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Originally posted by jess7396

I hope you know that when I said I was glad you didn't make apologies, that I was not implying that you have anything to apologize for
Oh, I knew that! You of all ppl no you don't have to amke apologies

I never think about it(the fact that all my kids were born via c-birth) as a *negative*except when I am here. [/B]
Thats sad isn't it. I get that feeling every once in awhile. That is why I stay away from the B&B forum especially. If you look quite a few of the posts are negative c/bs and mainly from women who have never had one. They are just quoting articles and such.

yes, I think that c/bs are done way too often. But until we, as a whole, decide that the "medical" way isn't the best all the time then it isn't going to change. No amount of screaming "No more C/Ss" is going to change anything. That is just how things are. Because lets face it. In some cases it isn't just the best way it is the ONLY way!
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Baby Bodhi has arrived!

Hi there ladies!

If you're wondering why I haven't posted lately, it's because I just got home from the hospital. I have quite a tale, but I'll keep it brief.

Tuesday 24 Feb at 6 pm, I came down with what doctors suspect was the Norwalk virus (violent vomiting and diarrhea). Called DH, told him to come home NOW! By about 6:30, I was 'empty', so the dry-heaves commenced. Called the doctor at 7:15 - I was having MONSTER contractions every 3-5 minutes - not like I'd ever had before. And let me tell you, dry-heaves and contractions are not fun. Was instructed to head to the hospital.

Got to the hospital around 8:30, bucket in hand. Needless to say, at L&D triage, they put me in my own room and masked, gloved and gowned up. I told them that I didn't want to have the baby that night, that I had a planned CB for Thursday. They seemed a little shocked at that (my OB wasn't on duty, and I didn't know the on-call doctor - but, a friend of mine who worked at the hospital told me she was good so I wasn't too worried.) The doctor said, "Well, let's check you out and see what's going on."

So they hooked me up to an IV (I was severely dehydrated), gave me some serious anti-nausea medicine (which worked pretty well) and then waited to see if the contractions slowed down. After 7 bags of fluid, and about 6 hours, I was READY for my son to come. The doctor wasn't really happy with his heart-rate - too high for a while- so my bouncing baby boy was born via CB at 3:09am on Wed 25 February. His apgars were 8 and 9, so he was no worse for wear from the virus that made me (and our ENTIRE family) very much the worse for wear!

As many of you know, I was agonizing about having a repeat CB versus a VBAC. The doctor wouldn't have let me deliver vagnially - I was simply too weak. In addition, she told me I had severe scarring and adhesions (some of the worst she'd ever seen). Before we started I told her we were interested in having two more children - so she spent a lot of time trying to repair things. She said we would be able to have more children under close supervision with a planned CB. That's OK with me!

My son and I were in an isolation room. Anyone who came in had to put on a gown and gloves. We were set to go home on Sunday, but by Friday I had developed a UTI/Kidney infection and then on Sunday I was diagnosed with cellulitis of my abdomen (skin infection). I then got to meet some of Washington DC's finest infection medicine specialists. I've been on intravenious antibiotics since Monday.

I was released today (8 days after the birth) with a mid line IV. A nurse will be visiting us for the next 4 or 5 days to administer IV antibiotics once a day.

This has really been a remarkable experience. Here are some of the High/Lows:

- 9 days away from my daughter and husband!
- having to interrupt BFing for 40 hours b/c/o misinformation about the safety of bfing with one of the antibiotics they tried
- Bizarre skin infection!

Here are some of the up sides:

- My son is gorgeous, wonderful, a beautiful baby!
- the birth experience (once I received my spinal and got some pain relief) was a wonderfully intimate experience. Though I had just met the doctor, she was wonderfully experienced with a wry sense of humor. The anesthesiologist and nurse-anesthetist were the same ones who helped me deliver my daughter 2 years ago! Imagine the statistical improbability of that!
- The nurses and clinical assistants at my hospital were wonderfully supportive, empathetic and sympathetic. They helped me through the lows and celebrated the highs with me. I bonded with many of them. They shared their own stories of challenges during child-bearing and life in general. They were truly remarkable. It was a wonderfully affirming experience to be surrounded by such amazing women.
- My doctors were amazing. The Pediatrician made sure to write my son's discharge orders so that he would be discharged with me (since he was ready to go home days before I was). That way we didn't have to be separated.
- My family was so supportive, they visited, took care of my daughter and did everything they could to keep my spirits up.

Despite the drama of my son's entrance and the complications, this was a wonderful birth experience - very positive and affirming. I'm already looking forward to bringing home my kids' next playmate! (Though I want to get well recovered from this one first!)

Thank you all for your support during this process! Good Luck to everyone who is trying to make a decision and who is recovering and enjoying their new family member.

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I forgot to add - he was 8lbs 9oz!

He's alert and has a latch like a vacuum - both my nipples are bleeding now, but we're working out our latch issues (mis-positioning). I think now that we're home and people won't be walking into the room to take my/his vitals or mess with the IV, we'll be able to focus a bit better.

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Deb, I am so glad you and your baby pulled through such an illness and you were still able to have a good birth experience, even though not under ideal circumstances!

I am glad they worked hard to repair you and sew you up really good so you can have more babies! It is great to have a wonderful staff that works with you and not against you.

I hope you can recover from this sickness quickly and be back to yourself soon.

We want to see a pic of that beautiful baby boy!!!

Congrats again!!!!

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UD_Chick Congratulations on the birth of your babe. Make sure his lips are outward on the breast(like when he latches pull the top and bottom lips *out*on the breast)- that was what made mine bleed with dd and ds#1, I corrected it right away with this babe and nipples never bled Just a thought!

Sorry to hear you were so sick going into this and are still on antibiotics- YUCK! But, you gotta do, right?

I hope you are enjoying your babymoon! Come join the Jan/. Feb. 2004 mamas thread in Life With a Babe, IOF and I are there
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Ack! Ack! I've written 2 long responses and lost both of them! Let's just say that I've been thinking about the moms having their babies, and I can't wait to hear more.

I'm also officially retiring from looking at other threads in Birth and Beyond for the rest of my pregnancy, so y'all will have to let me know when the c/b subforum is set up.

Did I ask anyone for a c/b birth plan? I've been getting my birth plan ready, and I think I've got the VBAC part in good shape, but I was hoping for cheat sheet from someone here for plan B.
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Guess what were having????

A BOY!!!!
I guess Luke was right, he has been telling us since day 1 it was a bother LOL....

They werent going to do an ultrasound today but because of some of the pains i have been having they decided to. Im glad
We got some great pics!!
Things went well, i am 18 wks (for some reason i thought i was farther who knows!)
The c-sec is scheduled app for July 12 unless something happens before then. I will go in on July 11 and get an amnio done and if everythings ok theyll do the c-sec the next day.

I am on lifting restrictions...no more lifting more than 15 lbs and they put me back in physical therapy YAY..
But im nervous about telling my Physical therapist that i am pg again LOL...shes really neat though..

I am excited that things are going so well I just wanted to update you guys on me...i know i dont post that much lately i have been in lurker mode LOL..

Hopefully ill get out of it soon.
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Hi all,

I really want to see the people who post here keep this thread and subsequent threads alive on Mothering. I am taking a break.

My Cbirth birthplan is in the other thread if anyone wants it and would like to use it. You can PM me or email me at kim@whimsicalwears.com if you have any questions about it or what type of pain management I used.

I hope all of you who are waiting to give birth have successful births with healthy babies, whether that be through repeat surgical births or VBACs.

Also, dont let anyone question your motives and choices, stay strong!

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Take care, OTF.

Congratulations, UD CHICK! What a wonderful birth.

And congratulations Dawnalex!

How is everyone recovering that birthed recently?

My daughter is six months old-still have a little numbness and my incision itches fiercely! Yesterday I was thinking about the midwife that contributed to c/b #1 and of course affected c/b #2.
I never felt the need to confront her, and I did forgive her. But I'm feeling the need to write her a letter and share my experience w/c/b #2, just so she's aware of the impact of that event (she doesn't know I've had a second child.) She needs to fully understand how her part in the c/b went on to affect my next birth.

Other than that, I'm truly experiencing more and more acceptance and closure.

I'm happy about that.
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You deserve a break. Take some time to recharge your batteries. But please come back to us when you are ready. I can't even begin to tell you how much you have meant to me. Discovering this thread, getting some valuable information, and finding support and people who understood my csection experience has been wonderful.

I know that because of you and this thread, my next csection will be a much better experience. Thank you for all the work you do to help support us csection AP mom!

You are a hero in my eyes!

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OTF- I understand completely, but will miss you holding us together, hope you can take your time away and come back like Ladylee has You will be missed greatly. Thank you for helping me out so much with this last c-birth, and helping me come to terms with all of my births- with NO APOLOGIES!

I'll be e-mailing you soon
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My recovery continues to be excellent. Just the tiniest bit of numbness. I am only limited in activity by time, not at all by physical ability.

Catherine has to have a hernia repaired surgically on Monday. Any moms who have spent nights in the hospital with babies, please advise. I was in with Meg one night with RSV and it was just awful. BUT! This situation is a private room which will be so much better, at least.
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Do we know when the new forum will open?? I've seen MamOui post (she is the mod right??) a couple times lately so...

OTF..>Come back soon!! Like others have said, I've really appreciated your input and help on a lot of different levels!

Ladylee--Thank you for coming back!!!

My recovery is awesome! Bryce is 5 weeks 2 days old. I have numbness in my incision but that is fine. I'm losing weight. I can't get over how gross my tummy looks! Not from anything in particular but from just losing a baby tummy

I had some skin iritation in the beginning. Anything rubbing across my skin KILLED. But that is mostly gone. My incision looks great and I have no muscle soreness anymore. I feel great and I'm pretty much back to everything normal...even my pre-pg clothes
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congradulations ud_chick!

so happy for u and new baby, glad you are doing well s!
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Things got a bit ugly last week and they're reconsidering giving us our own forum:


This topic does touch upon people's emotions-it's hard for it to not spark controversy and division, as much as I wish it wouldn't.
I can understand people feeling angry and frustrated that they aren't "heard"-sometimes it's very difficult to not get personal. I certainly don't want to diminish anyone's anger, and even though things got heated I know at least it's a way for some to fully own their power by expressing their anger and that's good. Even if it means we don't get our own forum.
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well, that's bad news for me. i was really looking forward to the new forum. i'm pregnant now and busy with a toddler so i don't have a lot of time to sift thru long threads to find the information i want.
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I know, Susu.

I personally think having our own forum would prevent a lot of conflict, as opposed to having both sides come into contact with each other on general threads within Birth and Beyond.
I hope MDC gives the cesarean sub forum a chance-maybe test it and see how it goes. It would be a shame to prevent it based on the actions of just a few people.
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