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Question about Family Math books

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Does anyone have both the early childhood and the 'original' Family Math books? I am trying to decide which one would be appropriate for our family. My ds is 4 1/2 and already does addition and subtraction in his head. He also understand concepts of greater than and less than, skip counting, etc. The ages listed say the early childhood book is good for concepts up to age 8 (I'm assuming second grade) while the original book says K - 4th. If anyone ahs either or both book and can give me an idea of the contents that would be great. I'd like to get my money's worth and can't afford to buy both. Any advice/insights would be appreciated.
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We have Family Math, Family Math II, and Family Math: The Middle School Years.

The Table of Contents lists the following as the "chapters" in Family Math:
  1. A Mathematical Environment
  2. Beginning
  3. Word Problems and Logical Reasoning
  4. Measurement
  5. Numbers and Operations
  6. Probability and Statistics
  7. Time and Money
  8. Geometry and Spacial Thinking
  9. Patterns and Number Charts
  10. Careers

In all the chapters beginning with 2, there are lots of activities. At the beginning of each activity it states the purpose of that activity. The approximate 'grade level' is also marked on each activity (ie: Primary, Elementary, Middle School/Junior High).

Most of the activities have several different levels of play so you can customize to your child's ability. There are very few activities in the book that are aimed just at any one level.

My family and I love all the Family Math books that we've tried.
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I have both (though I've never actually used either, so i'm speaking strictly from having looked at them, but not personal experience).

Family Math for Young Children has a lot about sorting, categorizing, counting, and spatial awareness, and not a lot of arithmetic. It isn't divided up into subjects in the same way as Family Math, so I can't give you a handy list of topics like the previous poster

Most of the Young Children activities strike me as most appropriate for preschool/K, and I think a 7-8 year old functioning at grade level would probably not be too into it. Most of the normal Family Math activities strike me as most developmentally appropriate for a child who is a bit older - at least 6 or 7. However, I think the normal Family Math would be easier to adapt downwards than it would be adapt the Young Children version up to meet the capabilities of a more advanced child. Plus, you'll get more mileage out of the normal version.
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Thank you both so much for the info!
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