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Baby consignment shops on the South Shore?

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Any good recommendations for consignment shops on the south shore? Thanks!!
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I've always found good stuff at Kid's Closet in Pembroke (Hanover line) on 53. It's small but the clothes are pristine and I almost always find what I am looking for there.
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There are 2 in Plymouth plus Savers and maybe a 3rd.

Former Favorites is in North Plymouth off of 3A but she will probably be moving at some point. It is chaotic and a little messy but Tracy will find stuff for you and often has some good finds (got some great Kamuk boots there). She has her phone number listed on the door so I could probably just post it... if anyone wants it.
Updating 2/10 Looks like Just Like New is closing... check their website.
Just Like New is at the shopping plaza at the corner of Carver Rd at Rt. 80. It is very well organized. She usually has very few clothes out of season and also only takes clothing from the current/next season (like now she probably would only take spring stuff). http://www.justlikenewforkids.com/
I've found both to be good on occasion but sometimes they can be overpriced, especially since some of the retailers have some great sales.

Savers is by Shaw's and has kids stuff, adult stuff, kitchenware and household stuff. The profits go to Big Brother Big Sister. They take donations only. It is off of Pilgrim Hill Road (back on the hill past the Shaws). http://www.savers.com/Find-A-Store.aspx

There is a 3rd consignment store in Plymouth along the main street in center Plymouth. It used to be called Finders Keepers and had great stuff (imo) for children and women. This store was really well organized and looked nice inside (small little shop). That owner is no longer there and another woman has reopened a nice consignment store there. She said she will start to have childrens stuff later in the spring, but does not have any right now.


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New shop - Kidsignment Store


You should check out a great new shop in Hanson, MA. It's called Kidsignment Store (www.KidsignmentStore.com) and they have all brand name stuff at terrific prices. Everything is in great condition and the shop is cute. Happy shopping!
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Awesome, thanks! I've been to Just like new so far and just wished they had more baby gear. I'm going to check out Kid's Closet tomorrow and there's also one in West Bridgewater called Keeping Pace with multiple miracles that my aunt said was really good. Thanks again!
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What baby gear stuff are you looking for?
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I was looking for a pack and play, but decided against it when my MIL offered to buy me a new one and a lot of the reviews said how unstable the diaper changing attachment was, which I would be using a lot of. I decided to set up baby changing shop on my dining room table instead, I think that will work better for us and save space.
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I just looked at Just Like New's website and it looks like she is closing the shop. They are having sales till their inventory is gone.

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This is run by a local multiples group but it's open to the public. They're located in West Bridgewater.
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Check out this upcoming event in Central MA


Upscale Consignment Event for all things baby and kid!
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Tracy from Former Favorites had moved to Kingston, on Rt 3A/Main Street by the commuter line. There is parking behind the store.
Her hours are 10-6, and her number is posted (I'd suggest calling) on the door. I'll post it later when I can find her card, but I'm heading out now.

She does have an Arms Reach Mini-CoSleeper for sale- I thought it was new, too (opened box but never used).

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I've been to Livybugg's in Acushnet. http://www.livybuggs.com/ They have some nice things. It doesn't look as nice as on the picture, but still nice enough.
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I second http://www.keepingpace.org/content.a...odule_id=10877 in W. Bridgewater. They have *tons* of stuff and it's really well priced. Plus it's not-for-profit.
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