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Anyone planning on postpartum belly binding?

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I really want to try it, I just can't figure which one to get. What do you think? Would love some advice on choosing one!

Here is what I have found:

Post Delivery Girdle Belt:

ITA-MED Binder:


Bamboo Belly Bandit:

Invacare Abdominal Binder:

Hem-it-in Belt, by Abdomend:

Flex-Support Postpartum Abdominal Binder:

Tauts Belly Wrap, by Baboosh:

...and then there's the ace bandage. 6" is the widest I can find.

More info can be found on each one at their actual website or by googling it.
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Since this is my third kiddo I have been thinking of it myself.
Also since I had fusion just 20 months ago, I feel that wearing something will help to remind me to have good posture when I'm nursing and dead tired.

I haven't figured out what I'm going to get just yet, but I do feel it's in my future!
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What are the supposed advantages of these? Just curious.
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1. General support for the squishy guts falling out feeling, and posture.
2. Helps tummy get back to normal size quicker

Product reviews will give you a good idea too.

Apparently it's more common in other countries.
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I'm definitely thinking about trying it, but I have no idea which one to try! I've been leaning to the ITA-MED one, but honestly, I have no clue.
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I didn't even realize there were specific products for this. In the West African country my husband is from, just about everybody binds their stomachs after giving birth; it's expected. I had just kind of planned on it, but figured I'd just use ace bandages or an old sheet cut in strips. Thanks for posting these links - I'll have to do some more research obviously!
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saw this in new posts and thought I'd jump in...

I did not do belly binding with either of my first two. I did after dd2 and it was wonderful! I used my moby wrap or a length of woven fabric (stronger support) and tied them on. If I ever have another baby, I will bind again.
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I am thinking about it this time.
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I will be doing it, didn't even know about it with my other kids.
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I hadn't heard about it with my other kids, but I'm planning on it this time. I'm thinking about trying the ITA-MED one also.
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I've heard about this before, and I think I will try it this time. Is there any reason I couldn't use a girdle type thing I have already? It doesn't wrap, it just slips on. But it's really tight and efficient at pulling things in. It is made of thick material and has little ribs in it that go vertical. It isn't as comfy as some of the ones posted look, but if I wanted to save the $$ is there any specific reason that an actual wrap is better? Perhaps so you can adjust the size?
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The comfort and adjustability factor are the 2 things I can think of. Whether or not it would fit soon after delivery ...and the ribbing might be uncomfortable.
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I did it with DD#1, but started about 2 wks pp. I really wish I had done it immediately following my [unplanned, "emergency"]c-sec. There was a HUGE difference in the way my abdomen bounced back.

NOTE: It only aids in the shaping of your abs as the lose the weight yourself. But it definitely helps to "get you back in place". You just have to really stick with it.

AND, it hurts like hell in the beginning.
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I have the post delivery girdle belt.

I bought it YEARS after my son was born because of my diastatis (sp?) - where the muslces were still miles apart. I wore it during appropriate gentle exercises to encourage them to go back to where they belonged...and it worked! Helped me look slimmer too! lol

So this time around - already having it - I plan to use it after the birth of this baby to help for a lot of the same reasons I guess! (though obviously wont be doing any of the gentle exercises that soon after giving birth! hehe)
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Oh - I will add...a lot of those you linked are very similar. They are not the most comfortable things to wear - in that they can 'dig' in a few places and kinda itch. You do get sweaty under them. What I found helps HEAPS is not wearing them against my skin - but rather a light vest/camo type top. I only ever wore mine inside the house so I didn't care what I looked like. I don't think you need to wear it all day long (and I never was able to wear it laying down or all the blood would rush to my head! lmao!)...but if you were planning on wearing it out and about as well sometimes - then under your shirt over an 'undershirt' woudl be ideal.
I have a long toros - so I quite like the ones have more to them in the vertical department. The 'hem-it-in' belt just doesn't look wide enough imo. Unless you were very tiny/short in the torso area!
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I think I will try this once my little one is born, but I'm not sure I want to run out and buy one. Can you just use a length of cloth? Honestly it doesn't seem all that hard to make, or am I missing something?
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I did it for about a week after my first was born. I used one for the full forty days after DD was born. BIG difference. My abdomen went back sooo much faster after DD. I had c-sections for both births and having my incision covered was really really helpful for pain management, too.
I used a Baboosh brand post partum binder. Loved it. I tried using an ace bandage a couple times. Awful. Bunched up, hard to get the right fit/tightness. Rolled all over. I really recommend using a binder after the baby is born.
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catters: Thanks for the review on the ACE bandage. I was wondering about that. Is this what you used? http://babooshbaby.com/tauts/tauts.h...14642dbb29e793

Was is comfortable and did you have to buy two sizes, (like many have to do with the belly bandit) or did one adjust enough for you?
I'm not sure what size I would get since I don't know my pre-pregnancy measurements and pant sizes can really depend on the brand. Maybe I'll email the company if I want to get that one.
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I was actually successful in healing a severe pelvic prolapse from my c/s's (took years), and what I find interesting about belly binding is that it can either help, as with pps, or it can cause or make worse a pelvic prolapse, especially when a c/s has been performed and pieces and bits that were supposed to hold one another together in there have been severed.

I was told to use stretchy bandages around my belly after my c/s's, but when I tried, it caused my uterus to nearly come out, even with light pressure. Everything is being squashed back in and that means that some parts are being squashed upward and some down too, unless you can pull everything up and support it all with the binding. My particular body shape makes this very difficult or impossible (very short torso so that there isn't space between ribs and hipbones, so anything squashing around me just squashes indescriminately up and down and in).

Here's an mdc thread about belly binding (includes how to do it so not to cause prolapse- and which would not work for my body, but does for others):

I take the 'falling guts' feeling as my cue to luxuriate in bed with my newbies for a few days before getting back to routine. With both my freebirths, I just laid down for most of the following three days pp and that took care of it.

I had during my pg and before, been making a habit of squatting anytime I would normally sit, though, with feet flat on the floor and belly supported by my thighs, completely relaxed, and that helped my prolapse heal and also gave my body the right sort of strength to bring my abdominal parts back into place quickly pp.

I spent so much time on the floor with my boys that I could use that time to squat, be my own chair. It seems weird to some, but once you've developed the squatting burrs in your feet, it is a completely relaxed position, similar to lying down because each part of the body is supported fully by another. I've fallen asleep like that, actually.

Just sharing because as everyone knows, there are very few problems with only one solution.
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