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Non Vax Friendly Docs in...

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NW minnesota? I am moving to elk river in 20 days! I need to find a non vax friendly doctor. Someone I wont have to explain my choices to I will go anywhere from Elk River-St. Cloud if I need to.
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Elk River is east central MN, and it's an easy drive to the Cities if you must to find a doc you like. I grew up in Princeton less than 20 miles from ER. Haven't had to look for a doctor there though, so I have no recommendations-- good luck!
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If you look on a map...and from where I currently live now, its definitley NW. :P

Thanks though, I dont want to drive to the cities. I am moving away from the cities for a reason! haha.
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Healing Spirit Clinic in Princeton

Hi! I live in Princeton where there is a little clinic (only one doc) called Healing Spirit Clinic. She does accept non-vaxing families, but she codes the visits as non-well baby so you have a co-pay. In general she is a good doctor, but the coding left a bad taste in my mouth.

She is bf and cloth diapered her own kids, but I always felt weird discussing the family bed.

I know there is a good pedi in St. Cloud, but I can't remember his name. I have friends in the St. Cloud LLL group who use him, if you don't find anyone before our meeting next month I will be happy to ask the info for you.
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In St. Cloud we see Dr. Tammy Myerhoffer at Centra Care Heartland. I really like her practice. She has never questioned our choice not vaccinate, encouraged my tandem nursing, and in general is supportive of all our family decisions (family bed, child led weaning, etc.). Her nurse is supportive as well which I think is just as important in a clinic setting.

There is also a Dr. in St. Cloud who is just setting up a private practice. His name is Dr. Cash and he has been at one of the clinics in town until recently. I know many natural minded mamas really like him. If you want more information about his practice let me know and I can send it to you.
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Thanks you two! I would love info on both for sure!
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