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home birth in Korea

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ok, this is it. I am finally getting to have a home birth. The planets have aligned, and everything is perfect, finally.

So, here in Korea, I have a couple of different options for a home birth. Of course, I have to pay out of pocket for anything other than a hospital birth at the Army hospital in Seoul (and I would have to move down there at 38 weeks!! Totally impractical for my situation. What am I supposed to do with my kids, right?) Anyway, back to home birth.

I can have an OB at home! He will travel to my home and attend my birth. This also includes having an ambulance on standby, and the hospital will be alerted ahead of time, just in case of transfer. Total cost for this would be about $5000

Option number 2, I can have a midwife. This midwife has delivered over 10,000 babies, which positively boggles my mind. I can either have her and the OB on call for backup ($3,000), or just her, no OB on call($1500).

*I* think the OB at home would be overkill...because I don't think he will be any more qualified to handle emergent situations *at home* than the midwife. I'm leaning towards option #2 myself.


here's the midwife's website: http://www.okbirth.com/xe/english

and the OB: http://ubclinic.com/eng/sub_010101.html
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first, i have to say, annyong haseyo! I lived in korea for two years and my son was born in Seoul! He was born at a hospital and it was the worst experience ever. We were not with the military, so I am sure that made a difference. If I would have known we could have done a homebirth with a midwife, I would have in a heartbeat.

Does the midwife speak english, or do you speak fluent korean? that would be the hardest part unless you had someone there who could interpret for you. I would chose just the midwife because the OB's that I met are all into a LOT of interventions- without your knowledge or consent.

I am so excited that you have a different option in Korea than I did... I hope you figure out what is best for you. Oh, and I had a friend who delivered a few weeks after me on Yongsan and she had to go and stay on the base without her husband until she delivered and HATED it. She didn't have other children either.

How long have you been in Korea?
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I would say definitely options 2 or 3. A midwife who has delivered 10,000 babies has got to have great experience and ability -- as long as you like her and everything feels right.

Now what is the difficulty of transferring with or without the OB on standby? I take for granted the the ER is 10 minutes away, but if you did need an emergency c/s, what is the time-frame for that with or without the OB? I could see it definitely worth the extra 1500$, which is a lot, but not so much in the overall scheme.
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they do speak English well.. I don't know about the c section time, but I can ask them.

This is part of the email they sent me:

[OPTION A] Fee: \5,000,000

- Dr. Chung and UB Woman's Clinic staff(CNM & RN) will attend for your birth, and you'll be fully covered.

- Dr. Chung will be there when you call for the labor.

- Back-up hospital is ready and available to transfer just in case of an emergency.

[OPTION B] Fee: \3,000,000

- Midwife(Rosa) will take care of you and your birth and Dr. Chung will be there just for the back-up and be ready for the emergency care.

- Back-up hospital is ready and available to transfer just in case of an emergency.

[OPTION C] Fee: \1,500,000

- Midwife(Rosa) will attend alone for your home birth.
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