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Honestly we only have dh's mom that would even do anything to help. Meals by friends are out the window because I don't have any close friends that live here.

My list has grown thanks to the awesome tips and I thought of a couple other things I need

Flax Seed
Peanut Oil/Sesame Oil
Flour & Sugar (I thought I had some and I don't!)
Made a list of tons of spices to replenish
Beans & Rice
Shelf stable milk (duh I thought when this hit me)

Bottles of Water just so the boys can bring me one in a pinch instead of trusting THEM to fill a cup up thus leaving me with a mess to clean up!

But I made a meal plan for the next 50 days. We're set till March 20th, and so with that in mind, I am stocking up the pantry for the next 2 months after that. Plus getting things for the meals I cook in the next month to freeze up for the following month as I get bigger and more worn out.

Plus I still need to stock up on diapers and still haven't bought ANY baby clothes hahaha....of course any good pregnant woman thinks of the FOOD first!
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Splurge and get real maple syrup
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if you bake at all, you will want flour (white keeps on the shelf, whole wheat keeps in the frig), baking soda, baking powder, dry milk, dry buttermilk, cocoa powder, shortening and butter as well. I always keep oats, brown rice, pasta, canned and dry beans around, spices and herbs. You might want to consider some "fancy" stuff that makes simple dishes better: dried fruit, olives, sun dried tomatoes, nuts, etc.
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Thanks again for all the ideas!

We did end up getting February as well so now I have another 600 to use up to stock up the pantry. I told dh that I am going to spend 350 on the pantry and make it so we're good through the birth of the baby. Also I am going to spend 250 on meat.

This is going to be a CRAZY week of cleaning up the pantry, organizing, and shopping!
Now to make more lists!
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Do you have a dehydrator? Do you can? You can purchase frozen veggies and easily dehydrate them. Or you can purchase meats, and can them. No freezer space needed!
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I'm stockpiling as well our food stamps is almost $200 above our budget for food! I had thought of the spices yest too. Also while we were so tight i stopped buying many different types of salad dressing (I love salad), pickles and relish, hot and sweet mustard, nuts, potato flakes (i use in wheat bread), honey, myple syrup, laundry detergent, dish detergent (does food stamps cover that? they didn't explain much when i got the food stamps), shampoo/conditioner, soap
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