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Do you have any experience with AllisOne sugar free cell salts?

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hello again:)

two questions for experts.


1) Hair fall: I think I will need to take Kali Sulf, how long should I take it?  I also think my pancreas need some conditioning. and is 6X good? Can I also take Silicea 12x at the same time? I don't get 6x here and can't get it shipped unfortunately.


2) Hemmorhoids:  How long should I take Calc Fluor? These aren't constipating stools, just painful and bleeding sometimes less or more.  Should I take 6x or 12x? How  many doses a day? I've been taking a combination Hylands salt in one dose only, but this condition goes away and comes back.  I've been very stressed too lifestyle wise.


Thank you for this world of cell salt support.




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I always say start with 6x regardless.  You can move up when and if they become less effective at that potency.


You can take silica along with kali sulph, but for these purposes  you want to do 6x-why can't you get it shipped?


Calc fluor-I'd say at least 6 weeks every time you have an incidence.  This should reduce the number of incidences and severity over time.  I tend to use Calc Fluor, Kali Phos, Ferr Phos and Kali Mur for piles for what it's worth.

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Originally Posted by kitana View Post

I can't locate the description of how the salts are made - I'm having a hard time sifting through previous posts! If you find it, could you repost it?


I also have another question - in a previous post you said that spagyric cell salts are sugar free. I tried searching for them online but haven't found anything! We are on a strict diet to heal our guts (GAPS diet) and I've found I can't tolerate lactose or sucrose anyway. Is there any other sugar free options for cell salts? 


Thank you so much!

Basically the difference is in the preparation.  Cell salts are triturated up to 6x to have the material remain.  Remedies at best are generally triturated up to 3x and then diluted and succussed after that.  They are more energetic, while the salts are more material.


There are liquid forms of salts that are sugar free-I'm not sure how many are sold to the public actually.  Terra Vitae always were though.

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Thank you Panserbjorne :) Much gratitude, I am going to do this.


I can't get it shipped because I stay in Dubai, it would cost a lot to get it shipped here unless someone I know is traveling here soon and the pharmacies I've been to only carry 12x, they don't even have 6x Silicea registered or coming to them.

My husband was straight prescribed 2 tablets once a day of 12x by a homeopath for his hair falling condition. Not sure if they do it because 6x isn't available yet.

Oh, I checked today in the pharmacy, even the Calc Fluor is 12x only. Is that ok?


2 more questions, thank you for letting me pick your brain:


1) I've read somewhere that taking these salts such as calc phos should be 3 months and followed by a break, one shouldn't continue taking them on a regular basis, I wish I could find that article...Is this right..? Or its a different viewpoint.


2) Is there a cell salt remedy to help remove/detox candida yeast? *Desperate*  I've had it where it comes and goes, since I took anti-biotics last October.  I thought I even detoxed it with Apple-cider-vinegar and staying away from yeasted products and sugar.  But it is back. And I've not found any specific remedies for it yet.  I was doing the Bioplasma, but I think I need something strong?





Thank you,

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I have a 4 yo DS who has had eczema since he was 2.  It used to just be in his inner elbow and would come and go.  In the last two months, the backs of his knees have been affected and then he broke out with it all over his torso.  He used to have an egg white allergy but has grown out of it.  When I did a search on eczema on Mothering and found this thread, this was the first I had heard of cell salts.  I have to wonder if this is what we are missing.  I have concerns that maybe his liver does need to be detoxed...  We have been trying homeopathic remedies for the eczema but they have not had any lasting effect. 


There seems to be a couple of different salts for eczema.   His skin is very, very dry and sucks up any type of moisturizer we put on him.  Skin is also red and very angry looking on his inner elbows.  He does get nervous easily and will tend to start scratching when feeling nervous.  Would love any advice on which salts would be a good place to start.



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I have a coiple of questions with cell salts if someone would be so kind to answer or point me in the right direction.

I am a newbie and a bit lost.



Dd is 2.5 yrs old. The dentist just told us she has cavities between her two front teeth. She wants us to do a nightly topical floride treatment and bring her back in 3 months for a possible root canal and filing. We do not want to do floride at all. (She does get it in her tap water).


DD also has very dry and brittle hair that is SUPER SLOW to grow.


We have been giving her cell salts for the past couple of days.

We bought hylands brand. #1 Calc flour, #2 Calc phos, and #3 mag phos.

I have been giving her 2 tablets of each 3 times a day to start. (She has had dairy issues in the past)

We also do a nightly calcium/magnesium drink with Natural Calm with Calcium. We all do this every night with dinner and have for over a year.

We also give her D3 drops. And have recently started a multi vitamin. Animal parade brand. We do the vitamin because DD has become quite fussy and wont really eat much veg recently. Maybe she will become a good eater again after this stage.



1) are these the cell salts I should be doing for dental problems?

2) What would be good for her hair and nail growth/health?

3) She has had restless sleeps the past few nights since starting the cell salts and vitamins. Is this a coincidence or do some find restlessness in the beginning?

4) How much of a dose should a 2.5yr old 32lb child get to heal dental problems?


Is there a good book that is easily understandable for those of us who would like to use cell salts but are overwhelmed by it all?


Thank you so much for your time in reading my questions.

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This isn't cell salt related, but eczema is an allergic reaction. Kids don't simply "outgrow" an allergy when you've not done deep healing, their symptoms just change. Such as, they used to spit up or get diahrrea, now they get eczema. And usually, when you don't do deep gut healing allergies just get worse and more numerous.


Get a very pwerful probiotic and coconut oil for the yeast. The probiotic alone will do wonders, but coconut oil is a good topical complement to it, like how they sell the external yeast cream for "fast relief" along with the 3 day yeast infection treatment. CO provides SOME instant relief, but is no cure. Probiotics (STRONG probiotics, like these: http://www.customprobiotics.com/custom-probiotics-six-cultures.htm) is the cure. PB could tell you some about clay and so on, too.

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Hi, I'm new this whole cell salts idea but I was hoping they could help 2 of my kiddos. My 7yr old dd has very thin hair that doesn't want to grow and she has sensitive teeth and is prone to cavities. I believe from what I've read that Silica can help with the thin hair but what about her sensitive teeth, is there anything that can help in that department? Also my 3yr old ds has a cavity in between his two front top teeth. It's healed some with vit. D but I think the vit. D is has done all it can do. I believe Calc Flour is good for cavities, any other one that would be good? Thanks so much!! smile.gif

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May I chime in with a question?

I am fairly new to homeopathy, but first learned about it living in Italy, where all my friends use it and recommend it. My first experience with it working was recent, where I finally took a friend's advice to use sulphur to help my hot feet in bed. Then I gave Nat Mur to my son who had a cold coming on and also some emotional stuff. Then I used Arnica and felt it completely erase my muscle pains and back problems within minutes. I've been skeptical of homeopathy, but I crave its results.


Now I'm hearing about cell salts, and would like to try out bioplasma for all of us. My son has tooth enamel problems on his front 2 teeth and had a cavity between them. His dr. is having him tested for celiac, and we should find the results this week. He's thin, small, large head, very sensitive, emotionally and intellectually intelligent, but has suffered lately from nightmares and fatigue. He hears ringing in his ears. My daughter is taking a long time with a tooth that wants to come out. I hoped bioplasma could help us, but I would like to hear what anyone has to say. Oh, my ds recently completed his vaccinations--I picked up some Thuja 200 cx today but haven't started it yet.

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This is a very interesting thread- I'm just trying to get through & absorb this wealth of information smile.gif! I have some questions: DS1 has multiple food allergies & intolerances, eczema& asthma. We've done lots of gut healing & just lots of treatments in general. He is doing so much better overall, but I'm thinking he could greatly benefit from cell salts. Does anyone have any recommendations for what to start him on?

I'm also 35 weeks pregnant & wondering if bioplasma is the best thing for me to take? Or would I just take 1 or 2 specific cell salts.

My partner has a full body rash, as well, which the doctors believe is pityrosis rosea & it definitely fits everything we've seen & read online, but am curious if cell salts could also help with this?

Finally, DS1 has a dairy allergy so am wondering what brands are available that are lactose-free. TIA!
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Should I be using 6x or 30x to help heal a decay issue?  My 14 month old has mild decay on 3 teeth and moderate on 1 but it seems to be progressing quickly.  I bought a brand called Martin and Pleasance which is called 'Kidz minerals strong bones and teeth"  it has Calc Fluor 6x, Calc Phos 6x, Mag Phos 6x and Silica 6x.  I give it to her 4 times a day dissolved in a bit of water.  Should I be upping the dose or using 30 x? 

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Posting to move this up in my profile. :)

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My 18 1/2 month old son has what seems to be a bit of decay on his top teeth near the gum line. He was born 3 months old, and had a lot of medications, etc. while in the NICU which I think might have something to do with this, but who knows.


What do cell salts do, and which ones should I use to help heal his teeth? He takes a multi vit right now.

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Quick question...

I have a child with a fever and cough. No apparent runny nose or drainage. Last child who had this a few weeks ago ended up on antibiotics but his throat showed signs of tonsilitis.  This child doesn't show that.  I"m thinking virus and would like to avoid antibiotics if they're not needed. 

Any suggestions of what to give beyond bioplasma?


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I am trying to order some cell salts online but at vitacost, iherb, etc. I see Hyland's brand and it's not labeled "tissue" or "cell salts". In fact it reads "homeopathic"... I don't want to spend $ and get the wrong thing.  Also they all say 6x or 30x... not 6c.  I need a lot of calc phos for my daughter's teeth.  Can someone point me to the correct website or brand so I know I am buying the right one?  I have read a few pages but can't get through the whole thread right now...



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1800homeopathy.com is where I buy my salts from.  I prefer the Bestmade brand but they're very expensive and with 5 of us we're going through them quickly.

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i started biochemic phos b/c they had cell salt 10 in them and i wanted to help belly ph. that day i broke out in eczema on my face. i also felt slightly ill. otherwise fine. i read that this formula has no side effects. i don't believe it was detox and die off -- but a major change in ph that caused what looked like die off. i used the regular dose. should i start slower with the dose over a few days? please correct me if i'm wrong regarding detox.

i'm trying to figure out if there is a gluten issue or just a bad gut flora/ph issue (from bland foods and lots of antibiotics). feedback please and thanks!
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I was wondering if anyone here has read The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by Dr. George Carey and Inez Eudora Perry?


It was written in the early nineteen hundreds and is an extensive account and description of the 12 cell salts and how they relate to astronomy/astrology and the human anatomy. VERY interesting stuff, especially if you're interested in cell salts, or regenerative health in general.


Here's a free full version:


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