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What makes your baby laugh?

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I mean really laugh! Every time!

With my DD, it's her stinky poops. LOL She thinks it's hysterical when it's time to change the diaper and she pooped. She knows when she's pooped. She knows when she's stinky! And she thinks it so very funny. It makes her laugh and it makes me laugh.

If she has a poopy diaper, the moment you lay her down on the changing pad, she starts to grin. Then you strip her, and she starts to giggle. You undo the diaper and tell her "Woo!!! You are so STINKY!" and she erupts into this deep belly laugh. If mommy and daddy "argue" over who changes the poopy diaper, that gets her laughing too. If mommy hits daddy with said poopy diaper (in a diaper bag, of course), she just laughs and laughs and laughs.

If you even put your face down near her bottom, then look up at her and tell her "You are so stinky!" She'll start laughing.

She is so funny! We tell her all the time that she's just like her Grandpa, loves to be stinky and proud of it!
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That is really cute!!

DS has just started giggling recently. The sure fire way to get a giggle is to show him this:


We bought this at a hallmark store before christmas, when I was buying cards. Very spur of the moment, it was next to the register. Who knew that this crazy random toy would be his favoite thing EVER.

We have been using this bat to soothe crying as well since he was a few weeks old, he is just hypnotized by it. Now that hes grabby and giggly, he loves to hang on to it and smile and laugh.

He also love to grab our noses, and he thinks this is just really funny!
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Sneezing! I pretend to sneeze over and over again, and she just cracks up. Now she tries to sneeze back, but it ends up being more of a cough with an emphatic blink.

She loves it when I blow raspberries in her armpits too. She's so ticklish!

Both of these have been big hits ever since she was about 3 months old. There's nothing better than hearing baby laughs, right?
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i love baby giggles!

dd cracks up when i make a very dramatic surprised face. especially when she's sitting in her high chair at the dinner table. sure thing, every night.

flying makes her laugh and squeal.

and my best friend. she just looks at him and cracks up. no idea why.
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Bluewolf- too funny!
Peek-a-boo is a huge hit in our house! Now ds has figured it out and he puts the blanket over his own face and the pulls it down. The other day we were playing and he was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes
also turning on and off the lights. He tries to do it himself, and if he gets it he is besides himself with excitement.
Another sure fire way to get some giggles is if daddy starts laughing. Even if I'm on the phone with dh, on speaker phone, and dh laughs ds starts cracking up. So fun!!
Oh, ds is also likes to be tickled!
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My baby girl loves to laugh, just recently she'll really get going!
Things that make A laugh:
-Abuelita baby talking in Spanish (this was the first thing that got her really going, she sounded like the guy in Revenge of the Nerds)
-The ABC song
-Me laughing at her
-"Eating" her belly button
-her dad making pig sounds.
-tickling and shaking her when she's ying on her back
I love baby laughs, hearing my daughter laugh is the greatest thing in the world.
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Tickling, peek-a-boo, laughing at him, and a high pitched, "Boop!"

I would really like to know what he is laughing at in his sleep. This morning he was giggling belly laughs while he was sleeping. It was so cute!
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one of the first things that made my son laugh was anything with a hard P sound - we would say 'POOP' over and over again to hear him squeal in delight!
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DD has only laughed a few times but this is what gets her going:
-sniff her feet and cry "PEEEEEE YOOOOOU"
-poke your finger in her belly button and nonchalantly say "bzzt"
-she also gets a kick out of diaper changes
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Tickles! DD loves it when I tickle her tummy and ribs with my nose.

I wish she laughed for diaper changes, unfortunately she hates them.
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His sister, she is bouncing ball of energy and she makes our son laugh all the time. He's almost 4 months and while DH and I can get him to laugh a little he thinks his sister is hilarious. It is so cute
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These are all making my laugh! I love it!

DD totally cracks up when she is startled - if you sneak up on her when she is unaware you are nearby and jump in front of her she will scream and laugh with delight. Sometimes she takes her blanket and covers her face and waits for me to pull it off and scare her! She totally jumps and looks like she is going to cry and then starts laughing hysterically!!
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Ds laughs so hard if you scare him or kind of jump at him in any way. He love peek-a-boo & 'this little piggy' too.

Oh & the dogs..they make him laugh hysterically for some reason. I think he's imagining the day he can crawl over & get them
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DD1 can make Maya laugh more than anyone else can.
Recently Isa just keeps yelling "Boo-yah, Maya!" over and
over again. Maya thinks it's hilarious. It's funny the
first few times... lol
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