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What are your concerns so far?

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I remembered why I was nervous to get pregnant again -- two big concerns, even though it's so early! Do any of you share these, or have thoughts on them? Also, what early concerns do you have?

1) Early m/c is always a concern. This time I'm on progesterone, which will keep me from bleeding even if I do m/c. This is stressing me out for some reason... *sigh*

2) What if the baby is a boy??? I will have to deal with the whole circumcision debate. Our family tradition (religious) involves circ'ing, and I can't imagine doing that to a baby. I won't even pierce my daughter's ears because it is HER body and HER choice when she's old enough to make an informed decision. All information, links, etc very welcome on this topic so that I can start to convince DH, who is not thrilled (to say the least) with my no-circ leanings.

Strangely, I'm not worried about DD getting a sibling and having to "share" us or that sort of thing, which is what I would have predicted I'd be worried about...
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After an early m/c in November, that is my most major concern. I'm reluctant to take a progesterone supplement as I believe the Natural Progesterone Cream I took last pg unnecessarily prolonged the pregnancy after the baby had stopped growing (there was a 5-week difference and my dates were certain). But, at the same time, I want to give my baby every chance of survival. I'm very torn!

I also am not worried about a new baby changing the relationship between me and DS or changing our family dynamics or anything like that. The thought never occurred to me until other mama friends brought it up during their own second pregnancies.
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Early M/C is my only worry. I had bleeding before I knew I was pregnant and I also had a chemical in November. I just POAS and it is still super faint. WTH!? They are internet cheapies, but still. I have been having cramps today, so now I am more freaked out.
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Another one chiming in that early m/c is my only concern at the moment. After an early loss in July, it's just impossible not to worry about that.

Jazzmin - I have had some cramping, too. Mostly in the afternoon; it's strange. I'm just trying to hydrate as much as possible and telling myself that it's totally normal.

Other than that, I'm PSYCHED! I'm sure other concerns will come up as I progress, but I keep trying to convince myself that "one thing at a time" is the best way to try to keep my mind and energy focused.
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Originally Posted by calihannah View Post
2) What if the baby is a boy???
Have you checked out the Case Against Circumcision forum? (http://www.mothering.com/discussions...splay.php?f=44) I think the mods want us to have all circ discussions in that forum. There is a lot of good information there and many women and men willing to answer any questions you may have, including what to say to a spouse who disagrees.

Personally, I think your instincts about the whole thing are spot on. His body, his decision.
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another worrier about m/c here trying to stay positive but it's not always so easy.
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Like almost everyone else, I'm concerned about an early m/c. I'm also worried about an ectopic. I've felt pains mostly on my left side thus far. Not sure how common that is. I'm also kinda worried about being able to schedule all of my prenatal appointments. I REALLY want a BC birth, but the closest one to me is 90 minutes away. I am currently in a really demanding grad program and I'm not sure how I'll be able to swing all the time off, especially since I'll have to travel so far for all the appointments. Overall, though I'm trying to stay positive because this is such a amazing experience.

I think having a place where we can voice our worries is such a great idea!
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