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I keep feeling what must be indegestion (sp?), but like i've never felt before. I might have an empty stomach, it doesn't coincide with or what i'm eating. I just feel this wweird feeling in my throat. It makes me nauseated and nothing helps
Anybody else get this? I've had heartburn before and this is definitely not the same. I have not tried papaya, does it help?
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Maybe it's more reflux than just heartburn? I get that sometimes, but it does seem to coincide with my heartburn, so for me they're definitely connected.
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I have had heartburn/reflux like you're describing all throughout the pregnancy. I never had it before getting pregnant. The only thing that seems to help is munching a bit-- mostly veggies, but sometimes crackers, though I try to minimize those since I am diabetic.
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sounds like reflux to me.
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Not much advice but I've had the same thing too. A gross pukey feeling with reflux too. I read somewhere about taking the tiniest amount of baking soda in a glass of water, but haven't tried it yet as it only lasted about a week or 2 then subsided.
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ughh...it woke me up last night, i hope mine only lasts a couple wks too!
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If it's related to heartburn, I would suggest kefir (about a cup every day). Everyone seems to have their own trigger and cure for reflux, but for me, that was it. I was having horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE heartburn every night but ever since I've started on the kefir, it's gone. Such a relief.
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