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I had the same problem with my ds who was a chunky little guy. But have found that not using a snappy at that age was much easier and helped the problem.


I LOVED the bikini twist on him once he went up to the regular or premium size. I got a much comfier fit on him.


Also you may have to look at the clothes they are wearing. There are a lot of baby clothes these days that are slim fitting and don't fit well around cloth diapers. A lot of pants (usually cords or jeans would cut my ds at the thighs and he couldn't sit down. Probably not a big issue at 3 weeks since most of their clothes are roomy and soft but something to think about as they get bigger.



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Have you tried doing a bikini twist fold with your prefolds?

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My DD had (well, still kinda has) a small problem with hip dysplasia. For many months after she was born I would "replace" her hip if needed after each diaper change (she would kick her hip out of place once free of the diaper). Now it still clicks but doesn't need to be replaced anymore. After much research and consults with appropriate people, I realized that the thicker the diaper - the better. In fact,  I was told by a few professionals that my particular diapers (AppleCheeks) should be doubled up as they might be too thin... I was also convinced that wearing her in appropriate (non-crotch danglers) carriers keeps the hips in a physiological postion, thus preventing the worsening of the condition. 

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