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Is it weird to sell a gently used Breast Pump?

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Ok, with our first we had tons of trouble BFing and ended up going to formula due to poor latch and not knowing that at the time. We did however, at the time buy the Medela Swing pump. It's a single pump, and this time around we are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to BF and think that if we had a double pump it would be better to use in the long run, also to pump both boobs at the same time if my supply runs low. So, Babies R US is having a sale on them, and the Medela PIS is 279 and I have a 20% off coupon. I want to sell my Swing pump and use that money to go towards the double pump. I was thinking since I bought it for like $150, and I only used it a for about 3 weeks, I'd sell it for like $75?

Is this weird? It's been sterilized through a medical grade sterilizer. Do you think people would buy it? is $75 about right? How would I go about selling it?
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I don't think it's weird at all! My pump is on its third owner and fifth child. Pumps are super easy to sterilize, so it's not an issue really.

Check Ebay to compare prices on used models, that'll give you a sense of how much you can ask for it. I wouldn't be surprised if you have to sell it for far less than $75, though, so be prepared to take quite a loss on it. You can also try to sell on Craigslist, and might be able to ask more for it there.

Good luck!
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I bought a used pump a few years ago from the Trading Post. Didn't seem weird to me. I just boiled (sterilized) it really well.
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Not weird at all! I actually found my Medela PIS on freecycle!!! I see people selling used pumps on craigslist all the time. It isn't very expensive to buy new parts if the new owner would like. I'm sure someone will buy it, hopefully at the price you are looking for!
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I put mine on Craig's list and had two offers the same day; I think they are very much desired used, since they are so expensive new. I'd definitely go for it.
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here are some guidelines from medela concerning this issue.

Admittedly thet are trying to sell more pumps but it does address some issues to think about.
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