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Something's going on...

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Finally! At 40w6d! We have some bloody show, bits of mucus plus, the occasional light contraction and seriously crampy back.

C'mon baby!!! Today would be a great day to be born, s/he would share my father's birthday....
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Good luck!
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Yay! Try to rest-up, get some sleep, stay hydrated!
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How exciting!! Good luck to you!! ELVs your way!
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Come on, baby!
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Woo hoo, come on baby!
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yoooouuuu cannnn dooooo itttttt!!!!
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exciting!!!!!! Good luck!!
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Thinking of you! Easy labor vibes, coming your way!
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Wooohooo!! Come on baby!!
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Hope things are still progressing along for you - can't wait for an update!
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