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Multiple Mamas Rollcall

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So, I see lots of new multiple mamas and would like a thread for all of us to say hello and introduce or reintroduce ourselves....

I have 14 mo. boy/girl twins, a 2 yo boy and 5 yo girl. I stay home with them. We live in the Pacific Northwest for now.
Dh and I were delighted to learn we were expecting twins. WE had moved to the PNW from Texas two months prior before we learned, at 22 weeks, that we were having twins. IT was exciting but difficult to be so far away from support systems.

My twins were born at home in a small apartment in the city. I went to 40 weeks, 2 days and they were 8 lbs 3 oz, and 8 lbs 10 oz respectively. My daughter came out butt first and an hour and a half later, out pops a foot, another foot...well you know the rest... He was born just AFTER midnight so they have different birthdays.

I bf them until 13 mos. and would have gone longer if I could have. We co-sleep. CD, No vax, etc...

I am amazed at how multiple mamas do it and LOVE to learn form them.
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I am here!

I am the very proud mama to 3.5 y.o identical twin girls who were monoamniotic(will explain later if asked). Born at 34 weeks with an emergency c section, weighing 5 lb and 4.6 lbs. They were in the NICU for 2 weeks.

My girls and I co-sleep,still BF and are in the potty learning stages.
I am a WAHM,and we will be homeschooling.


So looking forward to chatting with the rest of you

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I'm have identical twin girls - they are 3 weeks and 2 days old now and still in the hospital. They were born at 32 weeks gestation by emergecy C-section following 4 months bedrest. Rough pregnancy overall - placental hemorrage at 6 weeks, hyperemesis, pre-mature labour at 20 weeks, followed by bedrest, twin B having growth problems detected at 18 weeks. She had severe IUGR - so they are identical - but one is smaller. Megan was 4 lbs 3 oz at birth and Maribeth was 2 lbs 12 oz.

They are growing well and are finally out of incubators and co-bedding and are starting to take bottles (which the nurses will give them if I'm not there) - but still take most from tube feeds. However they simply won't breastfeed at all - I'm there every day trying. I am pumping for them though - they've just had breastmilk.

My other children are ages 2, 3, and 4 years old. I breastfed all of them but am really struggling this time because they simply won't even try. I also cloth diapered most of the time. My 2 year old is still in diapers - so I'll have 3 in diapers again when the babies come home (4 at night). I plan to do cloth as much as I can. We live in British Columbia, Canada.
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We have 7 week old fraternal twin boys. They were born at 35 weeks 5 days gestation via c-section as they were both transverse. William weighed 6lbs12oz and John Michael weighed a whopping 7lbs7oz.

We found out we were expecting twins at my first ob appointment when she was doing an u/s and asked if I'd ever had fibroids. Turns out the fibroid was William! We were definitely shocked as no twins run on either side of our families. We were stunned.

Things are pretty hectic at our place now with a 21 month old dd and the twins. DD has taken REALLY well to the babies and seems to think, at times, that she is their mommy! :LOL Twins are slowly starting to sleep longer stretches and I'm hoping that we get a bit more than 2 hours of consectutive sleep a night very soon.
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Great thread!!

I'm a 29-year-old (and holding!) SAHM to three dd's. Haven is currently 3 1/2 (was 27-months when the babies were born) and Lillie and Faith are 14-months. We live in West Virginia...about 1.5 hours outside of DC and Baltimore. Haven was 19-months old and still bf'ing when I became pg again. At an ultrasound at 9-weeks we saw two tiny sacks with two precious hb's! We were shocked, thrilled, scared, happy...everything all at once! Our girls were diamniotic/dichorionic and had two placentas but after their birth we had a DNA test performed and found out that they are monozygotic. Haven nursed until my 3rd trimester began and I had about 2 1/2 months of no nursing until the girls were born. I was induced at 38w3d due to high bp. I delivered vaginally and was able to pull Lillie out and onto my belly. She weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. Faith was breech but was successfully turned around and dh got to pull her out. She weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz. Both girls nursed within an hour of their birth (they are still happily nursing quite often!) and have slept with us since that night in the hospital.

Having twins has actually been a lot easier then I had ever expected! Of course we have our crazy days and nights but overall we have all taken it in stride.
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Hi all,
Nice to "meet" everyone!

I'm Britt, WAHM to Maryn, 3 years old next week and fraternal twin girls, Sadie and Ella, 7 weeks old I'm in Ottawa, Ontario.

We found out we were expecting twins at 5 weeks - early, I know! I've had tubal surgery and so my dr at the time wanted to make sure the pregnancy was not ectopic. We were completely blown away and totally thrilled. The pregnancy was good, though a lot harder than my singleton pg. The girls were di/di and were born at 37w1d. My labour was incredibly fast (woke up at 2:15am thinking hmmm.. and I was holding both girls by 6am!) and incredibly intense. Sadie was born first at 5:12am and weighed 5lbs, Ella was posterior (ouch!) and was born at 5:52am weighing 6lbs4oz. Both girls were great nursers from the start and continue to be

We found out last week that both girls take bottles easily too. : We had a rough week with Sadie being hospitalized for 3 days with a minor respiratory virus. I was a pumping demon and managed to keep them both in breastmilk only, whether actually from the breast or the bottle. Glad to have them both home now and not to need bottles!
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Originally posted by MilkfaceMama
We found out last week that both girls take bottles easily too. : We had a rough week with Sadie being hospitalized for 3 days with a minor respiratory virus. I was a pumping demon and managed to keep them both in breastmilk only, whether actually from the breast or the bottle. Glad to have them both home now and not to need bottles!
My girls both got RSV when they were super little. Faith was 4-weeks and she sailed right through it but Lillie got it at 5-weeks and did horribly. She was put on life support and taken by helicopter to a large university hospital to be put in their PICU. She was on the vent for 5 days and the hospital a total of a week. We stayed nearby in the Ronald McDonald House with Faith. I shuttled back and forth between the hospital during the day and RMH at night. I also had battles with the nutritionist on staff who wanted to give Lillie "Mother's Milk Supplement". I basically told her that it was a fancy word for formula and she would not be given it. I pumped for Lillie and she was tube fed until she was taken off the vent and then DH gave her a bottle of breast milk. She took that well and then took the breast beautifully when I offered it to her again!
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A newbie here!

I have 16 mth old twin girls, Avery & Natalie. They were born @ 35w4d via c-section as both girls were breech. (I got to labor naturally for about 3 hours before my ob showed up...I cursed her at the time, but am now grateful for the experience!)

I am now a WAHM, formerly a children's mental health therapist. We live in Jacksonville, Florida.

I consider my style of parenting to be "natural" although I guess that can all be relative. My husband thinks I'm CRUNCHY anyway!

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Well, I'm going to jump in here and say hello. I'm not the mother of twins, but I'm the forum moderator so I get to say hello, LOL!

I also wanted to say how incredibly honoured I am to be among you mamas. The stories of how hard you have persevered to breastfeed your babies under all sorts of rough circumstances is truly humbling. You bring tears to my eyes!! And you Cheryl, fellow British Columbian...I am so awed by you with so many kids, so many struggles, and pumping away for your twins...

You mamas just ROCK!!
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HI!! I'm Andrea and I am mom to Ben and Max who will be FOUR YEARS OLD (yes I'm shouting) on 3/9. I can not believe it. they were born by c-section at 29 weeks. when they were just 6 months old I found out I was pregnant again! Jake is now 2 years old and 8 months I was very devestated at the time but now I guess I am happy they are so close in age although it is still very hard.

My twins spent 2 months in the NICU and still have some delays but are pretty much "caught up" now
- one twin nursed till 11 months and one is still nursing (as is my "baby")

cheryl my guys did not nurse AT ALL till we got home. we tried everything - they latched on a little with the shield a few days before we went home and then we used the shield for three weeks with a few bottles and then after three weeks we were able to get rid of the shields and just nurse. they were about 3 months old at that point.

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Andrea - thanks for sharing your success nursing preemie twins - it's enouraging to hear. My girls both latched on some yesterday and today, but just took a tiny bit, but at least it's a start. They will have been in the NICU for a month on Monday and probably will be there for another week at least, but probably another couple of weeks. I'll keep the nipple sheild in mind

Britt and Fleurette - it's nice to see there are a couple other new twin moms here!

Also very glad to see some people with older twins because I'm sure I'll be needing to get advice from people who have BTDT when the twins actually come home from the hospital.

Piglet68 - thank you for the kind words - it really encouraged me today. I don't feel like I'm possibly doing enough - if I'm home - I feel like I should be a the hospital with the babies. If I"m at the hospital - I'm worried that I"m not there for my older children (who've already had to deal with me not being there for so much of the pregnancy). My mom is here now though - watching the kids during the day (she lives 3000 miles away). She'll be here for another 3 weeks to help out.
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One of my girls was also in the NICU for a few days. They wouldn't let me nurse her at the time because they said it would burn too many calories! (I wish I'd known more to fight this at the time)

Thankfully I had a pediatrician who gave me the ok to do what I wanted. She told me I could take her home, get in bed, and nurse for days!

It took my dd a while, but she finally got the hang of BF'ing. It was a sweet moment in a warm bath together that did the trick. She literally inched her way down and started really nursing for the first time.

I was so happy I had hung in there. I got to stop pumping so much and threw out those tiny bottles the hospital gave us!

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We have 3 beautiful treasures, Joshua who just turned 4 on 2.20 and Sara and Ryan who are 10 months old. We thought we were losing the pg so we had an ultrasound and low and behold, there were 2 little healthy hearts beating away. My cervix starting funneling at 25 weeks which landed me in the hospital for a month and then at home on the couch for the next 2 months. I delivered via C-Section at 38 weeks. I desperately wanted to have them vaginally but they were both breech so the doctors said no way. Both were right at 6 1/2 pounds. They are happy and healthy and into everything!!

We live in Atlanta, GA and while I work 16 hours a week outside of our home, I still think of myself as a SAHM. DH is home with them when I am at work.

I just love being a mom!
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I'm a SAHM. We have fraternal twin girls who'll be 3 at the end of April.
My husband has an 11 yr old and 15 yr old, both girls, who visit on some weekends. I have a 12 yr old girl who lives with us.

I love having an older daughter to help with the twins.
They are just freshly weaned and still sleep in our room.

They were born only a wee bit early, came home with us on the condition that we'd have their billirubin retested at our ped. Daphne was readmitted for bad jaundice. She was so tiny because her cord was knotted and I think the jaundice was caused by incompatable RH blood type(I'm neg. she's pos.) because it went up right away and kept going up. She stayed in for a week. With a lot of work they both went on to exclusively breastfeed. I think it helped that I had breastfed my older daughter for 3 yrs, so I had confidence, information, and practice.

Now we are potty training and keeping everybody as safe from falls as possible. They're both climbers and very adventuresome. I had been spoiled by my first girl who never climbed nor got into anything. Now I have two wild ones!

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I'm new here, and was very glad to find you. I'm a SAHM to Delia (almost 6) and Jasper and Irene who will be 3 in May.

Irene and Jasper were born at 38 weeks at 8lb10oz and 9lb 7oz. I was lucky to have an uneventful pregnancy and a mostly uneventful labor/delivery.

At home, all five of us are still in the same giant bed and Irene and Jasper are still nursing. I've been working on nightweaning them for my sanity, but its been much more difficult than it was to nightwean Delia.

All in all we're happy here in rainy Oregon.

Thanks for being here,
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Originally posted by Amamama
Irene and Jasper were born at 38 weeks at 8lb10oz and 9lb 7oz. I was lucky to have an uneventful pregnancy and a mostly uneventful labor/delivery.
Almost 19 lbs. of baby?!
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I just registered today so I thought I would join in on the roll call.

I have 14mo fraternal twin girls, Ella and Isabel, that were born at 37 weeks. They were BF their first year (not exclusively due to poor defense on my part and poor advice from the LC's at the hospital which is another long story). We CD, except at night (what system does not leak????).

I am a SAHM and love being home with these girls.

I look forward to getting to know all of you better!


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Hi i am angela. I used to live on the boards with my singleton (now 3 1/2 yrs) but now with my twins i only hop on when i have a specific question. things are just so much easier the 2nd/3rd time around.

my twin girls are a year in 2 weeks!!! its gone by so fast. Kendall is walking and Addison is about 2 weeks away. she is always 2weeks behind with physical activities but she blows kisses and waves which Kendall has no time for. They are everywhere and in everything. i never baby proofed too much with my first born Sierra. now i have been running out to the store buying toilet locks and anything to keep them out of stuff.

i am amazed at the the weights of all your twins. everyone tells me how great my girls weights were but they were only 4.10 and 5.5 at 36 weeks. i delivered "thing one" vaginally and then they did a PAINFUL version to turn "thing two" she apeared to not be doing well and before i knew it there was a mask on my face and they had delivered kendall by c-section. i have a hard time accepting it still. esspecially when i hear such great stories from many of you. i know it could have been different.....but they are healthy and fine now. i can still be upset though right. i just hope my body will recover fully and my future pregnancies will be successful.

it was great to meet all of you.
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Checking in....

My name is Kitty, and I have a 27 month old daughter and 9 (!) month old MZ twin boys.

The guys battled TTTS from 16 weeks onward, making the pregnancy a very difficult one (we did not qualify for the surgery) emotionally. However, near the end they were actually doing really well, but my body wasn't doing so great!

I had a cesarean birth at 36 weeks, partially due to both being transverse, but also because I'd spent the last month in the hospital with severe GI pain and purging and was starting to get fluid around my lungs amongst other things. I asked to have the guys checked for lung maturity, they were fine, so we went ahead a week earlier than scheduled.

I don't have negative feelings about the cesarean per se...but unfortunately due to some exploratory GI stuff that had to be done at the same time and the pain factor I was put under right after the guys were born--so I remember virtually nothing of Dylan's birth and had all the lovely effects you get with general anesthesia.

The guys were healthy and not too bad weight wise (Tom was 6 lbs, Dylan was 4 lbs 15 oz.), never had trouble breathing or nursing. Tom contracted a staph infection in hospital though, that we didn't detect until we got him home for a few days--so he had to be medivaced to Children's and stayed in their ICU for a couple of weeks, then was on home IV antibiotic therapy for 6 more weeks.

The boys are exclusively nursed (except for the 2 weeks Tom was in the ICU). This is largely due to me ignoring all the advice I was given about how to nurse them. (Thank god I was not a new nursing mom!!!!) We do "recreational" solids, but they're not too interested in them except for that. We used to cosleep with them when they were tiny, now they sleep with each other in one crib sidecar to our bed.

This has been a tough road. I was not prepared for the differences in bonding time as it was super easy with my daughter but because of the boys both being tiny (to me--Fiona was 9 lbs 6 oz when she was born) and all the medical issues plus pain and health issues I didn't have before...it took a lot longer with Tom and Dylan.

The great thing about this is that both my husband and I are full time stay at home parents, which means that our whole family has grown extremely close through all this. We are all very attached, though how we parent has changed somewhat going from 1 to 3. It has definitely been a humbling experience for me.
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to Kitty

I admire you deeply. Not many women with such a traumatic birth experience would go on to nurse. Good for you and your babies.
Oh, by the way, I also have a Fiona. That's a great name!
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