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Bye bye, charting!

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I finally decided to throw in the towel on temping and charting today, after 11 months of charting. I have my "requisite" 18 days of high temps, and a rather pretty pregnancy chart, if I do say so myself.

It's actually kind of bittersweet. I had gotten used to the routine (and I like routine in some ways). I'm sure I'm going to reach for it on my bedside table for a few mornings before I get it through my head that the thermometer is put away in the medicine cabinet where it now belongs.

Gotta say, it feels good to not be TTC anymore, though!

Anyone else still charting?
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I quit yesterday after getting another BFP at 17 DPO (got first one at 13 DPO). My DD (22 months) who sleeps with me always passed me the thermometer every morning and yesterday she went to grab it and it wasn't there. She said "oh oh" and I tried to explain that mommy doesn't need to use that anymore. It's been part of her morning routine for a while now!
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I always continue until 18 dpo so I can compare my pg charts to each other (I'm such a nerd!) Today is 15dpo, so I'm going to keep going until Mon-Tues probably. If my progesterone level comes back looking low, I may keep temping for a while to keep an eye out for temp dips, but usually I think it's a good idea to stop as soon as you know you're pg!
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I think I'll keep it up for a little while yet, at least until I've seen a doctor or midwife. Seeing the high temp in the morning reassures me that things should be fine that day.
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I never charted, but I no longer have to POAS. That is pretty exciting
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Yesterday was my last day charting—20 DPO. My DH has been listening to me fret and worry about another miscarriage, and finally said he thinks temping is contributing to my craziness and that if I didn't stop, he'd hide the thermometer. (Since I didn't temp today, I used my last HPT to calm my nerves! It was positive, thankfully.)
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I actually stopped yesterday, on 14dpo, after a few positive tests. I'm just trying really hard not to worry this time after my chemical last May. I'm afraid that any dip will freak me out.
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I have to admit that I am still temping (but not charting) at about 21 days DPO and doing occasional POAs! I did not think that I would do this with this pregnancy after having been through it once and laughing at myself looking back. But this time again I do not have any symptoms yet and temping together with POAs give me some reassurance that I am indeed pregnant
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