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My oldest son has been taking concerta for about a year. His resting heart rate has been almost double the normal rate consistantly for the last several months. The doctor wanted to put him on Atenolol. I followed my intuition and asked her to monitor him off the medication for the next month or so. That leaves me trying to decide wether or not to put him on both (if neccessary) next month. I am praying he will find he doesn't need the meds. If he does though, do any of you have any experience with this? I am open to changing his diet ect.. He has ADD with out the hyper. Dreamy and kind.
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Has he tried any of the other medications for ADD? Perhaps a different med would provide the same therapeutic effect w/o the rapid pulse?
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He started on Strattera. At the time he said that it wasn't really working. He was 12 then. He seems to be learning that the meds help, but it will not do the work for him. He's working really hard this year, but he struggles with his grades. I don't want him to have to work twice as hard, as his peers.
Still it's hard not to worry about the side effects of the drugs.
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If the stimulant type medication worked better than the Strattera, then maybe a different type of stimulant medication might still be an option, without causing the heart-rate to speed up?
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My DS is doing well on vyvanse.
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Thanks so much for posting. I'll check it out. I need to make a decision in the next two weeks. I have read a few things about herbal supplements. I Don't know that much about herbs, and I suspect the doctor will say the same. My ds is 14 and I am concerned about stunting his growth. The doctors say don't worry, however all the drug info I have read state that it is a concern.
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