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Chiropractic school?

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Hi, this is my first post in this part of MDC, I have just started back to school after being home with the kids for about 4 years, and I am just so excited!

I am just taking a photography class this semester, but I am thinking ahead. We just started going to an awesome chiro and I was reading through Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul in his office, and I truly didn't know how much help they can do! I have jokingly talked about becoming one before, as my dh needs to go so often, but I never felt I could seriously do it. I have always wanted to do something on the natural "medical" side of things. I considered midwifery, nursing, dental, etc... I just always come back to something in this field.

My dh got rated permanent disabled so I can use his education money for myself, and I am seriously considering starting on this path! But I am also scared! It's so much time! I mean, this could take me years. I have about 30 credits, but would need MUCH more, JUST for the prerequisites, ugh. I mentioned it to our chiro today and he was very excited about it, said he would do whatever he could to help, and that I can come in and shadow him for a few days, make sure I really want to do this.

I really want to do *something* with myself, something BIG!

Any words of advice? Any chiros that would share their experiences with me?

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I think that's exciting! Where would you go to school? Would it mean leaving NM for training? I just ask b/c I didn't think there were any chiro schools in the state.

I haven't known very many, but the chiropractors I've met all seemed really happy with their life and work (and fairly well off, too).
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Yes, we would have to move, at least for a while. I was thinking about Western, because they have an obstetrics class in their program!! Which would be awesome!

I know this would be such a huge step for me, I am thinking years ahead here. I would probably just start with the pre-reqs, and not planning on moving anywhere for at least 3-4 years, as ds is still my baby, and I want to get his homeschooling started off right in a year or two.
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I'm excited for you! I'd love to learn chiropractic! I just wish it wasn't so expensive and required so much schooling! If only it were an apprentice profession...
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Originally Posted by jenneology View Post
I'm excited for you! I'd love to learn chiropractic! I just wish it wasn't so expensive and required so much schooling! If only it were an apprentice profession...
Wouldn't that be nice! I wish everything was that way. If he would hire me as a chiropractic asst that would be perfect, I could kind of get into it now without 10 years of schooling!

I never would have thought about such an expensive school, but since I can use my dhs education money! I am dreaming now!
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So what did you decide????  


I am full time chiropractic student with two babes at home, 2 and 4..  Not easy, but doable!!  Well worth it at the end!!


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Chiropractic school requires a lot of pre-reqs. I've looked into it. You need two years of chem, a year of physics and a year of bio amongst other things. I wanted to switch from pre nurse to pre chiro but there were too many more classes needed to get in, like the year of chem and bio I took were not the right ones so I would have to take extra classes. The good thing is they don't seem to be competitive to get into all you have to do is take the classes and pass. If I had known this all from the begining when I started school 3 years ago I would have done pre-chiro instead.


For funding grants won't cover even the tuition alone! It seems like it would be easy to pay back loans since chiro schools have the lowest defaut rate but the tuition is soo expensive, that's what shocked me most when looking into it. Also there are only about a dozen schools in the US so if you don't live near one you would have to relocate. From my research Western State Chiro in Portland seemed the nicest school followed by Palmer in FL. Good luck mama!

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My DH is a chiro. There's a a lot of schooling required. No way could you just "jump in" and learn it all. 


New York Chiro College is WONDERFUL and in a great, little, progressive upstate town.


It's a huge expense, both in cost and time. You may be hard pressed to repay financial aid with the insurance system reimbursing the way they do (at least in NY). It sounds like maybe you need to look at the natural medical field more and see if there's another profession that wouldn't require so much schooling or uprooting your family. Maybe a massage therapist? 


Good luck!

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what are you taking next semester?


aim for your main bio prereq class.


do you have all the prereqs for the bio class (in our school u require chemistry, and before you can do chem u need a certain amount of math). 


decide after you take a hard course. do u have the memorisation skills? does it take you too long to study? are u putting in way too much time than you want to, to try to get an A and yet just get a C? how much of the 30 units DO you still remember.


take a math test and see where they place you. 


for you u have the biggest resource. finances. u dont have to worry about that. <whew>


time so? what's teh big deal if you become a chiro at 40 or 50 or 60? like one of my proffs likes to say his best chiro was the one who was certified at 60. 


the world is your oyster. today you might feel like chiro school. taking a class in physics might just light up ur passion and u realise bio-medical engineering might be a better fit for you. or that your gardening hobby might turn into a job u had never considered before.


until u take the first step you will never know if you have taken teh right step. 

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This is an old post, guys, so the OP may not be considering chiro school anymore (or maybe she is, I dunno!). 

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ugh!!! thanks for the heads up drummer.


i dont even think she is a member here anymore. or taking a long hiatus.

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Not sure if she still posts - but I noticed she had a baby since asking about this, so I figured there was a good chance she had put it on hold or even changed her mind.


It is kinda weird, though, b/c I thought threads were locked after 6 months... so I can see why it's easy to not notice the OP date. 

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