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fwiw We named on of our twin boys Willow. be prepared for some nasty comments and just don't care about them
We even had family members sending gifts to Will I played dumb and send them back saying I though they must have mixed up their parcels
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My name is Dana and it's a boys and girls name, so even if River is used for a girl so what! There are lots of unisex names. I've only known boy's named River.

Also, I think people can be so rude cuz they would NEVER say that (to your face) after your baby is born but they think it's okay to say while your still preggers. They see babies in utero as abstract and don't even realize that once you have a name picked out, that THAT is the baby inside and will be the baby outside. It's why I don't bother announcing our name until the baby is born.

If this person who said that is family or close to you I would just say "I'll make sure to let River know what his aunt/uncle/grandpa/etc think of his name after he's born."

I also just read some research talking about how people prior to 1950's would all want their kids to be names that were common and easy to spell so they "fit in" (so like the top 10 boys names made up a huge percentage of the names...like 5% of the kids were named John....so you'd have 1-3 John's in your class of 30 kids) and nowadays people want their kids to stand out, be individuals, not blend in sheeple etc (so the top 10 names only make up a small percentage now...Jacob only being like 1% of the names even though it's #1...so you'd have 1 Jacob in 3-4 classes of 30 kids). So if this person who commented is older, they may have that belief that kids should blend in and you can hold in your heart that you don't have that belief and so you don't need to take their comment seriously.
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awww, mama, i'm so sorry!!! ((hugs)) that is EXACTLY why we are not revealing our name until he is here. i think the names you have chosen are beautiful!
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I agree, delete the post. Your names are perfect for your baby and unique to this baby, and surly highly deliberated over. I hate when people can't find something nice to say and speak anyway.

So sorry, please disregard her rudeness and proceed with your heart. I think your names are lovely.
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Thanks again. It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only person in the world who decided to name my child this. I got another semi rude comment posted last night from my DH's step-mom. We are naming our boy River William (William is after my DH). Well she felt the need to tell me that we should go with William as the first name because it has been in the family for hundreds of years and since this is the last boy we are having that it is our responsibility to name one of our sons William. Well I found this kinda fishy because no one ever felt the need to mention it to me when I was naming my other sons. So I called DH, who is out of town, and asked him if it was true that William had been in the family for hundreds of years as a first name. I knew it went back as far as his grandpa but wasn't sure if it went back farther. Well it is sooo not true. My DH, his dad and his grandpa all are named William but different middle names. Before that no other Williams at all. And DH is fine with it being a middle name. I am a little peeved though that she would think I'd be so stupid to just take her word at it and not look into it. And that she said it was my responsibility like the world would end if I didn't do it. Uggggg people lack of tack and just plain rudeness never ceases to amaze me.

* If they only knew we didn't vaccinate our kids the name thing would be such a mute issue, LOL.
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River IMHO is an AWESOME name!! Besides, as Dr. Seuss would say... "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter."
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Originally Posted by klocke View Post

* If they only knew we didn't vaccinate our kids the name thing would be such a mute issue, LOL.
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hehehe Full HOuse
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Everyone is right. River is cool. Don't let one person's opinion get you down.
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DDC crashing - I was just curious what name you had chosen that was SOOOooOOO bad - when come to find out it's so awful, it's our boy AND girl name! (think River Tam in Firefly)

We really like gender neutral or boyish names for girls though... DD is Riley Ann. I'm having strong boy vibes this time around so most likely it will be River James. I say 100% go for it - how cool will River/Riv be in high school with a name like that? I love it. It's strong and unique but not too unique and I guarantee no problems with spelling (well, there is always one person out there who can't spell *rolls eyes* but in general).

Anyhoo - it is YOUR child - you get to name him. And seriously, if he grows up and absolutely hates the name River, William is a nice name with lots of nicknames/variations too.
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