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Twin Dreams?

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This may have been covered already but I thought I'd ask again.

Has anyone here who KNOWS they are only pregnant with one baby had a dream(s) about having twins? Those of you pregnant with twins, did you have dreams about having twins before you found out?

I have had 3!!!! dreams about twins now!!! I am so happy I am having an ultrasound on Tuesday. I would be happy either way but I really want to know now LOL.

The first dream I had, I had 3 girls. My DD and twin girls. The second dream I had I can't remember much of, just that there were twins. The third dream I had I had two girls and a boy. My DD and boy/girl twins.

Its just been driving me nuts. Last pregnancy I NEVER had twin dream. Not once. I always joked to my husband in early pregnancy that we could have twins too LOL. I only just had dreams of a single little girl, even though I had myself convinced I was having a boy. This time I haven't dreamt of a single baby. Its always been about twins. So wierd.
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When I was pregnant with my son I had 2 dreams where I dreamed it once and the baby was a boy and then I dreamed it a second time and the baby was a girl. But I only had one baby in there and I knew that. In my heart I, personally, believe the baby girl was from the "missed miscarraige" I'd had about 2 years before getting pg with my ds. The doc had done a u/s at 12 weeks or so and found everything but a baby, but when they put me under for the d&c I had a dream that the doc had a little box and there was a baby's hand hanging out of it. That baby was due around Christmas time 2005and my son was born just before the Winter Soltice in 2007.
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This pregnancy and the last one I had alot of twin dreams before my first ultrasound. With my last pregnancy I was sure it was twins because I was so sick and my dreams were so vivid. But no, only one baby last time and this time!
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I haven't had a US yet but when I was first pregnant I kept dreaming about twins and I'm pretty sure it's just one. I think I was just having that dream because I really am hoping for just one baby (twins would be a logisitc nightmare for us to be honest).
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Yep! I actually had a very vivid dream that there were 3!!!!! babies in my belly. I had this dream about a week and a half before my NT ultrasound. It freaked me out just a little bit especially with my very high HcG draw. But, upon having the ultrasound, we saw 1 and only 1 precious babe. I even asked the tech again just to make sure
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