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not pregnant after 6 months?

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I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks because of a blood clot in the placenta (a subchorionic hemmorage). I've been lucky before, and have gotten pregnant after three months for my first (after two early miscarriages in a row), and then the first month for my second son. I miscarried in April, waited three months at the advice of my ob (I hemmoraged and had a d&c and a blood transfusion so I needed to get my iron levels back up). So 6 months trying and still nothing! I'm 33. I've tried OPK tests for the last two months - I had a positive OPK the first month, but no positive OPK last month. I don't know - should I keep trying, or make an appointment to see an RE? I know the standard advice is to wait a year if you are under 35 but of course I am impatient. THe fact that I have gotten pregnant easily in the past makes me think that something is wrong, especially because of the miscarriage.
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Are you temping and charting? I would try that for at least 2 months and then make an appointment.

Have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility?
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I would second what MrsD08 said about charting and reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It helped me get BFP first time around and I've gone back to it now that I'm TTC #2.

That said, I also think that you should follow your instincts and if you think that something is wrong you may want to get checked.
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How easy is it to get into a specialist where you are? I had to wait 10 months for my first appointment, in that case I'd call NOW & start temping like pp suggested. If you are able to get in quickly, I'd wait a few more months. Six months really isn't that long.
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What advantage does charting and temping have over just opks and "covering" the two weeks you are likely to be fertile? I don't know if 6 months is abnormally long, since I've gotten pg quickly over the past, or whether this miscarriage screwed me up. My cycles have been anywhere from 29-33 (with one anovulatory 41 day cycle, but that was still 4 months after the miscarriage, and so probably normal.

I'm taking EPO before O now and baby aspirin (the aspiring is on the advice of the ob who said it could help prevent clots again). I also take the trader joes prenatal (but I just noticed that it has red raspberry leaf, so maybe I shouldn't take that after O?)

I'll see how long it takes to see an RE, and maybe a consult wouldn't hurt. At the same time, I'd like to believe that I could still be within the range of normal. Right now I feel so discouraged!!!
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Originally Posted by alliei View Post
What advantage does charting and temping have over just opks and "covering" the two weeks you are likely to be fertile?
OPKs detect surges of lutenizing hormone. Ovulation is always preceded by a surge in LH, but not all LH surges immediately precede ovulation. It's possible to have an LH surge and not ovulate. If you have a surge, hit that night and the next and stop testing, and then don't ovulate until a week later, you're out of luck. Charting and temping are better for confirming ovulation than OPKs are.

In terms of "covering" the two weeks you're likely to be fertile - awesome plan, but if you're having a shorter luteal phase than you think you are, you can still miss your fertile days. If you're the kind of people who'd be doing it every night anyway and are having fun, it's not a problem, but if you start to feel like it's a chore (and it can feel like a chore under this kind of pressure), you're probably not going to carry on past the end of those two weeks just in case. There's a point where you just want to watch a movie and not touch each other, y'know?

Six months is not a crazy long time to take to conceive, but it can feel like eternity and it certainly is frustrating.
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charting will tell you more then just when to dtd, it will help you understand your cycles and confirm when and if you are regularly o'ing. it will tell you good things about your LP and for many women it gives a great big picture view of their fertile life.

at the bear minimum, i would read the book that was mentioned and it will explain the benefits of charting in addition to many other things, based on that you can decide of it is for you.
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Many libraries have copies of TCOYF (the book mentioned, it's by Toni Weschler, FYI) so you can borrow it before you decide to buy your own copy or not. But, I think it's well worth the 15 dollars I paid for it. Awesome resource!!
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