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high school reunion--would/did you go?

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So, here's the thing: my 10th high school reunion is coming up. I grew up in a small town, so I only had about 90 people in my graduating class (from 7 surrounding 'villages/blink-and-you-miss-ums' including my own). The town goes all out for alumni weekend, there is an alumni parade and a float contest. I thought it might be fun to go...hang out with a bunch of strangers I knew way back when...then again, you can pretty much catch up on Facebook. I don't really care about what happened back then...I just want to see who went bald and who got fat and did anyone accomplish anything, or is everyone just a big loser? Or am *I* the biggest loser?

Did you go to your 10th? 20th? Was it lame, or totally worth it? Did your husband/partner/etc go with you? (mine doesn't want to go, said he could find better ways to waste a few hours than "hanging out with a bunch of hicks" This from someone who is a huge redneck...oh well, he'd get drunk and start a fight anyway, most likely...)

(I live pretty far away, I just wonder if it will be worth the $2000 in tickets!)
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I went to my 10 year and it was the real life Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. I'd pay $2k to go again and lmao.

DH (then DP) did not go and that was fine with me.
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There were 18 people in my graduating class. The school had a multiple year reunion, and I ended up hanging out with a woman a few years older than me more than my own classmates. I regretted going-it was totally depressing!
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I did not go to mine. I graduated with 500+ students, but none of my friends were going. If they had been going, I would have gone. I didn't want to go hang out with the "popular" crowd from high school that I knew would be there. I hear that it was all the "groups" that used to hang out together and no one really talked with other people.

I think it would be different in a small town. My DH graduated with 17 students. We went to his reunion and it was fun. Everyone sat together and chit chatted. They went to school together from kindergarten-12th so they had more in common and had been together longer. In my school, there are so many different high schools, junior highs, then you come together for high school. There just wasn't the bond like in a small town school.

I don't think I would spend $2000 unless you know for sure that there will be lots of people there that you want to see.
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Nah, I didn't go to my 10th. My 20th is coming up next year & I'm not sure if I will go or not. I caught up with some of my friends on FB & maybe if they go I will go hang out. I seriously doubt dh would ever go with me though.
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I went to my 10th a few years ago. For the first five minutes everyone pretended that we all had awesome jobs and lives. Then we all realized that the economy sucks and your 20-somethings suck and everyone ended up having a good time. It was a lot of fun.
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I didn't go to my 10th but I did make it to my 20th and I had a blast. It was fabulous to see all these familiar faces and really get to know who each other is and what they are all about. I went with very low expectations but had an incredibly good time.
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I went to my 10th. Our class only had 20 kids and we're mostly all on facebook. The ones who came are the ones who I actually know about since they are on facebook or I see them. It was ok, I'm glad I went.
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i went to my 20th HS reunion, which involved being away from my kids for the weekend and getting there via plane. it was totally worth it and would do it again in a heartbeat. i graduated with about 500 people and the attendance was pretty good!
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I live in the area I grew up in and see people or run into people all the time. Also, we live in the town DH grew up in and went to the local hs.

I dated DH in high school so we both know plenty of the people I went to school with and also who he went to school with. In fact in DD1's grade school, there are about 25 kids who all their parents went to HS together so just picking up the kids at school is a hs reunion LOL. There are also several people in my neighborhood, around town etc who went to school with me.

Add facebook into the mix and the groups for each of our HS reunions this year, its pretty easy to go. Honestly, I really dont want to go to my reunion, but if DH wants to go, we or he can go to his. I always tease him that he sees these people everyday anyhow.

I have noticed since "reconnecting" with tons of people on Facebook that I am realizing why I lost touch with them...LOL or we have had meet ups from finding each other and some good some bad.

The girl who is "putting together the reunion" I ran into about a year ago and she was a UAV and made a point at least 5 times in our 2 minute conversation to let me know she lived in a hooty tooty neighboring suburb. She also sent me a message on fb saying "need your info for the reunion" literally that was it. Not Hi Amy, hope life is going good etc. putting together the info and need your info...

So I ignored her message and wrote on my page how if you want to contact me after 20 years show some class! A few people put two and two together and fast forward a few weeks later to last night. I received a message again on FB that was more Hi AMy, hope all is well, I am putting together the reunion and you can send your info to....

I replied back, you contacted me here, I received it, so this is fine.

Our 10 year was on a weekend that we were in Europe. The following weekend when we arrived back was DH's so we missed both of them. As I recall to attend each of them was like $80 a head for a large room, snackies and a cash bar. Too much money to talk to people I hadnt seen or wanted to in 10 years anyhow so it worked out ok.
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I didn't go to mine. It was only 45 minutes away but none of my friends were going and I knew if I went by myself it would be boring...as I had a small group of friends in HS and didn't really care to see anyone else. I graduated in a class of around 400+

I would never spend 2K to go! No way.
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I didn't go to my 10th b/c we had just moved out of state and I was recovering from an illness. I wish I could have made it, though. I enjoyed seeing pics from it, and there wasn't really anyone I was dying to see -- but it would have been fun, I think.
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I never went to any of mine. We had a 15th last year. Two and a half hour drive away, not bad. But the fee for attending is $$$. I went to a big deal high school where most people can drop all kinds of bucks on going (and apparently people fly in from all over the world) but no way can I blow $400 or $500 to take my family there on the off chance I might have a good time. It's ridiculous.
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I literally moved back to my hometown the day after our 10th year reunion, so I didn't make it. If they do a 15 I might go.
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I didn't go to my 5 or 10 year reunions, and from what I heard I didn't miss out on much. Overpriced dinner, none of my friends went....

That said, I think it would be way different to go if you had a small class and knew your classmates well. I've been catching up with a lot of my former classmates in the last couple of years, and it's been fun to get together and chat. My 15 yr. reunion should be this summer, and I'll consider attending if the venue and price are decent.
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Listen to all you children talking about 5 and 10 year reunions. My 25th would be this year. I have no idea if they have ever done one for any other big number, but I have never gone, and wouldn't go to this one either. Too far to go, too much money (different continent), and I didn't exactly enjoy high school anyway.
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Did not go to any of my HS reunions ( my 25th was 3 years ago). I'm so happy I got out of that town ( well the whole state really) and have no desire to see anyone I am not still in contact with.
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Originally Posted by KMK_Mama View Post

I would never spend 2K to go! No way.
Well, I live in Alaska and the reunion is in VT. Maybe I should look into getting an AK Air credit card--then I could fly for free(you get a free ticket every yr + a $99 companion ticket--that's me and ds1 right there)! It will only cost about $25 to go to the reunion. The other thing is that my best friend is getting married 2 weeks after, also in VT, and I really want to go to that. And I could visit my parents and dp's parents (they are in NY) in the interim.
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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post
Did not go to any of my HS reunions ( my 25th was 3 years ago). I'm so happy I got out of that town ( well the whole state really) and have no desire to see anyone I am not still in contact with.
Thank you. I'm glad someone out there feels the same way I do.
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I went to my 10th, and quite honestly I'd rather have had a root canal.
I opted not to go to my 20th.
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