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Stellamia congratulations - will be praying for a happy healthy pregnancy for you.

Micky glad you are back - AF can knock you (even when it is not combined with the disappointment of not being pregnant) Hope that this next cycle will be the one. I actually would like my husband to start anti depressants as he has become very depressed and anxious lately. If he's been on them more than 6 months then he could try stopping them - but rather just reduce the dosage very very slowly (NEVER just stop them in one go - it had bad effects when I did that many years ago)

Well I heard about the job I am meant to start in late March - the woman accepted the salary I asked for which is great and while I am very anxious about it due to what happened with being bipolar in the last job, it will help us a lot. What I am praying for now and please could you also pray that my husband gets a job very soon I know God has his own timing but I very much would like my husband to have a job when I start mine as this will take some of the pressure off me and also enable us to really start ttc soon - 6dpo this cycle and have no clue if I am pregnant or not.
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OP has been updated.
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Cardboard Testimonies. PLEASE take a few minutes and watch it. It is SO powerful.

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Nicole~I watched that one and a few others. I am overcome with emotion!

If anyone is looking for a good read, I am reading a book recommended by my new Pastor. It's called The Walk and is by Stephan Smallman. It gets back to Elementary concepts. It's really good for a new Christian, someone wanting to experience Jesus but not knowing how, or for someone who just wants to get back to the basics.
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Oye. I'm having a friend situation. I posted a thread about it...http://mothering.com/discussions/sho....php?t=1192913 I just decided yesterday that I'm done. So I'm having a hard time with it. My heart feels a little heavy today. What do you ladies think?

Weekend Wrap-Up(sorry....I'm whoa late on this)
Age:28 on feb 20th
TTC #:3
DPO (if applicable):n/a
Trying Since:1st to REALLY try this cycle
Plan for this Cycle:BD'ing starting the 14th going every other day until the 20th
Link to Chart (if applicable):n/a
Thoughts:I'm going to try and be patient. God will give us a baby when we are ready
Verse, Quote or Sentiment that Has Helped Keep You Positive This Week:take one day at a time
Prayer Requests:pray that I get pg this cycle so that when my bff's wedding rolls around dec 31, 2010 that I'm not 38 weeks pg! LOL!
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Jen D.~If I were you, I'd pray for her and her children. That's all you can do at this point, is put it in God's hands.

When I was in HS my best friend and I drifted apart. When I got accepted to our first choice college and she did not, it was hard on her and she took it out on me. I had to seperate myself from the situation. Fast forward 3 years and we started hanging out again. Fast forward another year and we're getting really close again. Now we're back to where we were before. It was hard, but we both needed the break.
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MrsD08 and MommyNicoleTX Thanks for your input about the Clomid. I have read that it can be used in ovulatory women to help with LPD, which may be my problem. My 7day progesterone was good, but the ultrasound did show a slightly small follicle (13mm I think), although my ob didn't think this was a huge problem. At this point I'm just hoping to find something that will stop the spotting during my luteal phase - it is so frustrating.

I decided to go ahead with the clomid this month to see if that helps the spotting. I do know that an RE will be able to help me with things other than IVF and IUI, I guess I'm just not ready to go down that road yet...
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Nicole thanks for the link, that was really powerful and a tremendous encouragement to me, even though it made me bawl!

Jennifer Good reminder to take things one day at a time. My DH is frequently reminding me to do that. I find I worry much more if I look to far ahead, because I'm thinking of too many possible "what ifs"

I read this by John Piper (rather than listening to the sermon), but really found it helpful and encouraging. I am a big fan of Piper's stuff.

AF is finally gone, so I'm getting excited again about the fun part of TTC- that's definitely a gift from the Lord
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micky, thanks for sharing the link. I will read/listen once I'm feeling better.

Sorry if it seems that I'm neglecting the board ladies. My tendonitis has flared up really badly in one arm and any amount of typing really hurts it! Right now I'm typing with one hand...So, if you all want to pray that I receive some relief, that would be appreciated!

Is anyone testing this week? Is anyone Oing this week? How are you all doing? FF thinks I should test on Valentines day if AF isn't here by then. (Once I manual overrode the O date and entered my own). If AF doesn't arrive by the morning of the 15th, I will test that morning. The 15th is the anniversary of when DH proposed to me. He was going to propose on Valentines day, but we had a really bad ice storm and the power was out all week long. So, he waited until the power came back on so we could go out to eat. He proposed right before we left, it was so sweet! It's been 2 years since he proposed. I highly doubt I get a BFP, but if I do, I'll give it to him right before we leave to go out.
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Looks like KingsDaughter got her BFP! Please congratulate her once she announces here! I'll wait until she requests to move her to the BFP section. That's 2 BFPs so far this month, looks like our prayers are working ladies!
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MrsD08 FF also tells me to test on Valentine's Day, so I probably will if AF hasn't arrived. Will pray that the tendonitis gets better soon.
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13 dpo today and took an Answer test first- the line came up right away and it made be hard to see in the pics but it is also MUCH darker than yesterdays!! So then I decided to try a FRER digi- then got brave enough to try the CBE digi (it said I was NOT preggo yesterday!!) Well look below and you can see the results for yourself!! WOOHOO! The Answer test was not even dry yet and the line is STILL getting darker!





AND- just for fun- here are my OPK's that show a very nice fade-in and fade-out of my LH surge!! Thought it was pretty cool~!


OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!! I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Now just have to pray this little one STICKS!!!:crossfingers: I am now on my full dose of progesterone so hopefully that will keep things good. My EDD is October 23, 2010!!! My birthday is on October 13th and I tend to deliver a week or so early - SO I could very well end up giving myself an AWESOME birthday present!!! Please move me to Feb BFP's!!! !!!
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Congratulations Kellina!!!!!

I added you. Once we move on to March, I will move you and Stella to the Graduates category and then add your EDD.
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God is good, isn't He?
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Yes he is!!!
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KingsDaughter~Looks like you need to change your signature to EXPECTING #8 instead of TTC!
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2nd page IS NOT allowed...

Age:28 on feb 20th
TTC #:3
DPO (if applicable):n/a
Trying Since:1st REAL try this cycle
Plan for this Cycle:BD'ing starting the 14th...making sure to hit the 16, 17, 18...I should be O'ing the 18th.
Link to Chart (if applicable):n/a
Thoughts:I'm going to try and be patient. God will give us a baby when we are ready
Verse, Quote or Sentiment that Has Helped Keep You Positive This Week:Lord, I love you and I need you, come into my heart, and bless me, my family, my home, and my friends. In Jesus' name, AMEN
Prayer Requests:I'm mourning my lost friendship. We had a falling out and I'm not sure what to do with myself. I'm sad and aching heart...I think I'm trying to not break down and cry. TTC will help me through it I believe.
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Jenn will pray for the situation with your friend.

Age: 31 on Feb 21
TTC #:2
CD: 24
DPO (if applicable): 12
Testing: tomorrow
Trying Since: not supposed to be trying
Plan for this Cycle: no plans besides charting
Link to Chart (if applicable): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2af900
Thoughts: God knows what is best. He is bigger than we can ever imagine and we do not know his plans, just that he has one for us and we need to trust him.
Prayer Requests: My husband needs a job for the health of our whole family. Please also pray that his depression gets better or that he will get some help for it (he has noty slept in the last two weeks unless he takes a sleeping tablet)
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Tanikit>>>Praying for you and your DH...thank you for your prayers...sounds like you need them more than I do.
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Thanks. I read something tonight that says God cares for his children and when I read it I thought - yes, me, my husband, my daughter and the little one I think is inside me - I really do feel pregnant now though will only test tomorrow (hopefully its not too early to get a positive cause if I am pregnant I need to get off me meds as soon as possible)

Praying that God grants everyone here their desire to have a baby.
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