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Age: 31 in 3 weeks
TTC #:#2
DPO (if applicable):N/A
Trying Since: We are not supposed to be trying since my husband has been without work for 19 months now and finances are very very tight and we have also had marriage strain which is much better now, nonetheless we had an accident this month and so it is in God's hands. We are hoping to ttc as soon as possible though as our daughter is already 28 months old and we want a sibling for her. Please pray that my husband gets a job soon. I have also been without work for two months now, but should be starting again at the end of March if the job goes through and am also praying for a small short term job for February or March in the meantime. We are surviving on God's grace at the moment.
Plan for this Cycle: no plans
Link to Chart (if applicable):http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2af900
Verse, Quote or Sentiment that Has Helped Keep You Positive This Week: God is in control and whether this "accident" results in a baby or not, it will not be an accident because: Jeremiah 1:5... before you were formed in your mother's womb, I saw you and approved you.
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Originally Posted by MrsD08 View Post
Jen~You've been added! Glad you're back!!
Thank you! I'm glad to be back! You are my closest friend on here...thank you for inviting me back! Love you!!
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Tanikit~Would you like to be added to the TTC #2 category, or the Waiting to be Ready category?

Jen~Of course I invited you back! And I'm so excited you're trying again! LYLAS!!
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Originally Posted by karmab View Post
one of my favorites, from Jeremiah too:

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. They shall be like a tree planted by the water, sending out its roots by the stream. It shall not fear when heat comes, and its leave shall stay green. In the year of the drought it is not anxious, and it does not cease to bear fruit. Jeremiah 17:7-8

thank u!
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Originally Posted by Soul-O View Post
Verse, Quote or Sentiment that Has Helped Keep You Positive This Week: The Lord has blessed me with wonderful fertility in the past. I suffered three back to back m/cs in 2009, and I believe that the reason for the m/cs is that He wants me to fully appreciate the beautiful family I already have. If I am blessed enough to have more children, I will give all of the glory to God because it is His will that opens my womb, not mine.
i can so so so SOOO relate to that. that was my feeling exactly. i couldnt accept it or appreciate what i had but God gave me that appreciation around new yrs (even as AF started then). it was like a weight lifted and i felt peace with my family of 4 at the dinner table.

i am so sorry for your losses in '09. i had 2 back to back and it was the hardest time of my life but Gods grace gives us healing physically and emotionally. youre in the right place, and we can support each other here.
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Originally Posted by stellamia View Post

Oh! And I had my friend's darling little girl pray for me. She's quite the little minister! I asked her to pray that I'd have a baby girl as beautiful as she is. She touched my stomach, looked straight into my eyes and asked "You have two babies?" She's the second person to feel that while praying over me.....we'll see!!!
that is a.dor.a.ble!! ill be waiting for you to start testing!
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Originally Posted by MrsD08 View Post
I need to find a church. My pastor does Bible study, but we don't have a church building and I miss it terribly. I need something more in my life. I was going to go this morning, but then DH informed me I wouldn't have enough gas to get to work AND to church. So I'll try again next week!
Verse, Quote or Sentiment that Has Helped Keep You Positive This Week:
"While I'm Waiting" by John Waller. I can't get it out of my head and I watch it every morning on YouTube.
i just prayed you find a church! God is ready to speak to you this sunday! i was brought up in a methodist church and then baptist school, then in high school i started attending a nondenominational church and it was my perfect fit. i loved the freedom to just worship God how i wanted. when my husband and i got married it wasnt "feeding us spiritually" anymore so we were church-less for a long time. looking back i dont know how we kept God in our marriage without that weekly message, encouragement, guidance, and fellowship. we started going to a new nondenominational church in '08 and it has changed our lives. we have couples classes, youth group for the kids, and special functions that are powerful and fun. i would NOT have made it through my 2 m/c in '09 without my church family there for me. God knew that and set them in place for me. I pray you find that church home and family and reap the blessings of it soon.
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Originally Posted by jenniferadurham View Post
Verse, Quote or Sentiment that Has Helped Keep You Positive This Week:I am giving it to God...he has the blueprints on my life.
happy to see you here!
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sorry im not good at doing those multi quote replies yet! so i just did several replies in new posts!

As for me:

Weekend Wrap-Up
Age: 28
TTC #: BFP on Jan 24, i dont know how to say it. i feel weird saying its the 3rd baby like im dismissing the 2 m/c last yr, but i guess thats the normal way to say it since itll be the 3rd addition to the family?
CD: 2 weeks gestation, thank you Jesus!
Trying Since: Dec '07


God is in control of this pregnancy & with His hand in it, i have no reasons to fear or worry. I hope to be an encouragement to others.

Verse, Quote or Sentiment that Has Helped Keep You Positive This Week:
ok this is going to be silly but "i gotta feeling" the song by the blackeyed peas. they happen to play it at church before the service sometimes to get people to WAKE UP and ready for a good time, so my kids love dancing to it and singing it. its been on repeat in my car. and i sooo "gotta feeling" this is going to be a great yr!
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Originally Posted by Tanikit View Post
Please pray that my husband gets a job soon. I have also been without work for two months now, but should be starting again at the end of March if the job goes through and am also praying for a small short term job for February or March in the meantime.
Prayers said!! Keep us posted!
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Thanks for the check in Nicole!

I did some research on churches in my area and I specifically looked for non-denominational churches. I'd like a church with a good family atmosphere, that welcomes children and has young couples and isn't a long haul. I also wanted a Women's Fellowship involved too. I found one! I am going to go on Sunday. And the women's fellowship is Tuesday mornings so it fits right into my schedule. They also have care groups, from what I read are sort of like Bible study and they meet every other week.

Questions for you ladies....
Do you have a DH/DP who isn't religious? I'd say my DH is agnostic. I pray for him every day, but I feel like it's not making a difference. He doesn't want to attend church or Bible study, he doesn't want to pray with me and he doesn't like listening to Christain music, Worship music or anything. I kind of understand where he is coming from. His mom passed away in December of 2005 and he still is having a hard time understanding why this happened. When my dad passed away, I was the same way for a while. Then, I thought if I became Catholic, like my Dad, it would bring me closer to him....well, it didn't. So I just stopped going to church. Through college I became pretty bitter with God and labeled myself agnostic too. That was something my DH and I had in common when we met. But then, after my mom died, I felt like I needed to be closer to the Lord. That's when I started doing my own reading and attending Bible study with my sister's family. I got baptized (again) in August of 09. I deeply wish my husband could be a part of this part of my life. I want to be holding his hand in church and I want our children to sit in between us in church. I don't want to bring them by myself! How am I supposed to teach them about God and his love if the other half of me doesn't believe? I love my DH so deeply and I am so proud of him. But why can't he see he is hurting me?
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I suppose I should be put on waiting to be ready as we are not supposed to be actively trying, but looks like I ovulated yesterday although FF hasn't confirmed it yet. If I don't fall pregnant this month then I will be in waiting to be ready.

MrsD08 my husband luckily does go to church with me - he was very anti for a while, but with our DD he goes for her too. What you are looking for in a church is something I went looking for too and we have found a lovely church where all the kids (babies and toddlers too) are in for the first half of the service and they have Bible Tots for children from 18 months up which is such a help as my DD will not sit still for sermons (even the songs are a bit much for her) Since she is so little we take turns to take her to the children's programme so only get to go to proper church every second week, but this is fine - better than staying at home every week. Sounds like you have found a good church - hope you settle in there soon. It makes such a difference to have a great church with nice people.

Thanks for the prayers. We are struggling a lot this month as my medical aid went up and since I am diabetic and hypothyroid and bipolar (heavens that sounds bad) I have to pay it no matter how little money we have. My husband is getting desperate to find a job.
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I don't tell many people on MdC....in fact, only 1 person here knows. But, Tani, I'm Bipolar too, Bipolar I. I was DX in May of 2008, 1 week after I graduated college. I didn't have insurance when I was DX, so when I got married and finally got insurance, they wouldn't cover anything that had to do w/ my Bipolar for 1 full year. And now I have a really expensive med, so I kind of know where you are...I'll keep praying for you and your family.

ETA~You've been added Tanikit!
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Can I ask what you are doing about your bipolar meds - I was only recently diagnosed after struggling for 14 years with bouts of severe depression which is actually bipolar 1 (I get bad mixed episodes) and the meds do seem to be helping so I am not too keen to come off them so soon after starting them at the same time if I was pregnant then the baby comes first. The last pregnancy was very hard emotionally and I think my DH paid the price even more than I did especially with the diabetes making things even harder. At the same time we were blessed with a wonderful happy and healthy DD. My medication alone every month costs more than I pay for medical aid so I can't stop it.
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Well, I was lucky in the fact that my mom was Bipolar I also. And even though she hid it from everyone, my sister knew what meds she had been on. Tegretol kept her stable for 20+ years. So after trying some horendous meds in the hospital and out (I had no medical advocates besides my sister and my then fiance because I had no insurance and no personal doctors) the doctors finally listened to my sister and myself about the tegretol and they put me on it. I haven't had to change doses since I've been on it. It helped pull me out of a manic episode and is my lifesavor. Then, I got really depressed and I wasn't coming out of it. So, I went to my MHNP (mental health nurse practioner) and she put me on Geodon. It costs a lot of money, but sometimes she has samples. It pulled me out of a depression and I have been feeling really good since starting it. Because of the cost I tried going without it and I tried other meds that work similar to Geodon, but none of them helped like it. So, I save my money in between pay checks and get refills as much as I can. So far, the smallest dose helps.

I have a blog about Bipolar and Pregnancy. I haven't updated in a while, but it's there if you'd like to read through it. I can send you the link through PM if you're interested.

My MHNP is letting me stay on my meds until I become pregnant. Then, at 2-3 weeks I will go off my meds. I will stay off Geodon my entire pregnancy and while breastfeeding because there aren't enough studies on Geodon and pregnancy (which makes it a class C (not enough studies to prove anything). I will stay off Tegretol as long as possible during the pregnancy. But, once the baby comes, I will get back on my therapeutic dose, even if EBF or BF. Tegretol passes through breast milk, but does not harm the baby. Tegretol is a class D, which means studies show adverse affects in the fetus. Studies show Tegretol can cause Neural Tube Defects, such as Spina Bifida.

Depending on how my first pregnancy goes, we will either try for one more child soon after (once we start potty training 1st DD or DS) or we will seek out adopting a child.

There isn't a lot of books out there on Bipolar and Pregnancy and it sucks.
I recommend Understanding Your Moods When You're Expecting: Emotions, Mental Health, and Happiness~Before, During, and After Pregnancy by Lucy Puryear and Bipolar and Pregnant: How to Manage and Succeed in Planning and Parenting While Living with Manic Depression by Kristin Finn. But I DO NOT recommend Ride at Your Own Risk:: A Guide for Pregnant Women with Bipolar Disorder and Their Families by Someone Who's Done It by Christina Marie Bailey.
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I can't imagine what you ladies are going through with having Bipolar. I just hope and pray that you can get through your pg's easily and happily. You deserve to be happy and ENJOY that miracle!!
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Ok All my praying ttc Christian ladies...please start the prayers. Follow up bloodwork showed my progesterone is dropping below 10 (needs to be rising and above 12 ,20 would be ideal I think). I'm getting meds asap. I've been doing prog cream n yam root but think I need a prescription. No follow up HCG result yet today(100 on fri)-maybe by 3pm. That's the one I'm worried about. If it's dropped then the pregnancy likely won't make it. Pray for us! Thank you!!
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MommyNicoleTX will be praying for you and your little one.

MrsD08 thanks for all the information - I was on Tegretol for two weeks but got a bad skin reaction and had to stop so now I am on seroquel with trazadone (also very few reports about how safe this one is) My twin borther is bipolar 1 but I didn't know he had the diagnosis til after I was diagnosed and I am sure my father was but he hasn't been diagnosed. Can you send me the site as I would be interested. Thanks for the book links.

I was lucky with my first pregnancy I felt fine for six months after my baby was born (unless I was hypomanic and not aware of it (I barely slept at all even though people kept telling me to nap when my baby napped) Maybe if I fall pregnant they can switch me to a cheaper and safer anti depressant although Prozac which is the safest never worked for me. Its good to know I can stay on the meds til I know I am pregnant.
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Do you have someone who manages your meds Tanikit? Someone like a psychiatrist or Mental Health Professional? It's between you and your doctor for when you go off meds, whether it is before or during the early stages of pregnancy. For me, Tegretol and Geodon are unlikely to do much harm before 6 weeks, so I am allowed to keep taking it.

Some anti-depressants can actually cause Bipolars to go manic, so be careful what you're prescribed!

I will PM you the link.

ETA~I'm praying for you Nicole! And I sent a prayer request to my former pastor, so we're all thinking of you. Let us know once you know more!
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