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February Obsess and Test!!

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Testing every day from 1dpo will not make me pregnant and saying that will not stop me from doing so
FertilityFriend will not randomly post a big red PREGNANT over my chart But its only tenth time I have looked today, you never know if they will add that as a feature!
Evap lines are evil But I secretly hope for them just to have that second line on a test
I do not have TTC on my mind 24/7 Sometimes I think about what it will be like when we succeed!

We love cheap tests.
We love buying tests in bulk.
We have spent more on tests this cycle than we care to admit anywhere outside of this forum.

That twinge? Oh that could be implantation!
Am I nauseated or is it just that food I ate earlier?
Hello body? Could you just give me a definite sign?!

If you have ever even thought any of these comments, or something similar, this is where you can come to share. Post your tests to be scrutinized, whine about how long it is to get from 3dpo when you have your ovulation confirmed to 7dpo when you promised yourself you would wait to test.
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Fertility Friend has me at 16 dpo. I think that is wrong and I am more like 10 days. My temps are nice and high.

Took a FRER (white wrapper) this am with TMU - after some coffee and juice. If I stare hard enough there is something there, but I think I am just making myself crazy. My vision is pretty crappy for close up. I recently had to move up on my glasses to a stronger pair. OK - if you under 40 and laughing - just you wait. So, I have to look at hpts with my newer glasses. I have them waiting for me in the bathroom. I am crazy.

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OMG have to laugh at that nymomma! You could definitely be 10 dpo.

I have never posted in this thread before but here I am 8 dpo so the urge to pee on everything in sight is absolutely overwhleming. I swore I'd wait until tomorrow, when I'd have to rush to work which is very busy and I'd be all distracted no matter what the result is. But I woke up this morning feeling quite smugly positive. So I peed on something and by something I don't mean a houseplant or a pile of laundry (I live with an elderly cat so these are legitimate places to pee in my house) and that something didn't do what it was supposed to do! I couldn't help but think that if I had my glasses on there would be a line. I tried to make a dash for them in the kitchen but DH got suspicious and I do not want him knowing that I tested already so I was thwarted. Next chance I got, I scratched the looked-negative-but-would-have-been-positive-if-I'd-had-my-glasses-on test with my finger nail so that I'd be forced to throw it in the garbage instead of carry it around in my pocket all day. I'm definitely leaving my glasses in the bathroom tonight.

Except I'm near sighted...

Now it's mid afternoon and I've had several glasses of juice and coffee and seriously I still need a straightjacket to keep me away from my hpt stash. Ah the sweet relief of ripping that little foil packet open.

8 DPO for goodness sake. I really need to get a grip.
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Post a picture! I'll stare with you!
I'm 2 dpo and have solemnly sworn to myself that I'm not testing til at least 6. Haha, we'll see how long that lasts!
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Madeofstardust Well, I guess I could post a picture - but it so past the time limit now. You also need to tilt it to see the line. And you need the magic glasses. So, I will wait and take another one and snap a picture if there is anything to take a picture of. I have those cheap internet ones, but now I am thinking I only trust the FRER or dollar store. They are like crack.

Jessebird - you need to have a special spot for the glasses! I can so sympathize with your dilemma this am. I can't believe you are not carrying it around in your pocket.
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Originally Posted by nymomma View Post
I can't believe you are not carrying it around in your pocket.
A few weeks ago I went through my huge collection of used HPTs and finally threw out the negative ones. I kept the three dozen + from a chemical in '08 and from DS. I then vowed never to keep another neg for longer than twenty minutes. I'm older now and squinting just leads to crow's feet. It's liberating to scratch them so that you have no choice but to chuck them. Try it! It's either that or stop strangers on the street to ask them what they think and I'm a mother now so I really can't be letting my insanity show so much.
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I am 3 dpo offically today- FF gave me crosshairs this am... I will be joining in here! I am a POAS addict and will be peeing on my IC's starting around 6 DPO since MaerynPearl got a + with her last child at 6 dpo...lol! I know I know- thats REALLY early...but hey...why not have fun with the 50 Ic's I have waiting to be pee'd on! ;-)
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Hi Ladies! I have been MIA a while and that is probably good. What's the fun of obsessing and testing when I can't pretend i have ovulated, lol. Anyway just popping by to say hey... i have still used OPKs and gotten yet another set of pozzies the last couple days, this time with COPIOUS eggwhite CF which i haven't had this much, this clear, and stretchy to 6" this entire time of charting so here's hoping it's a positive sign. Got an excellent BD timing in too... LOTS of O pains last night and this morning...now if my temp would only rise...

TTYAS if it does
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Omgz, I just had the sharpest little pain in my uterine area! I haven't felt anything like that since I got pregnant with DD. I think we've been successful! Maybe? Ahhhhh. I can't wait to test! I wish there were a test you could take the second you thought that you might be pregnant.
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madeofstardust: I am so with you!!!

I am 10dpo and had nothing but BFN's since I caved and started tested at 7dpo BUT...here are my symptoms: dizzy, fatigued, gassy, and not just nauseated but actually threw up this afternoon! Oh, and my temp is usually on the downward slide by now, but has been going up. I'm either pregnant or getting "the flute" as my niece calls it. Want to test again, but trying to wait for morning!!!
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Sounds like pregnancy to me, indianagirl! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.
I'm resisting the urge to test tonight, I know it'll be negative, but I am still seriously having to convince myself to not test tonight! I have 10 internet cheapies left, and 10 more in the mail!
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I just sent DH to the store to buy OPK's. I haven't been temping recently but think I'm going to O tomorrow. Anyways, I know how you feel wanting to POAS when you KNOW it's negative.
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Total BFN this am. No magic glasses in the world will help. AF is knocking on my door. Hope you all get better news.
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Nymomma, I'm so sorry.

Um so I didn't need my glasses after all. I have a line. I have two lines. Actually four lines. Nothing to do with four eyes.

9 dpo

I peed on a strip first thing this morning and regretted it. I never used to mind BFNs but these days I do. So I put it aside, had a shower and puttered about. When I went back to it, there was a line. So faint it was hard to tell if it had any pink in it though and I was a bit over the time limit. So I willed myself to pee again (I hadn't had anything to drink) and this time I watched. And lo and behold a line. At about 3 or 4 minutes, just as the streaking disappeared. It's faint but it's there and it's pink. I'm still letting it sink in.

Sorry to post here without a photo! I was rushing to get ready for work and get DS to daycare and I just don't feel ready to tell DH yet so I had to sneak around a bit.

Wow. Cool.

Madeofstardust and indianagrl, I'll be watching you! Hoping for the same!!
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Congrats Jessiebird!! That is awesome news!
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Congrats Jessiebird! Woohoo! That's awesome.

I tested last night, I couldn't resist. BFN, of course. I wasn't expecting any different yet.
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Wow... There's a lot of us that have AF due on my birthday (the 5th). Here's to hoping AF travels to Mars for the 5th! What a wonderful birthday gift 2 pink lines would be!!!

AFM: AF due the 5th. (Why oh WHY does such a dreaded occurrence have to be expected on my birthday????) FF says I'm 11DPO. I could test but don't have any here. Maybe I can get to the $ store today sometime.... I'm not sure wth is going on with my chart. it *looks like* I had an implantation dip at 5DPO but I'm not as chart reading savvy as some of you out there. What do you all think??? Here's my chart.
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Congrats Jessiebird!!! :-)

I am 4 dpo today- temp went up really nice this am- praying it means something good- probably will start my progesterone tomorrow.
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I am going crazy!! 11dpo today and BFN! So why am I so nauseated? I keep having dizzy spells and want to throw up UNLESS I keep my tummy full. As soon as I go a couple of hours without eating I start dry-heaving or actually throwing up. Temp was still high this morning and bb's hurt (but they always do before AF). Why can't a get two lines??? And my chart is so pretty!

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Alright ladies!! I'm joining!!!!!!!!!

Here is my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/128814

I don't have cross hairs yet, but by tomorrow I should. I'm pretty sure I am 2DPO right now.

I will test Feb. 8th (one week from today!) at 9DPO. I PROMISE I will wait that long......at LEAST. Lol! I can pee on sticks as much as I want after Monday! Hurray!!


Indiangirl~ This REALLY sounds like "it" to me!!! I didn't get a BFP til 15 DPO with DD!! I got neg. tests at 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 DPO!! I thought I was TOTALLY out and then BOOM! BFP!

Kingsdaughter~ Yah for high temps!!

chainedangel~ GO TO $ STORE! Lol! You have a pretty chart! It looks like a possible implantation dip for sure!!!

To those with BFN: I am so sorry! Hope next cycle is your cycle!!!

Alright.....7 more days to go for me....AHH!
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