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Looks Like I'm The First

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to end up pregnant again already...... Sure wasn't planned, we were using bc and obviously it didn't work. My daughter was due November 16th and was born on October 28th. I have an EDD of October 3rd! We are pretty freaked out about it, but happy too.
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Congrats!!! I hope you have an easy pregnancy!
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Oh wow! GL!
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CONGRATULATIONS! Good Luck! I'm jealous!
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good luck mama
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how exciting congrats!!
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I could not imagine!!!

So were/are you breastfeeding? Had your period returned?

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Wow! Congrats!!!!
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Holy cow! Good luck to you!
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Originally Posted by Lineymom View Post
I could not imagine!!!

So were/are you breastfeeding? Had your period returned?

Tried to breastfeed, but my daughter has SEVERE nipple confusion thanks to the hospital and the LC that 'tried' to help. I could never get her to latch on and by the time I was able to get a hospital grade pump my milk had dried up. I started within two weeks of her being born since she never did latch on.
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WOW Mama congratulations!!! Your in two DDC now I could not imagine that but my friend had her first two about what your babies will be and my neighbor had her two even closer!!!! Good luck!!!
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Wow! Congratulations, Mama! Wishing you a healthy and uneventful pregnancy!
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Good luck! My dd1 was born May 16, 2007. DD2's due date was June 1, but was born May 22,2008.
The first few months are CRAAAAZY, but after 4-5 months, its a breeze! So much so, that we had a baby in 2009, too!
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If I want my very very last baby I have to get pregnant quick too - and as each week passes I think my chance for a fourth has passed even farther away! Good luck to you!!
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Congratulations! I have a friend with two that are 13 months apart and it has been easier than she thought. Now that they are two and three, they play together so well. Good luck!! I hope you have an easy pregnancy.
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