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Newbie - logistics questions

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My first baby is due in 7 wks and I'm trying to make plans. I know that we want to cosleep and have read a lot of articles but I still have some logistical questions. I think that I would feel better initially if he was somehow 'protected.' We already bought an Arm's Reach Mini Cosleeper but I'd like to have him in the bed if possible so I'm also looking at "snuggle nests." Does anyone have any thoughts about these? Which brand is better (Baby's Delight or First Year's)? We have a queen size bed and no way to get a king, will it work in this with my husband and I?

What are your thoughts on safety - Arm's Reach, Snuggle Nest or just in bed with us? I know the basics of don't drink, smoke, take meds, or keep room too warm & I will be breastfeeding. I always sleep with a sheet & a comforter pulled up to my neck (can't stand shoulders being exposed) but I'm pretty sure that's not allowed. What do you guys sleep with? If the baby's just in bed with us, where does he go? Between my husband and I or just on my side? I know he can't be by the pillow so does he sleep lower than your shoulders? What do you do with your blankets? Maybe I'm overthinking this but I just can't figure out all the logistics. Thanks for any help!
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We didn't cosleep a lot with our newborn, but here's what we did: between us, pillows pushed to outer edges of bed (so our heads were just on the inside edge, baby down level with shoulders, and separate blankets so babe wasn't covered. Folks who did it more will probably have better and more suggestions.
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I swore I wouldn't cosleep because I was scared to death but newborn DD can't stand to be out of arms for more than a second so...we have been doing it since night 2. This is what we are doing - I actually move baby to whatever side I need to nurse her on at the time. Sometimes she is between us, sometimes on my other side. On my other side, i have the crib pushed up against the bed so if she suddenly rolls over, she won't end up on the ground. I have her lower than the pillows and my right arm is always over her head between her and the pillow. Sometimes my arm falls asleep but most of the time I am not asleep long enough for that to happen (she is not a good sleeper). I keep the sheet pulled up over my shoulders but we have king sized sheets on a queen sized bed so I can easily keep the sheet and comforter pushed down over her and still have enough for DH and I. I keep her dressed lightly and I'll wear a cardigan if I'm too cold over my nursing tank to keep my shoulders warm since the covers don't quite cover me up. Some say between the adults is not as safe, it depends what kind of sleeper your DH is. Mine is just as alert as me with baby in bed and neither one of us has ever come close to rolling over on her. The only thing I have ever been concerned about is I have pretty large breasts so I have to be careful if I fall asleep nursing her although she can pull her head away from my breast if she finds her breathing constricted at any time, I've watched her do it. I am still scared sometimes but I think this just makes me a little more alert, I don't sleep very soundly but I sleep better than I would if she were in her crib, mainly because I know she won't sleep. I don't know quite how to get over the fear entirely but all in all, cosleeping has been a much better experience than I thought it would be, mainly because I was just overanxious.

BTW, we tried something like the snuggle nest (a different brand) and it just didn't work. I had to move her everytime I wanted to nurse and she won't sleep unless she can feel me right beside her. There also wasn't enough room in the bed and both DH and I were uncomfortable. Its a great idea but wasn't practical for our situation.
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We have the Arm's Reach Mini and found that it works well for us---especially because then I felt more comfortable pulling her into bed with me on the co-sleeper side when she was particularly restless since she wouldn't fall more than the 4 inches just in case--although a tightly swaddled newborn doesn't go very far! I've heard from others (and it makes sense to me) that it doesn't make much sense to have the snuggle nests AND the cosleeper. If you're going to have to move them anyway to put them in the snuggle nest, you might as well put them in the cosleeper, kwim?

The co-sleeper worked well for us because I'm like you--I cover my ears with the covers when I sleep and while I was exhausted and able to sleep a different way some of the time, it was easier (and we had a cooperative baby) to put her in the mini and then cover my ears happily and still be able to reach out and touch my baby.

good luck and happy birthing!
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