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**TTC in our 20's FEBRUARY**

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Conceiving in our 20's

conceiving #1
aballen (27)
*Christel* (23)
EricaDoula (22)
First_Shot_Photo (20)
Hesperia (23)
Hopefuljo (26)
ilovemaine (27)
katiedidder (26)
loonar (28)
MrsD08 (24)
nintendork (28)
peak08 (25)
TheDivineMrsM (29)
ttcNumberOne (27)
Virginia884 (26)

conceiving #2
bumminbeachbabe (24)
filiadeluna (26)
lawmama1984 (25)
mochelly (26)
OJazzy1 (24)
Rochelleann (29)
St. Margaret (29)
SparklesnDazzles (26)
Sweetmama26 (26)

conceiving #3
butterfly1001 (28)
EricaRN (23)
jenniferadurham (27)
mumma cop kaz (28)

conceiving #4
homeschoolmommy3 (28)
MamaFern (29)

conceiving #5

February BFPs

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November BFPs

If you would like to be added to our group or moved please make your request in bold. In an effort to keep the list organized and up to date, your name may be removed if you have not posted to this thread in two months.

Monday Check-In:
Where are you in your cycle:
Symptoms if they apply:
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Thanks for the new thread Anjuli!!
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Thanks!!! Here's hoping we some BFPs soon
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Can you add me please?

Hi, I'm just joining everyone here, can you please add me?

My name is Aubree, I'm 28. I have been married to a wonderful man for over 4 years, we have a 4 year old son, and a 19 month old son. We officially decided this weekend to TTC our third (and final) baby. We got pregnant while on the pill with DS1 and pregnant my first month off BCP with DS2, so I'm hoping we're as fertile this time as we were the other two times.

I just got AF back in November after over 2 years without them. I began charting several days before AF showed up, and I'd never charted before, so I'm new to it. My cycles are still a bit crazy, but I've gotten the hang of it, so I hope it'll come in handy!

I'm glad to join you ladies and I hope we all get BFPs this month!
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Welcome Butterfly! I hope you don't have to stay long, but that you gather a lot of information!

If you want, Anjuli can add your chart link too.
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Originally Posted by butterfly1001 View Post
Hi, I'm just joining everyone here, can you please add me?
Aubree, I've added you to the list. If you'd like me to link your chart let me know
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Hi! Can you please add me as well?

My name is Crystal, I'm 26 (27 in March), and I have been married to my hs sweetheart for almost 8 years now. We've been together going on 13 years! I am here TTC #2. DS is 10 months old. He'll be 1 in March, 5 days after my bday, and we would love to give him a sibling. I am still bf'ing, but I was one of the lucky ones who got PPAF 6 weeks PP and it's stayed regular since. This is our first cycle TTC #2. Good luck to all! I am currently in my 2ww at about 5 dpo, so *hopefully* this will be my one and only cycle on this thread.
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Monday Check-In: (A day early due to crazy-Mondays!)
Name: katiedidder
Date: 1/31/10
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/28382e
Where are you in your cycle: CD36, 14DPO
Appointments: Acupuncture this coming Friday
Symptoms if they apply: Spotting and mild cramping on and off for the last several days. Temp drop today. AF is on her way
Testing: A few negative tests this past week
Thoughts: Pretty bummed out. This month was my "ideal" getting pregnant month for several bigger life picture reasons (school schedule, possibly moving in the next year, etc). It was also my first month in my 6 months of TTC where I REALLY thought there was a good chance i could be pregnant: perfectly timed BDing, good CM, post O spotting that could have been implantation, etc. Also, this is sort of crazy, but my mom had a dream the week I O'd (without knowing I'd O'd then), that I was pregnant, so I couldn't help but have that in the back of my head for the last few weeks.

Anyway, moving forward, I ordered Maca today so DH and I will start taking that as soon as it gets here. I have borderline BP, so I'm wondering if I should be careful about taking it for any reason. I'm also considering pulling out the big guns and buying a fertility monitor. They are expensive, but so is all this acupuncture, herbs, TTC craziness, so the sooner I get knocked up, the sooner I can start spending that money on other, more exciting things.
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Originally Posted by beautyonthebeach83 View Post
Hi! Can you please add me as well?
Crystal, I've added you. If you have a chart you'd like me to link let me know.

katiedidder, so sorry af is on her way. I hate the cycles where you really feel like you had a great shot. It hurts so badly when it doesn't work out.

Welcome you all the new ladies, hopefully your stay is short. I'm looking forward to seeing some BFP's. I like seeing graduates!
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Monday Check-In: 2/1/2010
Name: Anjuli
Date: 2/1/2010
Chart: www.fertilityfriend.com/home/bumminbeachbabe
Where are you in your cycle: cd8
Appointments: u/s 2/2. I have a tentative endo diagnosis, but my ob would like to rule out any anatomical issues an u/s might find first.
Symptoms if they apply:
Thoughts: I'd like my diagnosis to be completed and have some help in having another little one.
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Monday Check-In
Name: Karen
Date: 1.2.10
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/kaz
Where you are in cycle: CD14
Appointments: Accupuncture on thursday (3rd treatment)
Testing: OPKs neg, Monitor low
Symptoms: nil
Thoughts: BD yesterday am, before DH got on plane!! Cant BD again until friday CD18 hoping O holds out until then!!! Just realised that prob cant TTC again until april or may due to DH army trips So FX for this one hey!!
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Name: Tara
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/128814
Date: 2-1-10
Where you are in cycle: Don't even know!! CD 17

I'm so confused ladies!

I had another fairly "normal" temp this morning however if you look at my chart you can clearly see a slow rise starting to happen.

Anyone a slow riser? Lol! We WERE able to BD tonight...but we are done. Done done done in that department. I mean I had a positive OPK on Saturday!!!....and yet still no temp. spike! Is having a slow rise after ovulation a problem? Could it have anything to do with the herbs I started taking?

I mean I seriously had classic O signs on Saturday when I got the pos. OPK. Bloating, cramping, tender breasts/sore nipples, I even was nauseous here and there and extremely tired (which could both be unrelated but still). Sunday I had a change in CM.....it was more creamy than it had been, and no bloating or cramping or anything. Also got a neg. OPK. And now today...still no temp rise?....yet it clearly looks like a slow rise....

Ugh...feeling a bit discouraged because there is no way we can BD anymore this cycle...we are too tired out! *sigh*


mumma cop kaz~ fx for you!!!! It stinks not being able to BD at the right time doesn't it!!!!

bumminbeachbabe~ Good luck with your apt!!!

katiedidder~ I'm SO sorry AF is on her way and that this month is out! I just DREAD the day my temp drastically drops.....*more hugs for you*

beautyonthebeach83~ When will you start to test!? Good luck!

To everyone else~ !!! Looking for some more BFP's this month!!!
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Can you link this chart with my name? Thanks! www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2324b6
Monday Check-In
Name: Jasmine
Date: 1.1.10
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/kaz
Where you are in cycle: CD 7
Appointments: none
Testing: nothing yet
Symptoms: none
Thoughts: Hope this is the month.
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Monday Check-In
Name: Jo
Date: 2/1/10
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2b49ed
Where you are in cycle: 17DPO
Appointments: None- but if I don't have AF by Wednesday, I'll make one. (or, if I get a BFP, obviously)
Testing: Testing tomorrow if AF's STILL not here (promised DH I'd wait.)
Symptoms: none to speak of... except AF that's 3 days late. I feel exceedingly normal. I've had an on-and-off sore throat, but have no idea if that has anything to do with anything.
Thoughts: "17DPO" is an awkward place to be with only BFNs to show for it. I posted some of my thoughts yesterday in the January discussion, and got some encouragement. Yesterday my temp dropped, but I had only had 2 hrs of sleep & took it 2hrs earlier than usual, so I disregarded it. Today, after a normal night, it was still down, but still in the post-O temp range. Still don't know what to think. Barring a BFP, I'm still expecting AF any minute now.
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Monday Check-In
Name: Erica
Date: 2-1-10
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/EricaRN
Where you are in cycle: CD 19, 5DPO
Thoughts: FF finally estimated my O date! I just want this cycle to be under my belt so I know what to look for next month. Here's to all BFPs in February!!!

Tara, I looked at your chart and (I haven't been doing this for very long... but) I think it looks like you've o'd. And it looks like you Bd'd nearly every day so hopefully you for sure get your BFP this month!!!! Good luck!!!
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Tara~Once you get a +OPK, it means you may O within 12-36 hours. So it's totally normal to not see that temp jump for a few days. But, I have heard of "slow risers" too. It looks like you O'd, and a few more sustained temps will confirm that. You won't get CH's from FF until you see 3 sustained temps.
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Monday Check-In
Name: Samantha
Date: 2/1/2010
Where are you in your cycle: CD 26, no O in sight.
Appointments: February 23rd
Symptoms if they apply: N/A
Testing: Not unless I O and then my LP is 18 days or longer.
Thoughts: Wondering when I should call my doctor about not Oing? How long do I wait? Until my regular cycle length w/ no O? Now? 2 weeks after my regular cycle length? I was really hoping we could try 1 more time before the appointment (normally I'd be in the 2WW then). Well, maybe I'll O this week...who knows...
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Monday Check-In
Name: Christina
Date: 2-1-10
Chart: n/a
Where you are in cycle: CD 32, 14dpo
Appointments: none
Testing: BFN yesterday... really discouraging. But after reading a few other threads I've decided to keep my fingers crossed and continue testing until AF shows up. She's due today, so we'll see.
Symptoms: Not too many really. More emotional than usual but that could easily be PMS.
Thoughts: I was really thinking I'd have a BFP by now. We got pregnant with out other two the first month we tried. I kinda wish AF would go ahead and show up so that I can wrap my head around another cycle, ya know? Either way, it's only month one for trying. I'll try and be patient!

Good luck to everyone else!!!
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Monday Check-In
Name: Rachel
Date: 2/1
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/TheDivineMrsM
Where are you in your cycle: CD20, 7DPO
Appointments: None
Symptoms if they apply: My boobs are sore. But when aren't they sore when TTC??
Testing: Not until Feb 8, maybe the 9th if I can hold out and AF doesn't show.
Thoughts: Thankful that tomorrow starts my school's spring term. I hate the last week of the 2ww, but I'll be too busy to think too much about it!
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AdalynsMama~I love the name Adalyn! I wanted it for a possible second girl. It had to be crossed of the list because DH wasn't a fan. But we picked Abbigail instead, so I'm happy!

MrsM~Good Luck with your new spring term!
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