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Do your kids play with playsilks?

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If so, what sizes get the most love?
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Dd always liked her bigger one the most, it is 35" by 35" I got her a new one not too long ago because hers was worn out
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Yes, they get played with.

We have mostly the 35 by 35 and a couple of larger veils.
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My DS is almost 9, DD1 is 6, and DD2 is 2.5. They play with their playsilks All. The. Time. Our silks are 35" square, 20" square, 12" square, and roughly 8" x 48". All get heavy play time. They're used for dress-up, for wrapping "presents", for decorating, for stuffed animal blankets, for dumping on ones head, for everything. If I had to get rid of all toys but for one thing, I'd keep the silks. If I had to choose favorite sizes, I'd go with the 35" squares and the long ribbony silks.
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Never. Well almost never. She uses it as a picnic blanket sometimes. Total waste of money for our families.
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Jury's still out. I bought dd1 some for Christmas. 35 x 35. On Christmas Day, she was clearly baffled by them--and I have the photos to prove it. Another evening, she created an elaborate game using them. I think that over time, they'll get played with, if not by dd1 then by dd2, and if not by them, well....I think they're way cool.
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These are by far the most used plaything my dds (4) have. They are used for everything. We only have the ~35" in ones.
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Best toy ever for us. We got them when dd was 3 and ds 1 and it is 3 yrs later and, after the initial "what is this?" period, they play with them on a regular basis. We have a set of 6 35x35 and the big rainbow silk. They have been capes, baby slings, hats, skirts, shirts and hair and the rainbow silk has been played with in every way imaginable too (most notably, rapunzels hair). So worth it- I want to get more sometime.
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My daughters were obsessed with them from ages 2-4. I didn't purchase actual 'playsilks' but gave them some pretty silk scarves given to me that I never used. They became superheroine capes, dolly hammocks, slings, blankets, forts, cocoons, ghosts clothes, wings...

IMHO the whole 'playsilk' industry is pretty overpriced for what it is...a light piece of natural fabric in pretty colours. You can easily grab a swatch of remnant material and voila, rather than shelling out big money...
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The bigger one, I guess 35 x 35. Not played with much at first, but still in use now at 6. Capes and wings are most popular these days. We have some regular scarves too, but they are a little smaller and don't hang as well as the actual play silks. Unfortunately the silks are starting to get wear holes in them.
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Thanks for the feedback! I think our playgroup is going to attempt dyeing some, so it is good to know what sizes to choose.
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