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Update :)

I wasn't sure if I should post, since I haven't been too good about posting or keeping up with the thread...but my name is still on the list and I know it always made me happy to see all the BFPs... soooooooooo

I got a BFP!!!!

We have been trying since July 09, and we are SO happy to see those two pink lines!

Even though I haven't posted very often, I have appreciated the support so much when I did post. I continue to hope for BFPs for everyone.
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thanks for the warm welcomes!

jennabella: congrats!!
beautyonthebeach: eek. you must be freaking out right now..willing those tests to get darker & darker!
xtara: thanks i think im going to have to romance him if i want to get anywhere in the making a baby department though..not that he isn't into playing, but he likes to play safe IYKWIM. im hopeful though! we have a few weeks anyways. im going to try to keep a straight head about it all. i was so heartbroken this month when af arrived..aren't we all
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Updated List To Here

Welcome MamaFern & TeaJunkie

jennabella~ Congrats

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Oh my goodness!! Early & Happy CONGRATULATIONS to zensven42, jenabella & beautyonthe beach!!
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Wow, I've been gone for just a few days and look at all the BFPs! Congrats!!

What a crazy time it's been in the zwitterion household. We've all had a nasty cold (that a week and a half later is still sticking around), and on top of that, we're all getting over the stomach flu. Yuck! So my temps for the last week or so are not so reliable, IMO. Oh, and then joy of joys, it looks like I have a yeast infection. Really, at this point, the only reliable fertility indicators I have are my OPKs and CP, which say the same thing they have for ages--no pos OPK (and with the stomach flu, I'm expecting it will be at least a week at best before I ovulate, but really, with how it's been going, it could be months), but fertile CP. Sigh. At least it's been forcing me to take a step back, which has been good for my sanity.
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BFPs!! So many congrats and blessings to you!

Yuba_River, fx for your tww

zwitterion, hope you get to feeling better soon. We recently fought the household illness that never ends and it sure is no fun.

, I woke up this morning pretty pleased that my temp had jumped a huge spike. I thought maybe what you all were saying about yesterday's nipple pain being O was right. FF even put my crosshairs back.

Then I got out of bed and, well, I'm calling it this month. This is more than just heavy spotting. found me... at least I think? It is really weird, it is very, very light AF- which is VERY abnormal for me. Barely enough to fill a liner in a few hours. But I've been having progressively heavier spotting for the past five days. That's gotta be AF, right??? My first ppaf was a completely normal af with no spotting before, so this is kinda bizarre for me.

Anyone have weird periods or weird spotting with Vitex? It is probably just my pp hormones getting back to normal, but this is also my first cycle on Vitex...

Anyway, I'm calling CD1. I'd say move me to waiting to O, but I'm already there.

On the upside, from what I can research, the chance of being ovulatory after two ppaf's is pretty good. So, onward and upward.

On the downside (pardon me while I'm bummed for a sec), I *really* wanted a Sept/Oct baby. sigh. and, the wait to O looks long with my forever long cycles...

We've talked it over as a fam and, depending on when I O, I think we're skipping ttc in March/early April. DS's bday is literally xmas. It is one of his favorite things about himself- having a holiday bd. and, it is tight on our budget and schedule to add a bday to all the holidays (we do solstice as our immediate fam, then xmas with extended fam).... a lot of other reasons, too, honestly, but another December baby just doesn't feel right for us.

Okay. Onto this month.
No pressure. Fx for me that this will be my cycle.
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Hi ladies!! Congrats on the BFP's!!!

I'm not sure if any of you will remember me, but I posted a few times while I was "waiting to be ready" to TTC. We didn't want to start TTC until January so my DC#2 and #3 would be 2.5 years apart at the earliest. My first two are less than 2 years apart and we didn't want to do that again! Which was a good thing, because I didn't get my cycles back until my DS was almost 16 months.

He's almost 22 months now, and I know some of you ladies can understand my frustration. I got my cycles 6 months ago and they've been very regular- I've always ovulated about CD20. Well, this cycle has been very wacky, which figures since we're actually TTC! I started doing OPK's and got almost positives on CD 24/25 (for me, I never get truly dark positives). All other signs point to ovulation around that time as well. I'm operating under the assumption that I did ovulate, and I started NPC.

However, there's a nagging voice that I didn't actually ovulate and I'm in the 2WW for nothing. It's a possibility, though, because I think DS has been nursing more lately because of teething his canines. Ugh!

It just figures that I had 6 months of perfectly regular cycles, even with tandem nursing my 22mo and 3.5yo (she doesn't nurse much), and then the cycle we TTC, everything goes crazy!

babygrey- I'm sorry AF found you. I'm also considering waiting to TTC until April if I'm not pregnant this cycle. It's tough to skip a cycle, though, because my cycles are also long.

zensven- OMG! Congrats!!

Zwitterion-Wow, that's a lot of sickness. Hope you all feel better soon. My DS, who is just a little older than your DD, was up all night last night throwing up. Amazingly, he already seems better, so it was a short-lived bug.
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WOW! so many BFPs this month. Congrats to all the BFPs. I hope this is a snapshot of what's to come and we end up with many more.

I got a Pos OPK this morning so i should O tomorrow. You can move me to 2ww tomorrow. I hope this is it this month
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AF arrived today
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junipervt - So Sorry about AF! *HUGS*!!

AFM: 10 dpo and I am having a crappy morning, I just feel NOTHING that would make me think I might be preggo! I had some slight tenderness in my boobs this morning- but I am still nursing Madilynn- so it did not make me feel like it was a pregnancy sign. Plus I learned from last month to not trust any signs or symptoms cause I had a ton last month and was not preggo! This cycle I haven't really had anything! I guess today is going to be my " I'm probably not preggo" day... I got a BFN on my test this am- my temps are still up...I thought that with how my temps looked I would at least get a faint line if I was preggo. My chart looks nothing like my pregnancy chart with Madilynn...so I dunno. Today is the day I do NOT feel like this is our month and that makes me sad. Maybe I will feel different tomorrow.
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Updated List To Here

zensven42~ Congrats

junipervt~ on af showing up.

pollyanna123~ Welcome back to the group. i put you under the 2ww

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KingsDaughter76~ OMGosh! I am feeling the SAME way this morning!!!!!

I really am discouraged and feel like this is not the cycle. I feel nothing really now. My temp took a nose dive today and it almost made me wonder if was on her way but I know it's far to early for her to be coming!!

I tossed and turned a bit before I realized that it was time to temp this morning. I took my temp and it was super low (at my coverline) which it's never been before. I waited and test 15 minutes later (at my regualr time) and it was 97.9 which is a more "normal" temp. I don't know what's going on. My temp was LOW AFTER I had been thrashing around and tossing and turning. If anything I would have thought it would have went even higher from all that....not lower. So my thoughts? 1. Fluke temp? 2. Possible implantation dip even though I thought I had one earlier like 2 days ago. 3. is going to show up earlier and give me a big LP problem!

UGH! I'm sorry we're feeling so down and that I can't be more encouraging. I mean I KNOW we're not out til shows, but still...I'm feeling pretty down too. I guess we can feel down together?

Also, I tested this morning too and got a . *sigh*

pollyanna123~ Hang in there! I really hope you are in the TWW!!

babygrey~ I'm so sorry that showed up. I hope this next cycle for you gives you a nice strong O!!!

zensven42~ CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
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I didnt keep with this thread this last cycle. I had a chemical the one before this one so was just layin low for this month. I got a BFP this month!

I know I liked to read stats of other nursing mama's who conceived so here are mine:
Have been TTC for 9 months
DD is 2 in a couple weeks and nursing about 8 times in a 24 hour period. This is a huge decrease for her that she made by herself for no particular reason. She was nursing up to 20 times in a 24 hour period.
I am using progesterone cream this cycle and taking a B-complex vitamin due to a short LP (well 10 - 11 days. Not that short but..). I have had two chemicals and a m/c at 6 weeks so was hoping that this would increase my LP.
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tara~Yeah- I am already feeling more up about it all... silly me really~ I know it isn't over till AF shows~ plus I just got thru looking at a ton of charts where the mama got a BFN one day and then a + the very next day....so I really need to make myself CHILL out! rofl! I am still in the game- I realize that...just had a moment of panic! lol! Thanks for bearing with me ladies!! I appreciate you!
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Melly24~ Congrats

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I completely relate to the rollercoaster ride it seems that many of us are on. Here's my recent experience, still in process. I'll try my best to make it brief but I hope it gives others some optimism about their own cycles.

My first pp AF arrived mid Jan, and I am still in the midst of my first cycle charting pp. My 19 mo dd is an avid nurser and as would be expected, my temps, CM, etc have been pretty irregular this cycle - showing signs of imminent O, but then seeming to disappear, etc. I am charting using FF (online).

Anyway, FF's analysis said that O happened on CD9. I was so disappointed as it caught me totally off guard and there was no possibility that we BDed in time. I had been pretty down about it, but finally reconciled the fact that we'll just have to wait for my next cycle. Fast forward to today, CD 22. As of this morning when I entered my temp, FF re-analyzed my data and has now changed my O date to CD 19. It's too late to do anything about it now, but I realized that we did in fact BD on CD 17 (at the time it didn't seem it was "baby" dancing at all as I thought I was well past O). I need to figure out how to post a link to my chart, that'll be my next project!

Obviously it's a long shot....it's quite possible that FFs analysis is off because my signs have been so wonky. Still, it gives me some hope.

I am cautiously optimistic, so SoCali, when you get a chance will you change me to 2ww? Thanks!
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Sorry I've been away for a few days! It's been crazy.

First off congrats Melly, ZenSven, & Jenna!!! YEAH for bfp's!!!

BabyGrey, FX you get a Nov baby! DH and I skipped TTC in March '08 for fear of getting a Christmas baby, but you already have one! Wow! Glad he's happy with that. I know others with that bday who say they feel jipped.

Zwitterion, sorry about all of the sickness! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Sorry to all who were found by AF!

Tara, I'm pulling for ya mama! This all sounds very good so far.

Same w/ you King's! Just an FYI, I was worried because all I was getting were IC bfp's and blue dye bfp's and I was convinced they were evaps because I did not feel at ALL preggo yesterday...at all! (No, my tests were not evaps by the way.)

Teajunkie, good luck with all the new stuff you're trying! Hope you catch the egg this time.

I hope I didn't forget anyone! Good luck to all in the TWW! May it be a short one!

AFM...no more worries here. My hcg went up enough to give me a digital BFP this morning. No more wondering if those ICs and blue dye tests were evaps or not. Yayyyy
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babygrey - on AF arriving.

pollyanna123 - aw, your poor little guy! I hope the rest of you escape it. My poor DD threw up all night when it happened, too (from about 10:30 until shortly before I left for work the next morning, when she stayed home with DH)--she spent most of the night laying on top of me and sleeping, and she looked so scared in the morning. My heart breaks just thinking about it! I hope you figure out what's going on and have ovulated. May your stay here be mercifully short!

jen&james - Ooh, exciting! for you!

junipervt - for AF

kingsdaughter - Don't give up yet!! It's not over until AF sings.

Melly24 - Congrats!!

peachesmom - I wish I had some insight for you. My chart has been playing tricks on me since the start of December with false O alarms, but I have yet to ovulate.

beautyonthebeach - Congrats!!

xtara - did you possibly mouth-breathe while you were tossing and turning? I am far more likely to have my temp seem too low in this colder weather; it seems like my temp is more affected by cold air than by movement. Keep thinking positive thoughts!

I think everyone here is done with the stomach flu, knock on wood! I still have some cold symptoms left from a couple weeks ago, but I'll take it compared to what was just going on. I'm also treating my YI with monistat, and it says you're supposed to abstain from BDing while treating. I'm not exactly worried about it, because I doubt I'll ovulate any time soon (especially with the flu I just had), but heck if I didn't just see some lovely EWCF. Wouldn't it just fit if I got a positive OPK tomorrow!
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Updated List To Here

beautyonthebeach83~ congrats on the + digital

babygrey~ on the possible af showing up.

peaches' mom~

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