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Another Amanda Teacher? I'm an elementary school librarian~ I was a jr high and high school English teacher for 14 years before I made the switch to the library and I've seriously never been happier with my career. Why didn't I do this earlier?!? The publication I'm hoping for is a YA novel I've written. Write now it's in a contest, the results of which we should hear soon-ish. If I didn't win, I'm going to start sending it out to publishers. It's a high-school aged novel about a Goth girl who becomes anorexic. Nice and full of drama, just like a YA should be

Sorry about your BFN, but I'm glad you're not stressed. I drank from a glass of water I didn't realize my cat'd had his foot in and now I'm convinced I have toxoplasmosis~ guess I'm full of drama too!

Yeah, the baby shower was tough, but I behaved myself. I really do love my cousin and am happy for her and her hubby. And I'll be even happier if I get my BFP Thursday. My sweetie felt ill this morning and we're hoping she's having my morning sickness for me
Good luck to you Wehrli! Good luck to us both!
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I would like to be officially added to the list for March under Waiting To O

LibraryLady - Your young-adult novel sounds very interesting! DP and I both still enjoy reading YA novels (as well as grown-up books ). I wish you the best of luck with that, and I've still got all my appendages crossed for you, chiquitayy, and wehrli in your TWW.

AmandaHope - I have to say you cracked me up when you said you thought you'd "poisoned the little bean"!

AFM, I got my positive OPK yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I ovulated last night around midnight. I had minor pain in the left ovary area around that time. My temp was slightly elevated this morning, though not above my usual coverline. My OPK was negative. My cervical position was high and soft this morning, but low and firm later this afternoon. I had no idea it could change that fast! Yesterday I had full ferning on the microscope, while today around lunchtime it showed very minimal ferning. Hypothetically speaking, had I inseminated this morning, would I still have a good chance of getting pregnant? It would have been 8-10 hours post ovulation. I was hoping the OPK would give me more notice so I could have the swimmers ready and waiting for the egg. My RE insists we call only in the morning after getting a positive OPK, and our insemination will be scheduled for the following morning. Because of this, DP and I are considering doing home inseminations. Any thoughts?
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AMom, i think they say that the egg is viable for about 8-12 hours. the brill book says "Ideally, you should perform an IUI within 8 hours of ovulation". she also says she recommends, when using IUI, doing one vaginal insem as well.

Library, good job staying strong, baby showers are so bitter sweet.

AHope, you are doing an awesome job being positive!

afm, nothing much to note here. well, of course there are many things i'm reading too far into, i'm sure, but i'm trying not to obsess... at least not yet.

i started the thread for march... if i missed you, misplaced you, etc. let me know. also, if you could put all moves in BOLD, please and thanks!
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Our RE insists on calling the morning of the positive OPK and scheduling the insem for the following day. Last cycle we did that, but were too late, so this time he said call the morning of and we'd schedule for later that day, which we did, and it was about 24 hours before O, which could be okay and could be too early. Honestly, ladies, I'm in despair right now, just certain that it hasn't worked again. I feel nothing, no symptoms, my temp is above the coverline but pretty static along that temp, not rising or anything. I have the tiniest bit of breast soreness, but barely anything, and somewhat typical pms. We're not supposed to test until Thursday but I already feel like crying with failure. I guess I just need a hug today. The baby shower sure didn't help, and then last night I was tidying up and found an envelope full of ultrasound photos my cousin had left here when she dropped by the other day. UGH!! Ready for this to be over. The best thing I can think of is that I can have some wine next weekend : (
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LibraryLady- Don't despair! I don't want to give you false hope but there IS still hope! I felt the same way as you. I had just normal pms symptoms. Barely breast tenderness, temps staying pretty static above the coverline. I told DW that I didn't think it worked and not to get her hopes up. Then at 10 dpo I got a BFP! I hear of a lot of women getting their BFP on the cycle they don't feel symptoms.

So I'm still crossing my fingers for you and sending you baby dust.
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LibraryLady-Hugs Try not to worry about things and stay positive. As FTMPapa once said to me, "it's not over till it's over". Here is some fairy dust for Thursday.

AFM, this weekend my honey and I were walking around the neighborhood and came home with a baby puppy. I think we both want a little one so bad, now we are up with feeding and concerned with teething... just on a furry baby. It sure does help me obsess less about my cycle. I just hope the new sleep schedule doesn't through my temps off too much!
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Thanks everyone for the hugs and encouragement~ Monarch, I'm especially heartened by your story and I hope you get your Halloween baby, what a great day to have a kiddo! I'll try and keep my spirits up, it's just especially tough this time around. I'm sure the baby shower didn't help! But yes, thank you all for your kind words!
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